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Bassinet vs. Crib- What’s Better for Baby

Preparing for a baby is a considerable measure of work. These preparations include the purchase of different accessories for your baby.

Also, you will need to set up a nursery and decorate it for your baby. The most important question here for the parents is what to buy; a crib or a bassinet.

Here, in this article, we will be discussing the pros of cribs as well as bassinets. After the discussion, we will be able to decide what is best for the baby; a crib or a Bassinet.

Advantages of Bassinet

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  • A bassinet is a whole lot less expensive than a bassinet. Specifically, the parents who are unexpectedly having a baby, can invest in a bassinet and save up for a crib to buy in the future.
  • Since bassinets are small in size, numerous babies feel more secure in bassinets. Moreover, babies even fall to sleep quicker in bassinets because of its small size.
  • Due to the light weight and small size of bassinets, they are portable and can simply be set up anywhere.
  • Since bassinets can be set up right next to your bed, if your baby wakes up crying in the middle of the night, you can simply roll over and comfort them back to sleep.
  • Wherever you place the bassinet, the bottom of it will be at the height of your waist. It means it is relatively easy to place a baby in the bassinet.

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Advantages of a Crib

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  • The baby can use a crib for a longer period of time, because they will out grow the bassinet very soon. According to studies, a crib will last four times longer than a bassinet.
  • If parents have twins, they can easily share a crib, but sharing a bassinet will be impossible for them.
  • Sometimes babies prefer to sleep in cribs rather than bassinets, since cribs are spacious, and babies can move around easily.
  • The total investment on cribs is much lower as compared to bassinets.
  • No matter how many bassinets you use, eventually you will end up with a crib in your house.

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After the comparison and some serious discussion, either cribs or bassinets can be used for the babies. The choice depends on different scenarios. Some of these scenarios are discussed below.

It is recommended that the newborns should sleep with parents. In such a scenario, a bassinet will be much matter and pocket-friendly choice for the first few months after the birth, the parents can opt for bassinets, and later on the transition to cribs.

This is done because many parents don’t have a bedroom large enough to accommodate their bed as well as the crib.

If the parents have a master bedroom, big enough to accommodate a crib, they can opt for the crib and place it in their room. In this way, the infant will be right there in front of their eyes all the time.

Another scenario to consider is pricing. Some parents might not be able to invest in the crib; therefore, they can easily opt for bassinets.

Right after delivery, especially cesarean delivery, it is difficult for the mother to bend down to place the baby in the crib. In such a scenario a bassinet will be a better choice as compared to the crib.

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