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Best Time to Buy a Stroller

Age to age guide for stroller

Let’s face it a stroller while being a piece of important baby gear is quite an expensive one – well you can check out some reviews of the best cheap umbrella stroller for your baby on our affordable strollers page.

That being said you cannot just walk into the store or go online and pick up any stroller or travel system

There are many features that you need to know about before buying that all-important stroller, including aspects such as weight, ease of use, and the most important of which is the age of the child.

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With so many models all with different features, we have compiled the age to age guide for strollers for the child right from infancy to when they are a toddler. Here in Wumblers, we can help you choose the best and appropriate stroller for your baby.

From umbrella to lightweight to all-terrain strollers we got you covered.

Infancy:0-6 Months

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Critical Requirements

At this age the most important thing is to ensure that the child is kept comfortable and safe from all the jostling and bumping that come from jogging and walking on different terrain.

What you need is a structured and sturdy stroller that comes with excellent suspension systems  to absorb the impact.

You will also need a seat that can fully recline so that the infant can lie flat during those early months.

Other Requirements

You should get a stroller or travel system that takes an infant car seat so that you do not disturb the sleeping child when you take them in and out of the car.

Some options you could consider include a cheap stroller frame that you can just snap the child seat into before you get a more feature filled or expensive stroller down the road.

Size of family may also come into consideration as a growing family may need a stroller for two infants and toddler or vice versa

What to consider

If you are an urbanite that does not spend much time in the car get a stroller with bassinet attachment rather than the travel system that is best suited for an infant car seat.

With such a stroller, you can lay the child without needing any attachments and not have to worry about them getting pinched by adaptors.

Moreover, you can also use the bassinet as a mini crib.

6-12 Months

Year old in stroller

Year old in stroller

Critical Requirements

From six months old the child is older and hence the focus shifts from head support to the stroller seat as the child will probably prefer riding while seated.

Go for a stroller with multiple and adjustable recline positions with plenty of cushioning and support for the kid.

You also need to ensure the child’s safety by buying a stroller that comes with a five point harness.

Other Requirements

At this stage if you are a new mother you are getting more confident about the idea of taking the kid to the mall or for a walk or jog outside.

At this age you need to have the child in a stroller that can have him rear face for more bonding time.

What to consider

At this age you can start thinking about specialty strollers or travel systems that come with more features than the basic frame.

One of the most important considerations is your lifestyle as you want a stroller that gives you utmost convenience.

For instance if you are the jogging type find a lightweight jogging stroller that should be all terrain and easily maneuverable.

If you love to travel or are always on the go, an umbrella stroller which you can quickly fold and stuff in your trunk is best for you.

Toddler: 18-24 Months

Sit n stand toddler stroller

Sit n stand toddler stroller

Critical Requirements

At this age the child is becoming ever more active, independent and curious about their world.

The child loves to hop on and off the stroller and hence you will need a lightweight one that is easy to fold up quick and carry when the child is not interested.

Nonetheless even if the child is older, the five point harness when they are riding in the stroller is still a must.

In addition ensure that you get a stroller that does not have potential pinch points for the toddler to hurt himself on.

Check out that the stroller you intend to buy is JPMA certified – it will normally have a sticker underneath.

Other Requirements

Given that you have to hold the hand of the child while they are walking alongside you, you will have to find a stroller that easily maneuverable and lightweight.

What to consider

While not absolutely necessary a ride on board can come in handy when the child does not wish to ride seated or walk alongside.

At this age you will have a bored child who gets bored of sitting or walking and hence standing is a very enjoyable alternative for them.

Features To Look Out For

  • Sun Protection: Regardless of age always find a car that comes with a good expandable canopy to protect the child from wind, rain and sun
  • Handle Height: A good stroller is one that has adjustable handlebars for different heights. It is possible that you have someone other than you using the stroller and you always want it to be comfortable and convenient for them too
  • Brakes: You want a stroller that has almost instant brakes as these will ensure the safety of the child regardless of the terrain or any emergency stops you need.Hand operated brakes are often the best type as they are easy to reach.
  • Adjustable Seat:Toddlers infants and even older babies need seats that fully recline for that time that they need to take a nap while you are going about your routine.
  • Safety: Toddlers infants and even older babies need seats that fully recline for that time that they need to take a nap while you are going about your routine.

Get Familiar With the Stroller Features

While this may sound like common sense, very many parents do not know the features of the travel system strollers well before they get them out and put their kids in them.

It is important to gain at least a rudimentary understanding of all features of the stroller such as:

  • Attaching the bassinet or infant car seat onto the stroller frame or stroller and ensuring it is locked in securely.
  • Lowering and raising the back rest
  • Unbuckling and buckling the harnesses and latches
  • Unfolding and folding the stroller or travel system

Important Safety Checks

Before getting started it is critical to ensure the child is as far away from the locking mechanism as possible.

Many children have hurt their fingers with some even losing digits caught in the stroller hinge.

Listen for the audible click that confirms the stroller and the infant set are set up safely and securely, lock in the harness and brakes.

lf of these need to produce the audible click before you proceed.

  • Strap in the child: Always ensure that you safely and securely lock in the 5 point harness just as you would on a car seat. Regardless of whether the child is awake or asleep they have to be strapped in at all times as loose straps can be a strangulation hazard. Moreover riding without being strapped in can expose the kid to injury from negotiating curbs, sidewalks and curbs that may throw him out of the stroller
  • Check the Recall List: You could decide to reuse a stroller use by an older child or get one from a friend. However, before you use it, check the serial number, date of manufacture, model number on the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the NTSA for the infant car seat to ensure the travel system is not on the recall seat.
  • Watch the Wheels: Most strollers will have quick release/connect wheels that may suddenly come undone. Try to familiarize yourself with the mechanism and working of these types of wheels. Additionally check for proper tire pressure to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride for the child.
  • All it takes is a slight incline and the stroller particularly if it has twins or a heavy child will roll away from your grip. Always ensure that the brakes are locked in whenever you take a break and stop anywhere.
  • Do not use the stroller in an escalator rather take an elevator or ramp and if those options are not available, fold up the stroller carry the baby up the escalator and come back for the collapsed stroller.
  • Do not put the diaper or shopping bag on the stroller handles as these may be too heavy and have been reported to tip the stroller over. Instead put all your important luggage in the storage compartment beneath the stroller and if not carry them in a backpack.

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