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Baby Travel Essentials – Must Have Items for Traveling with Baby

Mother and Baby on plane

Taking that first travel adventure can be an exhilarating yet unnerving experience.

While I have traveled with toddlers and big kids, nothing compares to traveling with an infant. Infants unlike toddlers actually do make for some of the most awesome travel mates. Babies do not move all over the place like toddlers and so you will not have to keep a hawk eye on them 90% of the time.

Moreover unlike toddlers, they do not require big size items like toddler beds or separate plane tickets which makes travel with them cheaper. Nonetheless with my first newborn baby, it was a daunting experience determining what I needed to pack to ensure that the kid and my family would enjoy the travel experience. If you love traveling with your infant, having a travel bassinet is the best for you.

After several years of traveling with my kids I have compiled a baby travel checklist of items that you need to have when you finally go for that vacation with the newborn. Lets get to it:

1) Eddie Bauer Back Pack Diaper Bag

Eddie Bauer Back Pack Diaper Bag

The Eddie Bauer back pack is excellent for traveling whether you are just heading out for a full day out or several weeks of traveling.

The functional and stylish item comes with all manner of features that include 11 practical pockets so that you can organize your baby stuff, spacious interior with insulated pockets of food storage, water and drink bottles, a large zippered front pocket for your cell phone, keys, and wallets.

It also does come with a changing pad so that you can change the child anywhere you are. . With adjustable and padded shoulder pads it is comfortable backpack that you can either attach tot he stroller or wear as a backpack.

2) GB Pockit PLUS Stroller 2018

GB Pockit PLUS Stroller 2018

What I love about the GB Pockit is that it is so small and lightweight that I usually take it almost anywhere in the world. Furthermore, you can use the GB Pockit right from birth as it is designed as a 2 in 1 travel system.

Features that make this stroller the best for traveling include front swivel wheels so that you can navigate all manner of terrain from the airport floor and the busy streets when you are exploring your destination.

One of the only true stroller with a compact fold, it folds up so small so that you can pack it onto the overhead compartment in the plane or kick it into standing fold when you are out eating at a restaurant.

3) Ergobaby Omni 360 Ergonomic Baby Carrier

Ergobaby Omni 360 All-in-One Ergonomic Baby Carrier

I love the ergobaby omni carrier and have always had one that I have had one ever since I had my first baby and went on vacation. What I love best about this baby carrier is that it is so adaptable taking any baby from the first week after birth right up to when they are 45 pounds in weight.

Moreover you never run out of options with the ergo baby as you can carry the child on the back, hip, front outward, and front inward. This makes it oh so comfortable not only for me but also for the kid. With a storage pouch I usually go shopping or sightseeing with the kid and take along all my wipes, diapers, wallet, keys and phone no problem.

4) Munchkin Miracle Stainless Steel 360 Sippy Cup

Munchkin Miracle Stainless Steel 360 Sippy Cup

The Munchkin Miracle Stainless Steel cup has been a lifesaver for me when traveling with the baby. With a special vacuum seal lid, this sippy cup does not make unnecessary messes as it immediately seals itself once the baby stops drinking.

Moreover it does not come with all manner of accessories such as straws or spouts that could easily get lost while traveling leaving you stranded. However, my favorite feature of this cup is the lid which protects the part of the cup the child uses to drink.

As such, you can rest easy knowing that the child will not be at risk of consuming  germs from your bags bags or from the cup dropping on the floor while on the go.

5) Cosco Scenera NEXT Convertible Car Seat

Cosco Scenera NEXT Convertible Car Seat

At only 10.4 pounds I love the Cosco Scenera and in fact I have two of them given that they are so lightweight making them excellent not only for travel in the car but also for carrying into and out of the plane. The fact that it is also an FAA Approved car seat is also a good bonus

Check out the best FAA Approved car seats for airplane travel

If you are a frequent traveler you do not want to be weighed down by a car seat that is too heavy and this is where I have found this seat the best especially for long trips where you want to be as light as possible. The car seat is suitable for infant from birth at 5 pounds up to a maximum of 40 pounds.

6) J.L. Childress Ultimate Car Seat Travel Bag

J.L. Childress Ultimate Backpack Padded Car Seat Travel Bag

Carrying the car seat even if it is as lightweight as your cosco scenera or even an infant seat is not my idea of fun. This is where your car seat carrier bag becomes an essential item when you travel.

With the JL Childress Backpack Padded car seat travel bag you can stuff the car seat into the bag and carry it on your back like a backpack. With the hands free it becomes easier to roll the stroller or even your luggage on the airport floor or to and from the airport.

Moreover, checking the car seat onto the plane becomes even easier and safer as the bag protects the car seat from damage during the flight or to and from the airport.

7) YAMIU Packing Cubes Travel Organizer

Packing cubes

They may not look like much but trust me these have been a life saver given that I have a large family and often have to pack a lot of items for the needs of the different family members. What I usually do is assign each person a cube and then the baby also gets their own for wipes, snacks, diapers among other baby essentials.

We also can include other items such as chargers, electronics and clothes in each bag so that it is easy to retrieve the items whenever they are needed either during flight or at the destination.

8) Earth Mama Angel Baby Travel Set

Earth Mama Angel Baby A Little Something For Baby Travel Set

The little organic pack is something I have always traveled with with my infants and toddlers. The PVC-free plastic zipper couch pack which comes in different sizes comes with organic diaper balm for diaper rash, Baby oil, Baby lotion, Face/nose balm, and Sweet orange ash.

Nothing in the pack has any artificial fragrances or additives and so you do not have to worry about adverse reactions to your child while you are in the air.

9) Brica Fold N’ Go Travel Bassinet

Brica Fold N' Go Travel Bassinet

With the Brica Fold n Go Travel Bassinet I can travel with my baby without worrying about how they are going to sleep. The bassinet comes with a comfortable mattress pad and sheet, and a sturdy frame with a safe t lock system.

Given how lightweight it is I normally just fold it up and carry it in one hand and unfold it when at a friend’s or family place or even at the park. When I am traveling it also comes in handy as I stash it into a bag and unfold it in seconds when the child needs to sleep.

With ventilated mesh panels and a comfortable mattress my infant usually sleep very well even when I am in the air.

10) OXO Tot On-The-Go Essentials Value Set

OXO Tot On-The-Go Essentials Value Set

How many times have you ever checked into your hotel room only to find you have left some important items such as you spoon set or bottle brushes at home. I cannot tell you how many times the OXO Tot On-The-Go has come in handy.

The set includes ready to use diaper pouch, wipes dispenser, floppy snack pack, spoon set and bib, and drying rack with bottle brush. This compact cleaning and feeding set can get you out of having to dash to the store in the middle of the night when your child is hungry and all your items are either out of reach or dirty.

11) phil&teds Lobster Highchair

phil&teds Lobster Highchair

If your infant is already eating solids, eating is something that you want to prepare for well even while travelling. Most high chairs are just too rigid or heavy that they will not be good for tossing into the trunk to take with you on the trip.

The best solution I have found for this is The Phil & Teds Lobster chair which is a lightweight and fordable booster chair for on the go parents. With strong rubber grips and lobster claws, you can clip the seat securely onto any table or counter top and feed the kid just as you would were you at home.

Apart from being easily fold-able into its tote bag, it is also easy to clean as the fabric comes off just as easy as its dishwasher safe food tray.

12) Lotus folding crib

Lotus Travel Crib/play yard

This is an important item on your travel and the Lotus works really well in being lightweight and easy to use. You can take it anywhere you go in a backpack and set it up in the hotel room in less than a minute and have the child playing or sleeping.

The Lotus is excellent as it comes with easy to wash removable covers for the inevitable spit and drool from the infant. But what i like best about this travel crib/play yard is that you can interact and play with the kid through the full side breathable mesh that can be easily opened or closed with a zipper.

13) Swaddling blankets

Muslin Baby Swaddle Blankets

Grab a couple of swaddling blankets to securely and snugly wrap your newborn either on the plane or in your hotel room. CuddleBug’s is a set of four blankets that are lightweight cotton swaddles that will not weigh you down on your travel.

Having four blankets is a good thing to do particularly on a long flight or an extended trip where you may not have the time or opportunity to clean the ones that get dirty before you get to the hotel room.

14) Nursing Cover with Sewn In Burp Cloth

 Nursing Cover with Sewn In Burp Cloth for Breastfeeding Infants

One of my favorite things to carry with an infant is the Nursing cover with burp cloth sewn in for breastfeeding my little one. The good thing about this is that in comes in all manner of colors designs and patterns that could fit many of my traveling outfits.

The nursing cover makes it easy to breastfeed in public regardless of whether am in the air or enjoying the street sounds anywhere in the world. Another cool thing about this is that it can also double up as an infant car seat cover if you dont have a dedicated one.

15) Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck Tub

Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck Tub

The Munchkin is a great accessory on the road when traveling with the infant given that most hotels do not have amenities for cleaning the infant. Being inflatable you can deflate it and pack it into a bag and then inflate it to use in your hotel room at your destination.

Another great thing about this inflatable tub is that it does not need a lot of water as just a few inches will be enough to clean your kid. It also comes with white hot technology that tells you if the temperatures are too high for your kid just in case you left your thermometer at home.

16) Medela Pump in Style with On the Go Tote

Medela Pump in Style Advanced with On the Go Tote

The Medela Pump is my go to pump when am on the road as it comes with a double electric pump that works perfectly for me all the time. Whats even better, the highly portable breast pump comes a stylish and discreet tote bag that would not stand out from your other luggage.

If you have never used the Medela do not worry as it does come with a full set of instructions on how to use the ump and its accessories including the adapters, breast Shields connectors, and valves. Moreover the pump uses a portable battery pack so that you will never be stranded without milk when you are out with the kid and cannot breastfeed. It also does come with breast milk bottles, contoured ice pack, and removable cooler bag

Check out the Medela Pump in Style with On the Go Tote on Amazon

Important Tips for Traveling with Baby

  • Prepare ahead of item if you are going to be traveling with your baby. Check out the list above and purchase all the essentials you believe you need days before the trip
  • Prepare for baby messes including baby spit up and leaky diapers – Have enough clothes for your baby including enough wipes, diapers, and food handy
  • Seal all your toiletries and medicines for the child in resealable plastic bags and set out them all out ready before the day of the trip
  • Remember the packing bags, it would be great if you kept each category of item including baby food, cleaning essentials, medicine and clothes in separate bags or pockets
  • Pack a clip on reading light so that you can read without the light disturbing the infant
  • Have your baby’s pediatrician’s number handy just in case you have any questions you may need to ask them while you are traveling

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