Child Car Seats

Britax Car Seat Expiration: What does it mean?

Britax car seats are counted among the most popular. Like most reliable manufacturers of car seats, Britax puts on an expiry date for all their car seats. If you would like to learn more about expiry dates on car seats and their purpose, please read the information below. Why Do Car Seats Have an Expiry

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Infant Car Beds: What you Need to Know

Infant car beds are unique child restraint systems. Instead of holding a child in a semi-reclined position as regular car seats do, an infant car bed will accommodate them lying flat. It isn’t a system which should be used lightly. Generally, it isn’t any extra safer than the regular car seats, but it is designed for

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Britax Vs Chicco: Convertible Car Seat Showdown

Quick Navigation Britax OverviewOverview of Chicco​Comparison between Britax and Chicco Car SeatsFAA ApprovalCar Seat SafetyComparison of New-born Car-Seat BaseInfant car seat comparison: Britax B Safe 35 vs Chicco Key Fit 30Britax B Safe 35 EliteChicco Key Fit 30 ZipConclusion The two big names when it comes to highly reliable baby car seats are Chicco and

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