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What kind of foam is used in car seats? (there’s a few)

Car seats are made up of different components, including foam.

Convenience and comfort are among the top priorities that one considers when buying a vehicle. The foam used in car seats is among the elements that determine how comfortable a car is.

This guide is crafted to give you all the answers about car seat foam that you might be looking for.

We’ll cover all about memory car seat foam (cushions and covers) – from choosing the right standalone products, repairs to full replacement.

Memory foam car seat cushion

If you’re looking to make your seats more comfortable, there are many options available on the market.

Our top pick and by far the most popular memory foam car seat cushion is the KingPhenix Comfort.

kingphenix Car Seat Cushion with 1.2inch Comfort Memory Foam, Seat Cushion for Car and Office Chair (Black)

Alternatively, you can always go with the good old ComfiLife Gel & Memory foam combo cushion. It’s designed for tailbone pain but also makes a great choice for car seats.

Memory foam car seat covers

There aren’t many universal products worth your money in the category of memory foam car seat covers. It makes sense, too, because getting a full cover that fits nicely on the car seats that come in all shapes and sizes is a tricky job.

The memory foam seat covers that found their way to the top are CAR PASS Deluxe – they are designed to fit anything from cars to trucks and from SUVs to Sedans. You don’t see that kind of flexibility every day.

CAR PASS Deluxe Edition Leather Universal Fit Car Seat Cover with Memory Foam Supported,Fit for Suvs,Sedans,Vans,Cars,Trucks,Set of 1(Black and Wine Red)

If you want to be more conservative, you can go for a memory foam cover for the seat that’s limited to the sitting area.

Our top choice here is the all-popular Motor trend covers.

Motor Trend Black Universal Car Seat Cushions, Front Seat 2-Pack – Padded Luxury Cover with Non-Slip Bottom & Storage Pockets, Faux Leather Cushion Cover for Car Truck Van and SUV

What’s the difference between the two (cushions vs. covers)?

As the name suggests, you place the cushion onto the seat, and it stays there under your weight.

On the other hand, you pull the covers over the edges much like you would do with a fitted sheet on your bed.

Who’ll choose what?

They both serve the same purpose, making the seat more comfortable.

Go with a cover if you’re driving kids – there’s little chance of a simple cushion staying in a place with little daredevils inside.

Other than that, comfort-wise, a cushion will do the trick.

Car seat foam suppliers

If you’re looking for reliable suppliers of car seat foam, we got you. We did extensive research and found FoamTouch to be the most reliable supplier with the broadest range of foam types, thicknesses, and sizes.

You can see their foam supplies here.

Car seat foam repair – kits and how-tos

Car seat foam repair is a serious DIY project and requires solid know-how. If you’re confident enough to undertake it, let’s look at what you might need.

For smaller jobs, a repair kit like the Saddlemen Seat Foam Repair Kit might do the trick. Its primary intended use is motorcycles but does the trick with auto seats, too.

Saddlemen Seat Foam Repair Kit

For bigger jobs, your repair kit should include:

Pieces of high-density foam (of a few different thicknesses)

Scissors (any ole will do)

A fabric cutter (I recommend this Romech.

RoMech Fabric Cutter Rope Cutter 100W - Pro Electric Hot Knife - Foam Styrofoam Cutting Tool Kit- with Heavy Duty Case, Blades & Accessories (RM-008)

Strong spray adhesive like the 3M High Strength 90 Contact.

3M High Strength 90 Contact Spray Adhesive, 17.6-Ounces.

Types of automobile foam

There are different types of foam in the market, and knowing what’s what will help one make an informed decision when buying a car seat. Child passenger restraint systems are also car seats made with foam.

This type of car seat serves a unique function hence, the foam used to make it is not the same as making the others for adults in the automobile. The common types of foam used to make car seats are:

#1 – Open-cell foam

This type of foam is designed with open pores to facilitate airflow and wetness within a seat. The surface is bold and fizzed to offer comfort to car users. An antimicrobial feature is a plus for this type of form as it controls the occurrence of mold.

#2 – Polyurethane foam

It comes in either high or medium density. Its structure is open cellular to enable the free flow of air and easy draining of water when it gets wet. Only the medium density variation has antimicrobial properties. It is advisable for one to add a layer of waterproof material before inserting it into a cushion cover.

#3 – Orthopedic foam

This variety of car seat foam is made using supportive gel material. It is designed to help alleviate back pain and reduce stress around the coccyx area.

#3 – Even foam

Durability and high density are among the top-notch features that Elon offers to its users. It is available in different dimensions, each providing excellent support without too much hardness.

Comfort, durability, and good support are among the key elements that one ought to look out for when buying foam for their car seat. Ask your auto dealer about the material used to make your car seats when acquiring a new one. For child passengers who are still using the restraint system, the foam materials added into their seats includes:

#4 – EPS foam

Also known as Styrofoam, EPS is a polystyrene material commonly used to make bicycle helmets and coolers, among other things. Its flexibility is relatively low; therefore, it breaks easily. It can withstand pressure and different types of abuse, but it also tears easily. It should be handled with care.

#5 – EPP foam

The ellipsis stands for expanded polypropylene. It is an elastic form that can withstand high levels of pressure and violence. Its ability to recover from shocks and endure tears are among the top features that make this foam ideal for children’s car seats.


These two types of foam are energy-absorbing to minimize the impact of a collision on a child. The chances and extent of injury are also reduced considerably. Before putting your money into a particular car seat, for adults or children, you ought to know what material it is made of as well as the density.

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