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Project Nursery 5″ High Definition Baby Monitor System with 1.5″ Mini Monitor, White – A 2020 Deep Dive

If you are expecting a baby, you will no doubt be getting ready and making sure that you have all the necessary equipment. Babies need a lot of stuff, but one of the most important items is a baby monitor. The Project Nursery 5” High Definition Baby Monitor System with 1.5” Mini Monitor is one of the best baby monitors on the market.

A baby monitor is a device that has been designed to allow parents to see and hear their baby, while in a different room to the baby. It works using radio frequency to transmit sounds. Early monitors were quite basic and could only give you an indistinct, crackling relay of sounds from the baby’s room.

Modern baby monitors have been revolutionized so much that the technology is extremely advanced. The sound is clear and easy to hear, while cameras and screens have been added, enabling you to not only listen to but also watch your sleeping baby.

Many monitors come with a breathing detection pad, setting off an alarm in the form of a loud beeping noise if the baby stops breathing. These devices have been proven to reduce the number of deaths from SIDS, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. This gives parents of young babies tremendous reassurance, allowing them to keep checking that their precious little baby is safe.

The Project Nursery electronics collection was designed to bring you to complete peace of mind. The collection includes gadgets such as baby monitoring and sound solutions. They have been specially designed with the utmost simplicity for complete ease of use. The set-up is uncomplicated, and can easily be done in minutes. No special equipment or skills are needed other than what is in the box.

The Project Nursery Baby Monitor is a stylish and attractive addition to your baby’s nursery, in addition to being highly functional. While of course, your prime purpose in installing a baby monitor is to safeguard your precious little bundle while he is asleep, you also do not want anything that is glaringly ugly to ruin the look of your carefully designed nursery.

The problem with many baby monitors is that they come with a parent unit that is not very conducive to being moved around the house. You also don’t want to have to constantly pick it up and put it down in order to check on your baby. The Project Nursery 5″ High Definition
Baby Monitor System with 1.5″ Mini Monitor is ideal because it comes with two screens. It has the basic standard 5” screen parent unit, with High Definition imaging, and also comes with the world’s smallest baby monitor screen, a tiny 1.5” screen.

Project Nursery is very aware of the fact that parents of small babies do not just lounge around, doing nothing while gazing lovingly at their baby’s monitor screen and watching their little darling sleeping peacefully. They realize that parents are constantly moving around the house, actively and busily carrying out all the demands of daily household life and doing all their chores.

This is why Project Nursery came up with the mini-monitor. It comes with a lanyard so that it can be comfortably worn on your wrist, allowing you the easy hands-free ability to see at a glance what is happening in your baby’s room.

You will be able to play with your older kids and take care of them without them feeling as though you literally have to drop everything in order to check on the baby. You will be able to do laundry or cook the family dinner without worrying that you will miss the baby’s cry when he wakes up. It has a convenient 8-hour battery life, allowing you the freedom to continue with your daily routine without needing to frequently recharge the batteries.

With this monitor, Project Nursery has made huge strides in moving away from the traditional generic user interface. They have designed a menu that includes icons that make it easy to follow. The monitor has an intuitive centric navigation wheel on both the 5” main monitor and the 1.5” mini-monitor. It takes only a second or two to navigate the menu to get to the most commonly used features, without having to waste valuable time scrolling through long excess menus or figuring out camera controls that are difficult to operate.

The Project Nursery Baby Monitor has a unique navigation wheel, allowing you to pan, tilt, and zoom in to the exact spot that you want to see. The navigation wheel is smooth and easy to handle, enabling you to have complete control.

An important aspect of your baby’s well-being and comfort is the room temperature in his environment. The main monitor includes a thermometer, displaying the temperature of your baby’s room.

For extra convenience, the main monitor screen also has a clock that includes a timer capability. This is very useful for keeping track of the baby’s sleep patterns, allowing the parents to ensure that he is getting enough sleep.

The beauty of the Project Nursery Baby Monitor interface is that the configuration is so simple and uncomplicated that even Granny will be able to learn how to use it when she comes over to babysit.

Who’s It For?

The Project Nursery Baby Monitor was created to provide peace of mind for parents of babies. But it is not only for parents. It is for anyone who has the responsibility of caring for a small baby. Caregivers, babysitters, and grandparents can all use it.

This baby monitor is particularly useful for busy, on-the-go parents who cannot be in one place for long, and need the convenience of the easily portable, hands-free mini-monitor.
If you are on a low budget, and you are looking for a simple, entry-level, basic monitor, then this Project Nursery Baby Monitor might not be for you. There are many other baby monitors to choose from that may be cheaper, but they are not as advanced or sophisticated as this one. This monitor does come with a fairly high price tag, but it is well worth the money for all the features that it offers.

What We Like About Project Nursery 5″ High Definition Baby Monitor System with 1.5″ Mini Monitor – White

Setting up this baby monitor is a breeze. Even if you are somewhat technologically challenged, you should still find it fairly straightforward to install and operate.

The two-way communication system means that not only can you hear your baby, but you can set the monitor so that baby can hear you as well. We like the fact that you can soothe and calm your baby by talking or singing to him, without even walking into his room.

A handy feature is a split-screen capability. You can pair up to 4 cameras (sold separately) quickly and easily. This enables you to view camera feeds in a single, double, or quad view mode.

You can set the alerts to go off and warn you of changes in temperature, in addition to motion and sound changes. This is great for those cold winter nights when you are not sure if the room will stay warm enough throughout the night.

This monitor has two holes in the base, designed for mounting the device on the wall. If your nursery is small, and you don’t have much space, this is very useful. We all know how much stuff you need on that changing table, so if you can keep the monitor out of the way it will look much neater. It also helps to keep the base out of reach of curious little hands.

The camera on this monitor can be programmed to take a picture, or even to film. This is particularly useful for those days when you leave your baby with a babysitter and want to see what was happening while you were away from the house.

The picture and sound quality are superior on this monitor. There is nothing more annoying than a device that crackles and picks up interference from every little bit of background noise. This won’t happen on this Project Nursery Baby Monitor. A grainy, dark picture is so difficult to look at and see what is going on. With this monitor, the picture is clear and sharp, on both the parent unit and the mini monitor.


What We Don’t Like About Project Nursery 5″ High Definition Baby Monitor System with 1.5″ Mini Monitor – White

While the wall-mountable feature is great, the downside to this is the fact that the blue power light is at the bottom of the base. This makes it highly visible when the base is mounted on the wall. It is an intense, bright blue light that is very noticeable when on, and may disturb your baby.

There is also a green light that flashes every time the video comes on, which is prompted by the motion sensor. This could also wake your baby and bother him.

Although things seldom go wrong with this baby monitor, some customers have found that when they do experience a problem, the customer service department is sometimes slow to respond and resolve the issue.


  • 2-way communication system
  • Simplicity of set-up
  • Wall-mountable
  • Standard parent unit and convenient mini-monitor
  • Long-range, up to 800 feet
  • Use up to 4 screens


  • No warning before battery dies
  • Temperature reading not always accurate

What’s Included?

This monitor uses lithium polymer batteries, which are included in the pack. The monitor includes two screens, a 5” parent unit, and a 1 ½“ mini-monitor. The monitor is powered by an AC plug, which is included in the pack.

The camera is compatible with a micro SD card, but this is not included in the box. The monitor is also not wifi enabled, and will not work with an internet connection.

Overview Of Features

    • 5” High Definition screen

The parent unit has a screen that gives a consistently crystal clear picture, enabling you to keep a careful watch on your baby at all times.

    • 1 ½” High definition mini monitor screen

The mini monitor is super-convenient for use when you are busy and moving around from room to room. It is also wearable, with a wrist lanyard.

    • Static-free Wireless Transmission

The sound quality is excellent, ensuring that there will not be any crackles drowning out your baby’s cries. You will hear every little peep from him.

    • A Range of up to 800 feet

Even in very large houses, you will not lose the signal. This is particularly useful for people who live in duplexes and double story houses, with a baby’s room upstairs.

    • Room Temperature Sensor With Sound Alert

You don’t have to worry about the baby being too cold or too warm. This monitor will display the room temperature, and it will sound an alarm if the temperature changes.

Review Summary

The Project Nursery 5″ High Definition Baby Monitor System is a nifty device that allows parents to relax, knowing that their precious little baby is sleeping soundly and breathing regularly.

This monitor comes with two screens, a standard parent unit, and a smaller mini-monitor screen for easy portability.

The Project Nursery Baby Monitor System has a slightly higher price tag than some of its competitors, but it offers many extra features and is superior both in quality and design.

It is extremely easy to set up, and so simple to operate that even Granny will cope with it when she comes to babysit.

If you are about to have a baby and are kitting out your nursery, The Project Nursery Baby Monitor System should definitely be one of the first items on your shopping list.

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