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Britax Advocate Clicktight Vs Boulevard Clicktight Vs Marathon Clicktight

britax car seat

Child in a Britax Car Seat

The Britax Clicktight series of convertible car seats is the most popular out there.

The Britax has built a reputation for having great ease of installation and good reputation for safety by performing well in a variety of crash tests.

If you are like many parents wishing to buy a Britax car seat, you have probably found that there are three types of Britax Clicktight car seats: the Advocate Clicktight, the Boulevard Clicktight and the Marathon Clicktight.

So what are the similarities and differences of these seats and which one should you buy?

The ClicktightInstallatiomn  system is the one thing that is common among all the car seats even though they all have some features in common and also some differences.

Similarities Between the Britax Car Seats

  • Safecell Impact Protection for your child
  • Clicktight Installation system for ease of installation
  • Safecell Impact absorbing bases that absorb any energy on impact in addition to reducing any forward movement in the instance of a crash
  • Safecell Complete Side Impact Protection to protect the child from any debris from the side during impact
  • Safecell Impact Absorbing Tether that comes with an innovative two strap design reduces forward movement and minimizes side to side movement of the seat in a collision
  • Safecell Impact Stabilizing Steel Frame makes the car seat stronger thus reducing forward flexand offering more strength to the car seat’s spine
  • Quick Adjust 2 position buckle and harness makes it easy to move the harness and adjust it to fit the needs of your growing baby
  • Safecell Impact Absorbing Harness ensures that the chest clip on the child safety seat is correctly positioned so as to absorb maximum energy of the impact in the instance of a crash
  • All car seats come with plush foam padding, removable pillow, shoulder pads, and buckle pads for ultimate comfort for the child.
  • Come with a 7 position Recline with Automatic Level to ensure that your installation is as safe and comfortable as possible for your child
  • All the best carseats for airplanes travel car seats are FAA certified car seats

britax clicktight installation systemimpact stabilizing steel framequick adjust 14 position harnesscomplete side impact protectionimpact absorbing tetherautomatic level indicatorimpact absorbing baseimpact absorbing harness7-position incline

Most parents prefer the Britax USA Marathon Clicktight most probably because it comes at a better price than either the Boulevard or the bulkier Advocate Clicktight.

As for the weight limitations, all the car seats come with the same specifications as you can carry children in the forward facing position from 20-65 pounds and in the rear facing from between 5-40 pounds.

However, the Advocate is a little bit different from the Britax Clicktight Boulevard given that it provides two more inches in height.

Britax Marathon Clicktight Convertible car seat

Britax Marathon Clicktight

The Britax Marathon offers the least in terms of features given that it lacks the click safe function which is a strap tightening mechanism that emits a small click to inform you that the tight is installed at the proper tightness.

Nonetheless, the click safe function is not that important as it has been known to provide false positive when the child is wearing bulky clothes or if the straps get caught on the seat.

Britax advocate clicktight convertible car seat

Britax Boulevard Clicktight

The Britax Clicktight Boulevard is better than the Marathon in that it provides Secondary Side Impact Protection (SSIP)​.

However the Marathon lacks the extra two inches of height since its secondary side impact protection is provided by the little pillow wings on the side.

The Boulevard is a little safer given its side impact protection can be easily adjusted with the lowering and adjusting of the shoulder straps for a more snug and robust fit.

britax advocate clicktight convertible car seat

Britax Advocate Clicktight

As for the difference between the Britax Advocate Clicktight and the Boulevard, the Advocate adds a little bit more protection through the addition of side impact plastic on the car seat’s side to provide a third layer of protection in addition to the wings.

However you need to remember that the layer of plastic gives the Advocate a bigger footprint, which would make the car seat a poor fit for small cars.

For travel with small cars the Marathon and the Boulevard which are small convertible car seats are your best bet.

Check out a full review of the Britax Marathon here and a full review of the Britax Advocate Clicktight here.​

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