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Do Infant Car Seats Fit in Grocery Carts?

Oh no, the fridge and the pantry are both empty, which only means one thing – it’s time for a grocery run!

But, going shopping with the little ones must be one of the most challenging tasks because if it isn’t, I have no idea what is. So, it’s time to prepare the grocery list and secure those seat belts because you and your baby are on an adventure.

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Carrying an infant car seat in one hand and navigating the shopping cart with the other isn’t exactly a fun time. You’ve undoubtedly asked yourself – do infant car seats fit in grocery carts?

The answer to that is not as simple as you’d expect. It’s the position that makes all the difference between safely cruising with your baby around the supermarket and putting their fragile lives at serious danger.

Below is all the information you’ll need on the topic.

Spoiler alert…there’s a few surprises ahead.

Do infant car seats fit on shopping carts?

No, they don’t, and placing a car seat on top of the shopping cart is a bad idea.

Give me a sec to explain why.

Infant car seats are among the most convenient ways for new parents to move a sleeping newborn from one place to another quickly. With a proper car seat strap placement, even the fussiest babies will stay where you need them – in the car seat.

You probably want to make the most out of the situation and quickly grab everything you need before the baby starts to cry.

Before you proceed with this idea, it’s important to say this isn’t the best decision you can make when it comes to your baby’s safety.

Since the shopping carts aren’t designed to hold car seats, the babies are extremely unstable when placed on top of them. Even the slightest move or bump on the road can cause the car seat to flip over and hurt your little one.

Therefore, you’ll want to avoid putting the car seats on shopping carts at all costs.

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Do car seats fit in shopping carts?

Yes, most car seats fit in the shopping carts.

The narrative is different for car seats placed inside shopping carts.

Thanks to their design, shopping carts allow babies to look around and hear the conversations while remaining fully secured.

The car seats foam makes infant car seats comfortable, providing your baby with a cozy and snug while you take your time shopping for the needed groceries.

However, even with the most contemporary and compact designs, infant car seats still take up the majority of free shopping cart space. Although this isn’t an issue if you hit the store only to get a few essentials, it’s certainly a problem if you’re planning to stock up your fridge and pantry for a long while.

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Keep in mind that you can place many products around the car seat and even tuck some less baby-friendly products under the car seat to put them out of the baby’s sight and away from its reach. Also, don’t forget the bottom rack for placing some bulkier items such as milk gallons, toilet paper, or diaper packs.

If you’re shopping with your significant other, things get really simple – get one cart for the seat and one for the groceries.

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How to put an infant car seat in a grocery cart?

If you know how to tether a car seat without anchors, putting an infant car seat in a grocery cart will be a piece of cake.

Follow the steps mentioned below to ensure your baby is placed in a shopping cart safely:

  1. Pay attention to your infant car seat’s weightheight, and age limits. If your baby exceeds any limits, it’s time to get a new car seat.
  2. Make sure the harness straps are all buckled and offer a snug fit. That will prevent even the tiniest baby from falling out of the car seat.
  3. Always put your baby in a car seat on stable or specifically designed surfaces, including inside the car, onto the stroller, or on the floor. Avoid unstable surfaces such as the top of the shopping cart.

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A few alternatives you placing the seat in a shopping cart

Don’t panic if your baby hates car seat.

Even though it may seem like your baby is the only one that doesn’t like its fancy car seat, we promise you this is a pretty common occurrence among babies.

Fortunately, there are plenty of alternative options you can use and still grab your groceries.

sling or a baby carrier is ideal if you want to keep your little bundle of joy snuggled up close to you but still have your arms free and your shopping cart empty.

Many parents agree slings and baby carriers are the ultimate solutions, even for babies who like car seats, thanks to their compact size and the possibility of staying close to your baby.

Since these alternatives take virtually no space in your car, it’s always helpful to have them on the back seat just in case.

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The bottom line of the car seat and grocery cart relationship

Whether you’re wondering do car seats fit in Target shopping carts or shopping carts from some other brands, the answer’s the same.

With a proper strap placement, infant car seats can be placed inside grocery carts.

While you might have less space for groceries, it’s something parents gladly take to secure their baby’s safety. Other helpful alternatives include slings and baby carriers.

Therefore, placing the seats on shopping cars is something we wouldn’t recommend to any parent.

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