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Chicco Keyfit 30 vs Fit2: Which One Is Best?

Chicco has become a well-known and highly trusted name in the world of infant car seats. This Italian brand has 60 years of worldwide expertise in all things baby-related, including car seats. Today, we dig deep into the faceoff of two of their staple units – Chicco Keyfit 30 vs. Fit2.

Chicco Keyfit 30 vs. fit2

Chicco as a car seat maker

Chicco’s infant car seats are engineered for comfort, safety, and peace of mind. They have a range of different models and styles, each with its own unique features.

All Chicco car seats incorporate world-class innovation and user-friendly touchpoints, making them reassuringly easy to install and to secure your little one so that it is that much safer to transport your precious child in a car.

The difference at a glance

The Chicco Keyfit 30 and the Fit2 are two of the car seats available in their extensive range. When choosing a car seat, safety is paramount and should be the most important factor to consider.

Safety of the Chicco Keyfit 30 and Chicco Fit2

Both the Keyfit 30 and the Fit2 are safe car seats that have withstood many crash-test examinations. They may initially appear to be very similar, but there are certain fundamental differences between the two.

The Keyfit 30 is designed for smaller children than the Fit2, is quite a bit lighter, and is more affordable than the Fit2. Both seats can be used for infants right from the earliest stage.

More on the Chicco Keyfit and Fit2 series

Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat
  • Comfortable and secure
  • Simple installation
  • Five-point safety harness
  • Easy to fasten and unfasten
  • Washable fabric
Chicco Fit2 Infant & Toddler Car Seat
  • Two-stage base
  • Exceptionally safe seat
  • Straightforward installation
  • Single-handed tightening
  • Washable fabric

When you are choosing a car seat for your baby, there are many things to consider. The most important of these is how safe the seat is. When it comes to your child’s safety in a car, there is no room for compromise.

Comfort is almost as important as safety. If your baby is uncomfortable in his seat, he will fuss and resist whenever you try to strap him in. He may cry throughout the journey, which is highly stressful for the parents.

Other aspects worth considering are price, simplicity of installation, the weight of the seat, and up to what age and size the seat will be suitable for your child.

Both Chicco KeyFit 30 and Fit2 are worth looking at when choosing a car seat for your baby.

Chicco Keyfit 30

Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat, Orion

The KeyFit 30 is a rear-facing car seat. It comes with a base that stays in the car. It clicks in and out of the base quickly and easily and can also be used with compatible strollers. It is designed for infants from 4 to 30 pounds in weight and up to 30 inches tall.

This seat is engineered with innovative features that make it easy to install quickly and simply. The KeyFit 30 comes in various colors and fabrics, so you can select the one that best suits your needs and personal preferences.


This seat is the number one rated infant car seat in America. It has been tested in the most grueling crash-test inspections and not only passes but exceeds all minimum safety standards. In this seat, you can be sure that your baby will be completely protected in the event of an accident. 

While safety is crucial, you obviously won’t want to fiddle and struggle to strap your baby securely. This seat has a five-point harness, which can be tightened with one quick pull, keeping your baby secure and well-restrained at all times.

Chest clip and padding

When your baby is a little bigger and gets stronger, he may try to get his arms free. This seat comes with a chest clip on the straps so that your baby cannot wriggle his arms out.

A baby needs to be protected on all sides in his car seat. The KeyFit 30 is lined with EPS energy-absorbing foam for the best impact protection on all sides.

An infant car seat should be fitted so that it doesn’t move at all on the back seat. The base of the KeyFit 30 is equipped with premium LATCH connectors and a unique SuperCinch tightening system, giving it a secure fit so that it will not budge.


This seat will be totally comfortable for your baby, even as a newborn. It includes a removable head and body support to accommodate newborns as tiny as 4 pounds.

The seat is fully padded with foam, making it soft and comfortable to sit in, even for those long drives.

Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat, Orion

The seat can be positioned to recline at the most comfortable level for your baby. It has a unique spring-loaded leveling foot and two bubble level indicators, which help achieve the correct angle for optimum comfort.

The seat cover is made of a washable fabric, which can be removed and washed in your washing machine on a cold water cycle. This makes it simple to keep clean and hygienic.

The seat is covered in a light, breathable fabric, helping your baby stay calm while in the car.

The shoulder straps have removable padding that ensures that the straps do not dig in and hurt your little one. 

The seat comes with an adjustable, removable canopy to provide shade from the sun.


One of the most challenging things about many car seats is that they can be complicated to install. Sometimes there are so many straps, belts, and clips that it gets confusing.

Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat, Orion

Installation of the KeyFit 30 is designed with absolute simplicity in mind. The base can be installed using the connectors supplied, or installation can be done using the vehicle seat belt, with clear belt-routing and integrated lock-offs, making it easy to position, tighten and lock the belt into place.

Second-car compatibility

Because it has a different base, it is highly suitable for two-car families. It is possible to purchase a different base for the second car, allowing you to switch the seat from one car to the other in seconds. 

This seat can only be installed in the rear-facing position. While rear-facing has been proved to be the safest position for a baby in a car, it is also limiting in terms of age and size. While every baby is different, an average guide is up to about 18 months.

This means that at some stage, you will have to get another car seat. 

Stroller Compatibility

The KeyFit 30 car seat is designed to click in and out of a Chicco stroller in seconds. This makes getting around with your baby so easy and can be done with no fuss.

Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat, Orion

There are numerous strollers in the Chicco range that are compatible with this car seat. 

The seat has a convenient carry handle, making it easy to transfer from car to stroller. 

Weight limit

The KeyFit 30 car seat is recommended for babies up to 30 pounds in weight, unlike the Fit2, which can accommodate babies up to 35 pounds.

Airplane use

The KeyFit 30 is approved by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) for use in airplanes. This will ensure your baby’s comfort and safety when he accompanies you on your travels.


The KeyFit 30 is an attractive car seat that comes in a wide range of colors and patterns. It will be a stylish addition to your car.

Weight of the car seat

The Chicco Keyfit 30 car seat weighs 17.15 pounds. While it is not the lightest car seat on the market, it is light enough to carry when you need to move it around.

PROS and CONS of the Chicco Keyfit 30


  • Your baby will be comfortable and will feel secure in this car seat.
  • Installation of the base is simple, and it is easy to tighten it securely.
  • The five-point safety harness can be tightened by a single pull on the belt at the bottom, with only one hand.
  • The buckle is quick and easy to fasten and unfasten.
  • The chest clip adds extra safety.
  • Washable fabric makes it easy to keep clean.


  • The KeyFit 30 can only be used for babies up to 30 pounds in weight.
  • This seat can only be used in the rear-facing position, limiting its period of use.

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Chicco Fit2

Chicco Fit2 Infant & Toddler Car Seat - Cienna, Black/Tan

The Chicco Fit2 seat is the first rear-facing car seat designed with two unique positions to accommodate infants and toddlers, making it possible to stay rear-facing until up to 2 years old.

Like the KeyFit 30, the Fit2 is also designed to be used together with Chicco strollers. The car seat has a convenient mechanism underneath, allowing you to click it in and out of the base or the stroller quickly and easily.

Keeping your child rear-facing for as long as possible is known to offer the best protection in the event of an accident. The beauty of the Fit2 car seat is that the base is adjustable and has two different positions.

In the first stage position, the car seat works exactly like any other rear-facing seat. However, it offers more reclined seating. Like the KeyFit 30, it comes with a removable head and body support to accommodate newborns and smaller infants.

In the second stage position, the seat is designed to accommodate and protect older and bigger babies well into the toddler stage while still keeping them rear-facing. It offers a more mature seating position for babies from 9 months up to 2 years old. 

Without taking up any extra space in the car, the seat gives older babies more leg-room and more space to recline while still keeping them safe.

This seat has a 7-position headrest and a padded no-rethread harness, which provide the full ability for adjustments as your baby grows throughout both stages.

Going with an adjustable seat is a smart way to save money by not buying both an infant and a convertible car seat – you can read a detailed guide on the pros and cons of the two types of car seats here and learn more about when to switch from infant to convertible here.

Safety of the Chicco Fit2

The shell is lined with EPS impact-absorbing foam, which will protect your baby from the force of the impact if the car is involved in a collision.

Crash test results show that the Fit2 scores above average on most of its safety features.

This seat has an anti-rebound bar, which adds extra protection to your precious child’s tiny body during an accident. 

Chicco Fit2 Infant & Toddler Car Seat - Cienna, Black/Tan

Like the KeyFit 30, the Fit2 also has a five-point harness with a belt that’s easily tightened in one simple movement. This makes it easy to ensure that your baby is safely restrained every time you strap him in.

The chest clip on this seat is particularly strong, ensuring that even as your baby gets older and his coordination gets better, he will not be able to pull any Houdini-like stunts and get out of his restraints.

The LATCH connectors and the SuperCinch tightening system on the base ensure that it will not move around at all, keeping your little one securely in place in his seat in the back of the car.

Bottom line – in terms of safety, the Chicco Keyfit 30 vs. Chicco Fit2 faceoff is a tie.


The Fit2 will keep your little one completely comfortable at all times from his very first ride as a newborn. Like the KeyFit 30, it includes a removable head and body support to accommodate newborns as tiny as 4 pounds.

The foam-padded seat is very soft and super-comfortable, and you will be able to drive without your baby becoming fretful and restless.

The design and padding of the headrest make this seat exceptionally comfortable for taking naps in the car. Your baby’s head will be well-supported and won’t roll. 

Chicco Fit2 Infant & Toddler Car Seat - Cienna, Black/Tan

Chicco Fit2 has multiple reclining positions so that you can select the most comfortable level for your little one. Like the KeyFit 30, it also has the spring-loaded leveling foot and two bubble level indicators to help you adjust the seat to the correct level for the most comfortable position.

Like all their car seats, the Chicco Fit2 is made in Italy, with the unique flair of Italian design and the superior quality of Italian materials.

Generous padding

The removable seat pad is lined with dual-density foam cushioning for extra comfort and is fully machine-washable.

The canopy provides shade from the heat of the sun and is also removable and washable.

Your baby will stay cool with the breathable fabric, which will prevent him from getting hot and sweaty while in his seat.

The padded shoulder straps provide extra comfort, ensuring that your baby is not left with angry red marks where his seat straps have been digging into him.


Like the KeyFit 30, this car seat is designed for rear-facing installation. However, unlike the KeyFit 30, the Chicco Fit2 has two different positions for the base, allowing for use until your child is a lot older but still rear-facing.

No matter how many safety features it may have, a car seat is only safe when it is properly installed, strictly according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Studies have shown that when infants who have been involved in an accident have been seriously injured or even killed, despite being in a car seat, it is usually because the seat was not correctly installed.

That’s why simple installation is a massive plus. The more complicated the installation, the more room there is for error.

The Chicco Fit2 is straightforward to install, using the LATCH system. The push-button anchors and central pull-strap will ensure that the seat is secure and your baby is safe.

The Fit2 seat can also be installed using the car’s seat belt. It has a color-coded belt path to guide you along for correct installation. The seat can be installed using either the shoulder belt or a lap belt in the car’s back seat. Lap-belt installation is easier, but the shoulder-belt is more secure.

However, the best and safest method of installation is with the LATCH system.

Stroller compatibility

The Fit2 car seat, like the KeyFit 30, is designed to click in and out of a Chicco stroller in seconds. However, not all Chicco strollers are compatible. You need to check that the stroller that you select can be paired with this car seat.

Chicco Fit2 Infant & Toddler Car Seat - Cienna, Black/Tan

The seat has a convenient carry handle, making it easy to transfer from car to stroller. It has levers on both sides, allowing for an effortless adjustment.

Weight limit

A significant advantage that the Fit2 car seat has over the KeyFit 30 is that it can accommodate a bigger child, with a weight limit of 35 pounds. It also gives an extra 3 inches in the height of the back and headrests, making it safe to use well into the toddler stage. 

Flying with Chicco Fit2

The Fit2 seat is FAA approved for use on an airplane (without the base). When used with the base, it would be too high for safe use on an airplane.

Looks and design of the Fit2

While the most critical aspect of choosing a good car seat is safety, no one can blame you for wanting a seat that looks attractive and blends well with your car’s interior.

The Fit2 car seat is available in a wide range of colors and patterns, so you are sure to find one that matches the interior of your car and will look good.

Weight of the Fit2

At 20.5 pounds, the Fit2 is quite a lot heavier than the KeyFit 30.

PROS and CONS of the Chicco Fit2


  • Features a two-stage base for rear-facing use (up to the toddler stage).
  • Exceptionally safe seat.
  • Straightforward installation, either using the LATCH fasteners or the car’s seat belt.
  • Easy, single-handed tightening of the safety harness with one pull.
  • The chest clip is tight and cannot be opened by a toddler.
  • Washable fabric makes it easy to keep clean.


  • The Fit2 is quite a lot heavier than the KeyFit 30.
  • The price tag is pretty high.
KeyFit 30 or KeyFit 35: Which Infant Car Seat is the Best Fit? is a comprehensive comparison guide that helps parents decide between the two popular Chicco car seat models.

WINNER: Chicco Fit2 Car Seat

Chicco Fit2 Infant & Toddler Car Seat - Cienna, Black/Tan

We have taken an in-depth look at both of these car seats, The Chicco KeyFit 30 and the Chicco Fit2. They have many things in common. They are both Italian-made and carry the label of a brand that has come to be known as a premium brand in baby goods, both in terms of quality and style. 

While both seats are equally safe, we prefer the Fit2 because it will last you a lot longer than the KeyFit 30. Even though the Fit2 is substantially more expensive, we think that it offers more value for money.

Although both seats are rear-facing, the base of the Fit2 is adjustable and offers two positions. In the Stage 1 position, your baby will be able to use the seat until the same age as a baby in the KeyFit 30.

But the Stage 2 position of the Fit2, which the KeyFit 30 does not have, will enable you to keep your baby in a rear-facing seat until he is a lot bigger.

If you don’t like any of the two, check out my guide on the best infant car seats.

Some Points To Consider When Buying An Infant Car Seat

  • Statistics prove that a child restrained in a safe car seat that has been correctly installed stands a much better chance of survival and escaping severe injury if the car is involved in an accident.  
  • We all know that equipping yourself with a baby is not a cheap exercise. Babies seem to need an enormous amount of stuff, and some of them can be very costly. Just like cars, car seats, too, come in a wide range of prices.
  • You get the basic, simple seats that will keep your baby safe but may not have all the extras, and you get those that come with a higher price tag but have much more to offer in terms of comfort, luxury, extra safety features, and more. How much you spend on a car seat depends entirely on your budget.
  • A significant concern is the installation. We cannot all be Super-moms or Super-Dads, who can do everything quickly and easily. For those of us with less-than-nimble fingers, it is important to get a seat that’s simple to install. 
  • You may want to consider whether the seat you choose comes with a built-in base or a separate base. If it has a built-in base, you have to install it in one car, and it can then be quite a mission to move it from car to car. 

Whichever seat you choose for your baby, you can rest assured that by putting him in a seat that has been carefully installed, you are protecting him to the best of your ability.

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