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Best Car seat Blackout Cover

We all know that most babies love to sleep during car rides. But, bright and sunny days might have other plans for you in-store.

Direct sunlight can be extremely uncomfortable for your little one, especially when it’s time for a nap.

And, we all know how fussy tired babies can get, so we want to avoid reaching that point at all costs.

Luckily, now you can protect your precious cargo with a car seat canopy cover.

ImageBest Carseat Blackout CoverFeaturesPrice
SnoozeShade for Infant Carriers

SnoozeShade for Infant Carriers

  • Perfect for infants
  • Blocks up to 99% of UV rays
  • Provides 360° protection
JJ Cole Infant Car Seat Cover

JJ Cole Infant Car Seat Cover

  • Double-faced design
  • Multiway use
  • Maximum convenience
Cozy Cover Infant Car Seat Cover

Cozy Cover Infant Car Seat Cover

  • Ideal for harsh winters
  • Universal design
  • Safety as the top priority

Because I understand how busy parents can get, I’ve reviewed multiple products only to find the best ones on the market.

Let me be your industry insider and let’s separate the wheat from the chaff together.

Best blackout cover overall – SnoozeShade for infant carriers

Universal Baby Car Seat Sun & Sleep Cover | Unisex Air-Permeable Mesh Baby Car Seat Canopy | Blocks 99% of UV | Don't Touch Baby Sign Included

If you’re a zero-compromise type of parent, you’re probably nitpicking in pursuit of the best car seat blackout cover.

Only a product that ticks all the boxes is an option.

Well, this SnoozeShade for infant carriers might just be it, as it’s designed for newborns and babies up to 9 months of age.

With the 99% UV ray blocking, you don’t have to worry about sunburn on your baby’s sensitive skin. The 360°protection is here to protect your baby from head to toe regardless of the angle the sun hits your car.

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Make the newborns comfortable with a good canopy cover

When talking about the newborn’s comfort, we’re talking about the parent’s comfort too. 

I know from first-hand experience how nerve-wracking it can be not knowing whether your baby is comfy or not.

As a parent of a preemie or a smaller newborn, you’ll want to ensure the blackout cover offers a snug fit.

SnoozeShade offers sun protection for group 0 and 0+ car seats, meaning you don’t have to fret about the cover being too big for your youngest member of the family.

Superior protection from the elements

Enjoying the wonderful world of nature is hard when there’s a chance of your baby getting sunburnt, rained on, or stung by an insect.

Universal Baby Car Seat Sun & Sleep Cover | Unisex Air-Permeable Mesh Baby Car Seat Canopy | Blocks 99% of UV | Don't Touch Baby Sign Included

The 360° protection from harmful UV rays, dust, rain, wind, and pesky bugs is here to give you peace of mind, thanks to the breathable but protective mesh fabric.

Check on your baby whenever, wherever.

Do you want to check on your sleeping baby but don’t want to disturb them?

The handy zipper will make it easy to sneak a peek and reassure everything’s in order.

After you’ve checked your baby is perfectly fine, you can continue with your daily activities outside of your home without messing up their sleep schedule.

JJ Cole infant car seat cover

JJ Cole Infant Car Seat Cover, Winter Resistant Stroller and Baby Carrier Cover, Black

The JJ Cole infant car seat cover is THE best car seat canopy according to many parents.

In our research, it’s the runner-up, but by the slightest of margins and only because it costs a peg more.

What’s so good about it?

The double-faced cover style, modern design, and maximum convenience left so many parents around the world frenzied about this blackout cover model.

There’s no reason why your baby can’t be comfy and chic at the same time, so this one’s for all the fashionable parents out there.

Protect your baby from nature

As you probably know, most baby car seat canopy models are made from thin, breathable material.

Even though this material has its pros, it’s not really designed for parents living in colder climates.

However, warmer materials aren’t waterproof, so they can quickly soak up rain and snow.

JJ Cole Infant Car Seat Cover, Winter Resistant Stroller and Baby Carrier Cover, Black

But, what if there was a mix of the two?


This is where JJ Cole comes into the play.

With a weather-resistant nylon fabric on the outside and a soft fleece fabric on the inside, protecting your baby from rain, snow, wind, or low temperatures is truly a piece of cake.

Still, it’s not our top-rated canopy cover for winter…we’ll get to that in a second.

Customize your cover depending on your baby’s needs

Most parents are looking for products they can use year-round, but finding such products definitely isn’t a simple task.

If this is you, you’ll be happy to learn that this JJ Cole’s gem is fully customizable depending on what your little one needs.

From the elasticized outer band to the unzippable flap and unremovable top, you can easily go back and forth with the countless cover options to make the most out of this car seat canopy cover in all weathers and seasons.

Convenience-wise, one of the better car seat blackout covers

Let’s face it – once you buy a blackout cover, you’ll use it every time you leave the home with the baby.

So, the cover must be easily cleaned and maintained.

Besides the handy flaps, zippers, and bands that make the use of this cover extremely convenient, chunking it in the washing machine is all you need to do to make it squeaky clean again.

Cozy Cover infant car seat cover

Cozy Cover Premium Infant Car Seat Cover (Charcoal) with Polar Fleece - The Industry Leading Infant Carrier Cover Trusted by Over 6 Million Moms for Keeping Your Baby Warm

The list of the best car seat covers wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the Cozy Cover infant car seat cover.

If the previous two weren’t your cup of tea, this Cozy Cover model will be just what you’ve been searching for all along.

The warmest and snuggliest cover out there

As the best car seat cover for winter, you can’t go wrong with Cozy Cover if warmth and temperature control are your biggest concern.

The weather-resistant outer layer and the cozy inner layer are the perfect combo to keep your baby protected, warm, and safe. While the first one protects from wind, rain, and snow, the latter one maintains a warm and cozy temperature.

Universal design to fit all car seats

Finding the right size of the car seat blackout cover isn’t an issue when you opt for a universal design that fits all car seats. The elasticized edge allows you to easily set up and remove the cover, within seconds.

With an easy-breezy fitting, you’ll never leave your home without installing the cover first!

Safety comes first, even when we’re talking car seat covers

Babies that wear several thick layers of clothing have plenty of space between them and their safety straps.

Cozy Cover Premium Infant Car Seat Cover (Charcoal) with Polar Fleece - The Industry Leading Infant Carrier Cover Trusted by Over 6 Million Moms for Keeping Your Baby Warm

Too much space can lead to increased unsafety and that’s a big no if you ask me.

Additionally, some babies get quite fussy when their mobility is compromised, which is often the case with bulky clothes.

The Cozy Cover doesn’t disrupt the safety mechanism nor does it affect the baby’s mobility. With it, you can use the proper car seat strap placement and your baby can enjoy a greater level of flexibility.

Choosing the best car seat blackout cover

When shopping for blackout covers, most parents only consider the price, believing all covers are the same. Even though the price is a factor you should consider when making the decision, it’s important to mention other key features that could sway your decision as well.

Material of the cover

First things first, different brands use different materials for their blackout cover designs. If you’re looking for a simple cover that’ll block out the sun, go with thin, breathable material. However, softer and thicker materials are a must if you need a boost in warmth too.

Usability of the seat covers

While you may struggle to learn how to clean baby car seats, covers can be much easier to maintain. The ability to wash the cover in the washing machine, customize it with zippers and removable parts, and quickly put in and take out the baby are just some of the usability features busy parents are trying extremely hard to find. Believe me, each usability feature is a huge plus in parents’ books.

Safety of the canopy cover

Last but not least, reading the car seat do’s and don’ts can motivate you to invest in a blackout cover, to begin with. Although all of them are designed to increase safety, doing your research will ensure you choose a model that doesn’t interfere with the existing strap system of the car seat.

FAQs about the car seat blackout covers

  1. Which blackout covers are better – weather-proof or soft?

Both are good, but the answer will vary depending on what you’re looking for.

Weatherproof covers are designed to keep babies protected from dust, wind, and rain, while soft ones offer an additional layer of warmth.

Luckily, you can also have the best of both worlds.

  1. Are blackout covers waterproof?

Just because covers are weatherproof, doesn’t mean they’re waterproof too. This is something you have to check with each brand before you purchase a product.

  1. How long can a newborn be in a car seat?

It’s recommended to stick to the 2-hour rule, meaning no baby should stay in a car seat longer than 2 hours in a 24-hour period.

  1. Are blankets a good alternative to car seat covers?

While blankets are cheaper, they don’t have the functions of a blackout cover – poor usability and the lack of sunlight and weather protection, just to name a few.


Choosing the best car seat blackout cover doesn’t have to be your worst nightmare. With the tips, tricks, and recommendations mentioned in this article, you’ll find your winning car seat cover in no time.

Once you find and try it, I bet you’ll wonder how you got anything done before introducing car seat backout covers to your little bundle of joy.

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