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Best Sleeping Positions for Babies | Safe & Unsafe Positions

Newborns are entirely dependent on their parents. They must be treated with delight care. They are very fragile; their bones are not adequately developed and are soft as compared to adult’s bone.

Slight force can deform them and cause life-long troubles. This small force can be applied in various ways; especially while sleeping.

In any case, a baby that spends the night sleeping in an unsafe position can cause unwanted events in the baby’s life.

To prevent the newborn from deforming the bones, it is advisable to understand the best sleeping position for baby. This is a parenting mistake that many make.

Parents must monitor baby movement while they are sleeping to protect them from any unsafe situation.

A parent should know the dos and don’ts of being a parent. They should acquire all the required knowledge to handle their babies with the delight care they deserve.

Being a parent is a big responsibility that cannot be ignored at any cost.

It’s best to learn all the necessary knowledge even before the baby is born.

A small parenting mistake can lead to awful events. Adults need not to worry about their sleeping position due to their strong bones.

Babies are very delicate, and they do not deserve even a little parenting mistake to ruin their future.

It can change the baby physically as well as mentally if it goes the other way.

Let’s get started.

Sleeping Position for Babies

People would debate that we should let babies sleep the way they feel most comfortable. The thing is, they can’t change sides or move.

We need to acknowledge the secure positions for a baby and make sure that the baby sleeps that way.

They can’t choose what’s best for them but parents can and they should.

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Safe Positions

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  • Sleeping on back

Sleeping on the back is considered to be the safest sleeping position for the baby. The airways remain open for the baby and do not experience any difficulty in breathing.

It has also proven to reduce the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

Though it’s the safest position for a baby, it can cause a flat head and back if the baby remains on his back for an extended period.

Flathead pillow can seriously solve this issue and resolve this risk for once.

Moreover, the pillow is another safe step for babies sleep.

Keeping it under the baby’s neck is essential in case the baby vomits.

Otherwise, vomit can choke the extremely dangerous baby.

  • Ideal sleeping position

Ideal sleeping position for a baby is to sleep on the back. Make sure that baby’s bed has a quality firm mattress installed.

Usage of quilts and comforters to soften the surface of the bed should be avoided.

It can sink the baby in the bed which is dangerous in case of a newborn.

Night clothes of the baby should be light and comfortable.

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Finally, do not leave the baby unattended! This is the most critical point in my view. Never leave your baby unmonitored.

They can roll on to their stomach and harm themselves. Parents should install the baby’s crib in their room for all time monitoring.

Let’s take an overview of this passage

  • Use a firm mattress
  • Avoid quilts and comforters
  • Light night clothes
  • Monitor the baby

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Unsafe Positions

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  • No Protection around

The protective barrier is significant for a baby. Due to any reason, if you have to leave the baby alone; he can roll down from the very dangerous bed.

Keep protective barriers around him to prevent from any damage or unfortunate events.

  • Bottle in the mouth

Most of the babies go to sleep while drinking milk through the bottle.

In that case, taking the bottle out is an essential action because the bottle inside the mouth may cause difficulty breathing and block airways.

This may increase the chances of SIDS.

  • Smoke exposure

Passive smoking is harmful to adults even though they have a stronger immune system than newborns.

Keeping the baby away from the smoke is important.

Smoke exposure destroys the internal organ of human in no time.

It is another parenting mistake that usually is not taken into account.

  • Sleeping on stomach

It is the most discouraged sleeping position among newborn, highly unsafe for them; may damage their jaws resulting in blockage of airways which may lead to breathing difficulty.

As the face of the baby is directed downwards, it can suffocate the baby very quickly.

In addition to that, high chances of inhaling the exhaled air are possible which has less oxygen.

There isn’t any advantage of sleeping on the stomach, but unmonitored baby can roll onto the stomach which is again parenting mistake.

You should never leave your baby unattended.

  • Sleeping on side

When a baby is resting on the side, it is very easy for him to roll on to its stomach, and he can eventually roll which may increase the risk of SIDS.

As discussed above, there isn’t any advantage of sleeping on the stomach. It is an action full of uncertainties and health insecurities.

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It is not particularly alarming to sleep on the side, but it is not a recommended sleeping position for baby.

Yes, the baby may roll on to its back but why take a chance?

After all, we are talking about a human, not a thing.

Human life is significant and should be handled with extreme care and not take any chances.

  • Sitting down

Many people when traveling in the car or on the plane makes their baby sleep on the baby seat.

They sit down on the seat and sleep on it which undoubtedly is an uncomfortable mean, but babies do not care whether it’s soothing or not. They want to sleep.

The position itself is not very safe.

The doctors discourage the parents from making their babies sleep in this position for an extended period.

The short trip is probably beautiful but allowing them to sleep like this over the night is not safe.

It restricts their airways and increases the risk of SIDS.

Note that these seats are not built for sleeping purpose but to use in the daytime when the baby is awake.


With that being said, you can’t control the amount of baby’s sleep, but you can make them get used to the newborn safe sleep position which is your responsibility towards them.

In addition to that, fulfilling your part of making them sleep in a safe position is their right when they cannot do it.

Parenting is a huge responsibility, and when it’s done right, it presents them with a lot of satisfaction. I am sure your right parenting will also fill your heart with satisfaction.

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