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Beurer Baby Scale Review

On a scale of 1 to 10, how bad do you want to know if Beurer is right for you?

That was a corny pun, I know; I just can’t help myself. Sorry.

Beurer BY80 Baby Scale
  • High accuracy measurement
  • Multi-functional
  • Hold function
  • Tare function
  • Bluetooth connectivity


If you’re reading this, you’re probably looking at baby scales and down to a few “finalists,” including Beurer.

Am I right?

If that’s a “yes,” fret not.

This review of the Beurer baby scale packs the most complete, unbiased information on the two Beurer scales.

I understand those are big words, but bear with me….

I’ve been testing and writing about baby gear for as long as I remember and know where all the proverbial bodies are buried.

And trust me, there’s a bunch of them in the baby scale market.

What do owners like about the Beurer baby scale?

Four main PROs keep popping up in the parent reviews of the Beurer baby scales:

  1. They are precise.
  2. The ergonomic shape prevents the baby from wiggling itself out of the scale.
  3. The big LCD screen ensures you see the weight number clearly, putting your mind at ease at the same time.
  4. The design is simple yet charming

Beurer BY 80 or 90?

If we were to take the parents’ word using Beurer, we’d be left with one question:

Beurer BY80 Baby Scale, Pet Scale, Digital, For: Infant, Newborns, Puppy, Cats, LCD Display, Weighs [LB/OZ/KG] Highly Accurate, Hold & Tare Function, Curved Weighing Platform (44 lbs)

Which of the two Beurer baby scales is better – Beurer BY 80 or Beurer BY 90 (BY 80 and BY 90 in the rest of the review).

Let’s cut to the chase and find out.

Specifications of the Beurer baby scales

Specs / VersionBeurer BY 80Beurer BY 90
Dimensions (L x W x H)22 x 2 x 12.2 “56 x 4.7 x 33 centimeters
Weight limit44 lbs20 Kilograms
Item weight4.4 lbs1.4 Kilograms

At-a-Glance Features of the Beurer scales:

  • Tare function – allows you to zero out the weight of additional items like a blankie
  • Curved weighing area – ensures safe positioning of your baby
  • Measures weight up to 44 lbs – you’ll use it for much longer
  • Ergonomic shapes – rectangular (BY 80) and stylish oval (BY 90)
  • Bluetooth connectivity – connects to your phone and syncs the baby weights with a free BabyCare App
  • Built-in tape measure – hand for measuring the baby’s length
  • Hold function – records weight even with fidgety babies
  • Large LCD display – shows weights in pounds, ounces, and kilograms

Main Benefits of the Beurer Baby Scale:

Genius-free handling

If you’re anything like me, you’d be looking into spending more time with your angel-face instead of busting your gut over handling a complex device.

These are the main points here:

  • With its soft edges rounding it up, the scale gives your baby the comfort it needs.
  • Press the on button and place your baby onto the surfaceto get the scale going.
  • The curved weighing area is the perfect “nest” for your baby during a mind-free zone. It ensures safe positioning for your bundle of joy even if it starts wiggling.
  • The no-slip surface lets you measure the baby’s weight even if it’s lying down or sitting up.

Prolonged use

Both BY 80 and BY 90 baby scales can handle baby weights from newborns to toddlers.

You can measure your baby’s weight until it hits 44 lbs, with 5 increments.

On a side note – Beurer BY 80 and BY 90 baby scales can be used to measure your pets’ weight, too. It puts up with cats, dogs, rabbits… any small pets you might have.

Beurer BY80 Baby Scale, Pet Scale, Digital, For: Infant, Newborns, Puppy, Cats, LCD Display, Weighs [LB/OZ/KG] Highly Accurate, Hold & Tare Function, Curved Weighing Platform (44 lbs)

However, this feature does not work for  all parents. If you are a parent like me, your baby’s hygiene will always be the top priority.

This means you would never want to share your baby’s stuff with pets. But, if you have loose boundaries, it is possible to use it as suggested.

Easy-peasy measuring (no math needed)

Don’t consider yourself math savvy and find it hard to calculate easily? Don’t beat yourself up over this!  

Beurer baby scales easily switch between three measurement units – pounds, ounces, and kilograms.

If you’re unsure about the scale’s unit measurement, you can adjust it by pressing the switch on the bottom of the device to change it.

Good scales for fidgety babies

With the hold function, both BY 80 and BY 90 models of baby scales are unbeatable at taking as accurate baby measurements as possible.

It takes is to press the power button, wait until you see 0.00 on the LCD screen, and place the baby on the scale.

Then you can choose to set the scale to one of two functions: automatic or manual.

Automatic vs. manual controls on the Beurer

With the automatic function on, the scale will be on hold for two minutes until the baby has stopped fidgeting to take the most precise weight measure.

On the other hand, when using the manual option, simply press the hold button at the baby’s unmoving moment for a split second. Then, wait for the scale to display the baby’s nearest-perfect weight measure in six seconds.

Tare function is a massive plus

If you’re the kind of parent who takes the baby’s comfy zone into account, you will love the tare function of both BY 90 and BY 90 baby scales.

The tare function allows you to get an average weight measurement for your baby even in warm conditions.

Simply put a towel or a blanket on the scale surface and press the tare button. This will result in resetting the weight to zero. This way, you can rest assured that you will get an accurate weight measurement once you decide to place your baby on the scale.

The tare function works with both baby scale models – BY 80 and 90.

This function is handy if you put the baby’s well-being first.

Connecting Beurer to your phone

Unlike the BY 80, the BY 90 model has a state-of-the-art Bluetooth-connectivity feature.

If you’re crafty at using the latest technology, you can benefit significantly from the Bluetooth option.

Beurer BY80 Baby Scale, Pet Scale, Digital, For: Infant, Newborns, Puppy, Cats, LCD Display, Weighs [LB/OZ/KG] Highly Accurate, Hold & Tare Function, Curved Weighing Platform (44 lbs)

The Bluetooth option allows you to connect to the free BabyCare App to sync all your baby weight data to your phone.

This way, you can keep track of your baby’s weight.

The steps you’ll need to go through:

  1. Installing the BabyCare App to your smartphone
  2. Registering for an account
  3. Entering the baby’s date of birth
  4. Pressing the Bluetooth button on the scale
  5. Manually transferring the date from the scale to the app

Once the data has been transferred, you need to assign your baby to the BabyCare App; otherwise, the data will not be transferred successfully. This applies even if you have only one baby.

Apart from the manual transfer, you can always opt for the automatic transfer.

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What I like About the Beurer Baby Scales

Eye-catching design

I like that both BY 80 and BY 90 models come in modern, compatible, and elegant designs.

The BY 80 is rectangular with colorful stickers of animals on the central part to keep your baby entertained while on it.

The big LCD screen, framed in yellow, allows you to take a confident look at your baby’s weight.

On the other hand, BY 90 is oval-shaped with a nice mother-and-a-baby-elephant sticker on it, providing the feeling of closeness and connection with your baby.

The key lies in simplicity.

Both baby scales are easy to manage, suitable for traveling, and space-saving.

Effortless maintenance of the Beurer

Being a parent takes up a lot of time and energy. That’s why it’s essential to use them sparingly.

I love cleaning any Baurer baby scale because it takes seconds of your time. All you need is a clean cloth and some water and – voila! You can put aside your sparkling baby scale and enjoy your time with the baby uninterruptedly. Until the following measuring!

I like that both Breuer baby scales have curved weighing areas that prevent your baby from falling off the scale while using it.

A built-in tape measure

The thing I love the most is the Breuer BY 90 built-in tape measure.

It keeps track of both your baby’s length and head circumference. It comes in really handy—it’s there for you when you need it, and you can put it back again by pressing a button on the back of the scale when you don’t.

What Could Be Better

The itchy-switchy

Using baby scales should not require special knowledge or strength. However, I did stumble upon some opinions that the switch that changes the measurement units is sometimeshard to use. It seems to get stuck sometimes.

If this ever happens to you, maybe you could try to stick to one measurement unit and go with it.  

Or, again, you can turn in the baby scale that you are already using and try to replace it with a brand new one.

It’s on you to decide which solution would work best for you if you face a situation like this. I always keep a positive mind and hope you won’t have to go through anything like this, though, as these circumstances seem rare.

More accurate weighing

I know how many great things I wrote about the Beurer baby scales’ ability to provide precise measures.

However, I read some customers’ reviews on the Beurer baby scale not showing the most accurate measurements.

Beurer BY80 Baby Scale, Pet Scale, Digital, For: Infant, Newborns, Puppy, Cats, LCD Display, Weighs [LB/OZ/KG] Highly Accurate, Hold & Tare Function, Curved Weighing Platform (44 lbs)

Still, this doesn’t mean that it’s a rule.

Like any other product, some individual pieces of the scales might slide through as faulty at times.

The good news is that a two-year warranty comes with the Beurer baby scales.

The tricky part is that you might want to go through the hassle of replacing it if this happens to you.  

FAQs About the Beurer Baby Scales

How to use the Beurer baby scale

Here are some tips on how to use the Beurer Baby Scale:

  • Insert two 1.5 V alkaline AA batteries
  • Select the measurement unit you’d like to use
  • Place the baby on the scale
  •  Press the on/tare button
  • Clean the surface after every use.

How can data be transferred to the Beurer BabyCare app?

  • Press the Bluetooth button after the measurement has been shown on the scale’s display.
  • Transfer the date from the scale to the app right after the scale has been connected to the app via Bluetooth.
  • The scale will turn off after the transfer has been completed successfully.
  •  Find all the data in the app.
  • Assign the data to the baby’s profile and transfer it to the app’s schedule.

Conclusion of the Beurer scale review

Beurer baby scales are not only a buck-saver but also very convenient for home use.

Plus, if you have a pet at home, it’s a 2-in-1 solution. You can measure the weight of your baby and your pet (be careful here, though, and try to keep track of cleaning the scale after your pet has used it).

Its multifunctioning also pays off in terms of the brilliant options it provides. For example, the tare function brings a lot of care-free weighing to your baby, especially if you like your baby to feel nice and cozy.

Finally, even with the tight competition in the baby scale market, I admit it is a tough choice to decide which way to look or where to go for answers.

But, if I had to choose, I would go with the Beurer baby scale without looking back one second. Simply because it is the best value-benefit option for the whole family.

I believe you feel overwhelmed with the bunch of information in this review; click on this link to go back to the beginning of the post.

Beurer BY80 Baby Scale
  • High accuracy measurement
  • Multi-functional
  • Hold function
  • Tare function
  • Bluetooth connectivity

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