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Baby Hates Car Seat What Can I Do? | The Reason And Easy Solution

Having babies is a blessing but taking them with you in a car is a different story. If your children love the car seat and smoothly sleeps around, then you are lucky, because usually, a baby hates the car seat.

This happens because babies are more used to freedom of movement and physical attention from you – which appears to be a missing factor while you are driving!

No one likes to get distracted while driving and end up in a hospital and workshop. If your baby cries in the car seat at some point, you need to reconsider your action steps.

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Pull your car over and calm your baby. Or even better, take precautionary steps before starting your journey like using the best car seat protector for the hassle-free comfort and safety of your child.

Make your rides peaceful with the following action steps:

Step No 1: Check your baby’s health

Before deciding to take your baby on a drive, observe its activities and the level of happiness.

If you suspect your baby is irritated and annoyed, it’s likely it will cause trouble in the car seat.

Abrupt cries in the car usually occur when a baby has some infection or illness.

Staying in touch with a healthcare professional is a good way of monitoring your child’s health.

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Step No 2: Make your baby familiar with the seat

Bring your car seat inside the home at times and let your baby sit in it and play.

This will help your baby to become comfortable and like car seat journeys in real time!

Step No 3: Keep a special toy box in the car

Whenever driving, make sure your baby’s special toys are present within a box in your car.

When your baby starts to itch and become restless while driving, give it its favorite toys and save yourself the trouble of pulling over and stopping the ride.

Step No 4: Use straps properly

Make sure car seat straps are adequate for your baby. Some cars do not feature seat straps ideal for babies.

Therefore, it is better to invest in the best car seat protector and use it while driving your baby around.

It also helps restrict un-wanted movements.

Step No 5: Use music or white noise

When it comes to handling crying babies, you have two options – yell at them or smoothly calm their cries.

If you fall for the latter category, then music is your best option.

Keep experimenting with different types of soothing music to see what your baby likes and responds best too.

If you are unsure about this option, try taking some experimental rides with your baby and use different music.

Step No 6: Use sunshades

Direct rays of the sun can also irritate small babies.

Use sunshades on your car’s window to eliminate this problem.

Step No 7: Time your trip properly

Timing your rides with your baby is crucial. Nothing can cause more distress to a baby then a wet diaper or a stomach gas.

If your baby finds itself in such a position while you are driving, it’s surely going to hate the car seat and cause trouble.

Step No 8: Put clothes right for the car temperature

The car temperature is controlled as opposed to outside weather, but many babies struggle inside due to inappropriate dressing layers.

Before driving, put your baby in normal clothes and keep extra layers depending on the weather.

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Step No 9: Calm yourself

If none of the above-mentioned action steps work, then you should focus on driving while cutting out the crying noise of the baby.

Use music that relaxes you and helps you focus better on driving.


Many parents can relate to baby troubles. But if your baby hates car seat and cries while driving, your peaceful journeys can become stressful ventures.

Keeping the right set of toys and covering baby’s seat with car seat protector will surely reduce your ‘My baby cries in car seat’ problem.

Combine this with some other tricks presented in this article, and you won’t have to pull over all-the-time to soothe your baby!

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