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Best Stroller for Twins and Toddler: Triple or 3 Passenger Strollers

Have you ever just felt like it was too much for one person? Having to care for twins and a toddler can be one of the most hectic things you have to do as a parent.

With having to feed, dress, and put to sleep the twins, and also cater for my four-year-old toddler, I need to take a walk in the park or just go to the beach for 30 minutes to unwind.

Of course, I needed a solution that would let me take my twins and toddler along with me!

I had to do a LOT of research to figure out what was the best stroller for twins and a toddler – so even though I settled on buying just one, I figured I’d share all my research here for you guys.

When it comes to transporting twins and a toddler, you’ve got two options:

  • Buy a twin stroller with a glider board
  • Buy a triple stroller

In this post, we’ll talk about both options. Before we get down to it here is a quick comparison chart of the 3 best strollers to consider:

Joovy Big Caboose Graphite Triple Stroller, Stand on Tandem, Sit and Stand, Black
Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller | Baby Stroller with 20 Ways to Ride, Included Second Seat | Quick Fold Stroller, Granite
Vista Stroller+ RUMBLESEAT Bundle - Jake (Black/Carbon/Black Leather)
Joovy Big Caboose
Baby Jogger City Select
Young twins + toddler, triplets, three young kids
Twins + older toddler, 2 toddlers
Older toddler + twins
Stroller Weight
28 lbs
43.5 lbs
52 lbs
Joovy Big Caboose Graphite Triple Stroller, Stand on Tandem, Sit and Stand, Black
Joovy Big Caboose
Young twins + toddler, triplets, three young kids
Stroller Weight
28 lbs
Check Price
Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller | Baby Stroller with 20 Ways to Ride, Included Second Seat | Quick Fold Stroller, Granite
Baby Jogger City Select
Twins + older toddler, 2 toddlers
Stroller Weight
43.5 lbs
Check Price
Vista Stroller+ RUMBLESEAT Bundle - Jake (Black/Carbon/Black Leather)
Older toddler + twins
Stroller Weight
52 lbs
Check Price

Since I am certain that there are some of you guys who could have two toddlers and an infant rather than two newborns and a toddler, I have made sure to review strollers that fit both situations.

However you need to remember that the effectiveness of each stroller depends on your lifestyle and what you are going to use it for.

3 passenger strollers generally work well when you have twin infants and a toddler. However, they will not generally be so great for all terrain strolls and are a total no no for running.

Regardless of your lifestyle and budget, we review each type of triple stroller giving its pros and cons so that you can make an informed decision.

twins and toddler in stroller

Best 3 person stroller for twins and toddler: Top 6 choices

1) Joovy Big Caboose Stand On Triple Stroller: Best Stroller for 3 Kids

mother and three children in the joovy caboose

You will absolutely love the Joovy Caboose Graphite for three children. The big stroller is the best for two twins and a toddler as it can take up to two car seats for your twins or can have a total of three regular seats.

The two seats upfront work well with children older than 6 months or if you could install infant car seats on them for younger children.

For your older toddler, the Joovy caboose comes with a riding bench as these kids are old enough to sit and stroll without the risk of falling off.

Despite being the best for two twins 6 months plus and a toddler the stroller also works well with three kids of different ages where the eldest can sit on the rear bench or stand on the inbuilt glider, and twins each over 6 months old each their own car seat.

To summarize, here are the options you have with this stroller:

  • Use two car seats in the front(car seat attachment accessory is included) plus a glider in the back
  • Use the whole stroller for three seats
  • Good for young twins and an older toddler
  • Good for three young children, with the youngest over 6 months old
  • Good for triplets over 6 months old

child on glider of the joovy caboose

Features of the Joovy Big Caboose Triple Stroller

  • Minimum age Birth/6 months+
  • Great for three young children, triplets, toddler and twins and just twins
  • Large storage basket for your baby items
  • Car seat adapter for child seats, trays for child feeding and adjustable footrests for kids

2) Valco Baby Tri Mode Duo X Stroller

Valco Baby Tri Mode Duo X All Terrain Double StrollerThe Valco Baby Tri Mode is the most dynamic stroller for twins and a toddler. Unlike many strollers out there that drive like a bus when you put three kids on them, the Valco is a dream to steer and push making it excellent for a day out in the park or the beach

The following are the options with the Valco Baby

Toddler and Younger Twins

One thing about the Valco is that its seats do recline fully flat like a bassinet making it great for infant twins. For the older child who needs to be at a least 6 months old, they can easily sit on the toddler car seat if they weight less than 40 pounds or if heavier at about four years old, get them the riding board which attaches to the back of the stroller.

Of all the options out there with a riding board the Valco Baby is the best double stroller with riding board that works so seamlessly regardless of terrain.

ride on board attached to stroller

Two Toddlers and A Younger Infant

Get the infant onto the lie flat seats on the stroller,have one toddler ride either in the toddler seat and another beside their sibling in the other seat.

Two Toddlers and Two Infants

The smaller infants can ride comfortably in the stroller seats, one of the toddlers rides on the front seat, and the other gets to ride on the hiker board. It is important to note that you should only let children above the age of two ride on the board. While it is called a triple stroller, the Valco Baby is technically a four child stroller.

Features of the Valco Baby Tri Mode Duo X

  • Accessories include adjustable handle bars, front bars, infant head huggers, rain cover, and extended canopies
  • Compact fold makes it convenient for travel or for going for an out of town excursion with the kids
  • Comfortable ride provided with pneumatic tires
  • You can use it as a double stroller for infant and toddler

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3) Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller: Best Double Stroller With Gliding Board

Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller

The Baby Jogger City Select stroller is your ultimate family stroller that you can use as a single stroller, a double stroller and triple stroller so that you can do anything or go anywhere with your growing family.

With more than 20 configurations, no other stroller even comes closer to doing what the Baby Jogger City Select could.

You could add the bench seat for a child older than six months or if you have an infant get an infant car seat or transform the stroller into a pram. It easily takes in two children of different ages with an easy configuration of either infant or car seatsMany triple strollers tend to be too bulky making them impractical fro a traveling or adventure loving parent.

Not so with your City select which comes in a compact fold and lock so that you can carry it anywhere. Furthermore it is an all terrain stroller that is equipped with a decelerating handbrake which I found particularly useful when you are strolling with more than two kids.

Ideally, the Baby Jogger City Select is great for:

  • Twins and an older toddler that rides on the glider board
  • Two toddlers

small compact fold

Features of the Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller

  • The seats equipped with a five point harness can hold a child weighing up to 45 pounds
  • Made for children 6 months or older
  • Up to 20+ configurations to make the stroller sibling facing, parent facing, or front facing
  • Locking front swivel wheels and all wheel suspension make this the perfect stroller for going for an excursion with the whole family
  • Accessories include seat back pockets for baby essentials when you are out of the house, large storage basket, canopy with peekaboo window, and multi position reclining seat.

4) UPPABaby VISTA Stroller: Great For Older Toddlers and Twins

children on the 2018 UPPABaby VISTA Stroller

The Uppababy Vista is an excellent option for  twins and toddler, two toddler and an older child, or you could use it as just a double stroller for two infants or two toddlers.

Unlike most triple strollers the Uppababy can take infants right from infancy as it is designed to take either two infant seats, two bassinets, or two car seats for the toddler or a mix of either if you have an infant and a toddler.

If you have three children the Uppababy can be made into a triple stroller through attaching the piggyback ride along board for the older toddler. As such you can stroll with a infant less than six months in the infant car seat, a toddler on the Rumble seat, and another on the riding board.

The Uppababy Vista is one of the most high end strollers out there and it practically glides on the street.

The price tag is pretty steep, but it’s completely worth it if you have the budget since it can last you for a long time and accommodate your growing family.

Uppababy vista and accessories

Features of the UPPABaby VISTA Stroller

  • Extra large storage basket so that you can take all your baby essentials with you
  • One step fold for quick storage and transportation
  • Comes in several configurations to make it a double or triple stroller for your growing family
  • Multi position recline makes it great for both the infant and toddler

5) Foundations Trio Sport Stroller: Best Stroller For 3 Toddlers

Foundations Trio Sport Tandem Stroller

The Foundations Trio Sport makes for a very good and lightweight stroller for 3 toddlers and 1 infant at only 34 pounds compared to the other options we have already reviewed. Moreover at sub $400 prices it is one of the cheapest on the list.

Nonetheless it does not have the best recline and hence is not the best for infants who need to lie flat. It is not advisable to put any child below 6 months in this stroller as these kids do not have good neck control and the recline is just not the best.

That’s why we suggest that this stroller is good for families with 3 children older than 6 months. If you just had twins, you’ll have to wait for about 6 months before you can seat them in this stroller.

But if you’ve already got 3 kids and you’re looking for a nice way to transport every child, the Foundations Trio is a good pick.

Since the seats don’t recline, you may not be able to sneak in extended naps during trips to the mall!

However, this stroller is significantly cheaper than the other strollers on this list, and if you don’t mind the minimal recline, it’s a good pick.

Foundations Trio Sport Tandem Stroller

Features of the Foundations Trio Sport Tandem Stroller

  • Quick fold given that it comes a lightweight frame
  • Five point harnesses on all three car seats
  • Takes up to 40 pounds in each seat
  • Seats three children of different or same ages

6) Zoe Trio+ XL3 Triplet Stroller(can also be used for twins and toddler)

No products found.

The Zoe Trio+ XL3 is an incredibly versatile stroller that’s perfect for 3 kids. You’d think that a stroller for 3 would be rather cludgy, but the Zoe is incredibly lightweight and can separate into two pieces for easy folding and storage.

It’s also Disney-approved so you can take the whole family to Disney and just need a single stroller to fit all three kids!

In case your family grows and you have child number four, then this very stroller can be expanded to seat all 4 kids.

The modular design of the Trio+ is probably the most desirable function of this stroller. In case one child gets too old for the stroller, you can simply detach one seat and just use it as a tandem stroller, too.

Each seat also has its own umbrella, and in case one child is feeling particularly shy, you can just seat them in the back and put up the umbrella to effectively hide them from view!

All of the seats recline quite a fair bit to 165 degrees.

While you may feel this is not enough for a very young infant(a car seat would always be better), for slightly older infants who have more control over their necks won’t find any issues with this stroller at all.

  • Very easy to fold and store, can even check in or fit in a car trunk
  • Modular – use as dual, triple, or buy a fourth attachment and use as a quad
  • Good for young infants up to toddlers
  • Approved for Disney

No products found.

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More things to consider when buying a triple stroller

As you can see, even in the apparently limited number of triple strollers available, no two are the same. One of the main considerations you need to make would be how old your youngest child(ren) is when they will use these strollers.

Some of the strollers we’ve listed are not suited for newborns and very small infants, while some can just fit a car seat directly on it.

Others have good capabilities for two young twins, but no seating option for an older toddler – the toddler would have to ride standing on the glide seat.

So it really depends how old your children are when you buy your stroller.

Additionally, some of the strollers do allow for growing families – either by the addition of a new family member or by a child outgrowing the stroller.

While a dual or triple stroller may seem cumbersome if only your youngest child still needs a stroller, many of these strollers are so modular that you can convert them for use with a single child.

This way, your purchase will last you a long time and grow with your family’s needs.

Final thoughts

Strollers for twins and toddlers can get pretty expensive, so if you’re looking for a value pick, we suggest the Baby Jogger stroller. Granted, it does not have a seat for your toddler, but there is a glider board.

Alternatively, if you have a very young toddler who does not weigh too much(yet), you could just make do with a double stroller and use a baby carrier on your back or chest for the toddler.

Finally, if you happen to be going out with a partner, you can just use two strollers! Use one double stroller for the twins, and one single stroller for the toddler.

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