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Best Travel Strollers for Infants and Toddlers Rated and Reviewed: The Ultimate Guide

best travel stroller

Whohoo you got a new baby, time for a new set of wheels – just what to buy. Just like buying a car the search for the best stroller for your infant can be quite the daunting task.

What with the hundreds of models out there with different features, accessories and prices it can be quite a nightmare deciding just what you need.

Should you go for a basic, single combination, lightweight and umbrella stroller, convertible stroller/car seat, car seat carrier, double, jogging or a travel system stroller?

Having gone through the same experiences myself as a parent I know the pain of getting a baby buggy only to find it just will not do. But here in Wumblers, we can help you find the best stroller for your infant.

Best travel strollers

Babies in stroller

I also know the feeling of getting one that does everything just the way you want it to.

However similar to the search for a car or an apartment different people have different needs.

As such I have reviewed the strollers according to what they are best used for as nearly every buggy will be unique and best depending on what you want to do with it or age of the child.

Best Travel Stroller: Graco Fastaction Click Connect

Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect Stroller

Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect

Out of the all the best travel strollers reviewed the Graco Fastaction is the best as it combines the best in convenience, comfort and maneuverability of many strollers into one light and compact baby buggy

The following are some important things to check out for when buying your best travel stroller in 2018:

  • Budget: Cost i definitely one of the things you have to consider though in many instances the cost is determined by quality of the baby carriage, the accessories, design, and utility.
  • Accessories: Does the car seat have accessories such as a storage basket, cup holder, adapter and canopy.
  • Ease of use and convenience: Will you have to use a bassinet and infant car seat or does the pushchair fit the child out of the box. How easy is it to use the brakes
  • Maneuverability: Depending on the terrain you are going to be using (city, cobblestones) or the type of use (jogging, walking) you need to be careful to select a stroller that is suitable for the use
  • Safety: Does the carriage come with five point harness and easy to adjust and buckle straps.

Best Travel Stroller for Infant 2018

Rating Image Product Our Rating Weight Price


Graco Fastaction Click Connect

Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger

35 Pounds


Britax 2017 B-Agile Stroller

Britax 2017 B-Agile Stroller

18 Pounds


BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Jogging Stroller

BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX

28.5 Pounds


Chicco KeyFit Caddy Frame Stroller

23 Pounds


GB Pockit Lightweight Stroller

31 Pounds

Best Travel Stroller 2018 For Toddlers and Infants Reviews and Ratings

Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click: Best Travel Stroller

best strollers 2018 for toddlersComfortable ride easy maneuvarability

Comfortable Ride

The Graco Fastaction Fold is an excellent product that hardly misses in any comparison of strollers. Made by Graco a company given to enhancing the parenting experience, it has the charm, convenience, and features to make it the best travel stroller

The Graco Fast Action Click Connect is the best travel stroller for an active lifestyle. Comes with the best infant car seat 2018 easily connects into the stroller while the lightweight and sturdy design makes for great convenience.

The fast action is the ultimate cross over baby buggy as it has the maneuverability of a Best All Terrain Jogging Stroller and the convenience and ease of use of standard Graco strollers that you can easily use when travelling

  • The Fastaction is great for navigating around the airport given that it is easily maneuverable being lightweight and coming with easy swivel wheel design that makes turning corners or tight spots in a crowded airport a breeze
  • Given how chaotic the urban environment can be the travel stroller is designed to protect the child even as you travel given that it comes with an extra large canopy, deluxe padded stroller seat, multi position recline and air filled rubber tires so that the child is safe and comfortable
  • Throw in your personal stuff such as phones and the baby essentials such as diaper bag into the extra huge stroller bag and roll this beauty across the airport with no fuss
  • You do not have to worry about troublesome installations as the Graco is designed for a quick and easy one hand fold that transforms it into a compact travel stroller that you can quickly check into the plane
  • Of course it is not only about traveling as the buggy is also excellent for your regular jogging or off-road excursions as it combines all the features of a jogging and all terrain stroller such as locking and swivel wheels so that you can go anywhere you want
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Esily maneuverable around an airport
  • Great convenience features on the go
  • checkCompact and easy to fold up
  • checkExcellent for every day jogging and strolling
  • Phone compartment is too small

Graco Fasaction fold stroller

Britax 2017 B-Agile: Best Travel Stroller for Airplane

Britax 2017 B-Agile Stroller, Redone hand fold design

Britax is a company that has always been pushing the boundaries of design, innovation, elegance and practicality in its wide range of baby products. This is evident in the stylish and elegant Britax 2017 B Agile travel stroller  that is the best stroller you should buy for airplane travel

The Britax 2017 B-Agile is the best strollers to travel with being light and easily maneuverable making it highly convenient for an active lifestyle and city living. These features also make it an excellent choice if you are a parent that frequently commutes with the child

It comes ready for any Britax infant car seat, huge under seat storage and large canopy for the convenience of the child and mother

  • Do you have a small car? then you will love the Britax which comes with a one hand fold design and a lightweight aluminium frame that is only 18 pounds
  • Easily glide through crowds and navigate narrow aisles in the airport or when you are just out shopping as the pushchair provides easy maneuverability through a three wheel swivel design
  • Installation and getting the child in and out of the stroller is a breeze as the carriage comes with the revolutionary Click and Go system that not only ensures a snug secure connection between infant seat and stroller but also notifies you of a secure installation with a click
  • Unlike many travel strollers the Britax is compatible with most major infant car seat brands as you only need to purchase an adapter. On the other hand it is fully compatible with all Bob and Britax infant car seats straight out of the box
  • Compact and great for small cars
  • Three wheel design makes it maneuverable
  • Easy and secure installation
  • checkCompatible with most car seat brands
  • checkHuge storage basket
  • Plastic wheels terrible for all terrain strolling

BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX: Best Travel Stroller for Toddler

BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Jogging Stroller, LagoonTravel System-Ready

Travel System-Ready

If you are traveling with a toddler you know that they are the most demanding and troublesome of children who are very capable of breaking your ordinary stroller with their antics. This is where the BOB stroller really shines, as it is a robust stroller that can take quite the beating thus ensuring you can continue on your journey

The Bob 2016 Revolution is a rugged travel stroller that is not only good for traveling with a toddler but also great if you are an outdoorsy person that takes all manner of adventures that may have you going into rough terrain

It comes with great suspension system, front swivel wheel for better stability and great maneuverability. Moreover, it is easy to pack it up into a little folded up pack and stow it into the trunk when not in use

  • A toddler in tow while traveling is quite an experience but it can be even worse if you are not comfortable. The BOB offers padded and adjustable handlebars so that regardless of your height you can adjust and push along the stroller without any problems whatsoever
  • Toddlers will typically be more troublesome if they are uncomfortable and this is one thing that the BOB was designed to tackle. It comes with state of the art suspension system that combined with the three wheel front swivel makes for a comfortable ride for the kid
  • The BOB travel stroller comes with an infant adapter so that you do not have to buy only BOB or Britax car seats. Whatever infant car seat you have, you can be sure that it will probably be a good fit with the BOB stroller
  • Easy two step fold on the go
  • Rugged stroller that can take quite the beating
  • Adjustable handlebars and footbrake
  • checkCompatible with most infant car seat brands
  • Robust but bulky stroller

Chicco KeyFit Caddy Frame Stroller – Best Baby Travel Stroller

Chicco KeyFit Caddy Frame Strollercompact one hand fold

Made by Chicco a company that prides itself on a 60 year tradition of making products to enhance parent’s lives, the Chicco Keyfit Caddy Frame Stroller is purposely made to be used as an infant car seat carrier making it the best travel stroller for your infant

The Caddy Frame stroller is made exclusive for the top rated Chicco Keyfit Infant car seat and given that it is a lightweight aluminium frame stroller , it is just what you need to buy if you are looking for a supplement for the full feature travel system while traveling

It does come with all the main features that you would expect to find in your ordinary stroller that include a range of safety and convenience features such as storage baskets, foot brake, suspension, and compact fold

  • Are you petite or struggle with getting the stroller from car to car then you will love the Chicco Keyfit Caddy whose compact one hand fold design makes it easy transition from stroller to car in moments
  • Installation of your baby car seat is just as fun as secure as we have all come to expect from the Chiccco range of products. The attachment of the infant seat is done through an easy click into the frame to provide a snug and secure fit
  • Apart from the easy fold design the buggy is made of aluminium frame which makes it very light and easy to carry around the airport with your infant car seat with the infant in it on the other hand
  • For you the pushchair comes with adjustable push handles so that you can adjust for height and comfort, parent tray for all your drinks and that of the baby, expandable storage basket for all your baby stuff,and toe tap locking brakes. For the child the caddy offers comfortable all wheel suspension.
  • Lightweight aluminium frame for travel
  • Compact one hand fold design
  • Easy snug installation
  • checkA range of conveniences for parent and child
  • Not great for rough terrain
  • Cup holders are too shallow

GB Pockit Lightweight Stroller – Best Carry On Stroller

GB Pockit Lightweight StrollerPockit Lightweight Stroller

There is nothing like the GB Pockit lightweight stroller that is the world’s smallest folding stroller. It is an innovative stroller design that is excellent for you if you are a frequent traveler that is just tired of having to lug bulky strollers or frames down the floor of the airport

The Pockit buggy which is the 2014 winner of the  Guiness Book of World Records for smallest stroller in 2014 weighs in at less than 20 pounds and easily fits into a bag making it easy for you to transition from pushing to carrying in seconds

  • If you love going on extended trips or even just day trips, you will love the Pockit as you can easily stow away the pockit when it is not in use as it will fit in any overhead compartment or the trunk of a small car with no problem
  • Even as it is the smallest baby buggy ever the Pockit is a very strong stroller that will keep your baby safe and comfortable . It can hold the child who is six months old up to 55 pounds and the huge storage basket can take up to eleven pounds of your baby gear
  • Just like your ordinary pushchair, this buggy takes the safety of the child very seriously. Growing with the child the safety features include different harness heights that you can adjust for a snug and secure fit and protective comfortable pads
  • You can fit this lightweight and small stroller into a very small bag and carry it on your back or even in a large handbag, that is how small and portable it is.
  • With such a small and lightweight buggy we would expect that it would have a lot of problems with maneuverability. But no,the pockit comes with lockable swivel wheels for brisk walking and locking for navigating rough terrain

Check out my packing list for when traveling with a baby here

  • Small but strong and dependable
  • Grow and Go stroller
  • Portable enough to fit in a hand bag
  • checkEasily maneuverable on rough terrain
  • Folding it has quite the learning curve

Best Travel Stroller: Graco Fastaction Click Connect

Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect Stroller

Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect Stroller

Out of the all the travel strolers reviewed the Graco Fastaction is the best to travel with or use on a daily basis as it combines the best in convenience, comfort and maneuverability of many strollers into one light and compact buggy

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