Proper Car Seat Strap Placement: Correct Position and How Tight?

Proper car seat strap placement is very necessary to ensure the safety of your child in the car.

But is there any science in it – which you are unaware of?

You will be surprised to know that most of the accidents happen due to improper car seat strap placements or improper seating of children on the seat.

You cannot ride without a kid’s car seat – as the US law prohibits you to do so – but there is no law on strap placements and child’s appropriate position on the seat! This is where the things go wrong.

car seat strap placement correct

Most of the parents just put their kids on the seat – strap them and they are done. And if they meet with accidents they blame the seat and claim insurance.

Remember that the seat might be replaced several times, but the damage done on your kid is irreversible. Some scars and bad memories remain life-long.

Among the three of the most common issues that put children at risk is – improper use or installation of safety seats.

There are some many important things you need to look for before and after you seat your child in any vehicle. And all the steps mentioned here affect the strap position.

Things you need to look for BEFORE you seat your child

Car Seat Type

Car seats come in several specialized forms such as infant-only seats, convertible seats, forward-facing seats/restraints or belt-positioning booster seats. All these seats slightly differ from each other especially there are differences in the appropriate strap positioning mechanism

In special circumstances you child might need a different kind of seat from the above mentioned ones.

The right person to consult about the appropriate seat for your kid is the pediatrician. After looking at the anatomy of your child – he will suggest the best one. So visiting the pediatrician before you buy a seat is always advisable.

Place the seat in the middle

The safest place in any collision or crash is the middle seat in any row. If you have a big car – like a SUV having three rows then place the seat in the middle of the second row.

If you have a mini vehicle, having two rows of seats, then place it in the middle of the back row.

And if the car has just two seats in the front, then you are left with no option – but to place it in the first row. If you are placing it in the first row, then make sure that it is not directly adjacent to an airbag. Airbags can kill young children riding in the front seat. Never place a rear-facing car seat in front of an airbag.

Proper Installation of the Car Seat

The basic concept of a safety car seat for kids is lack of movement if a crash happens. For this – very importantly the seat must be fixed in all its grooves and hinges. Remember this is an external seat – and not one which comes like other seats comes manufactured which are properly fit. If this seat is not properly installed – then it can cause more harm than safety.

There should be less than 1″ movement side to side, and front to back when grasping at the belt path – where the seat belt gets connected to the seat belt.

This is the only place this minimum gap can be entertained. Other than that the seat should be fixed like a stone.

Weigh the seat down with all your force as you adjust the fasteners. Weighing the seat down allows you to get a tighter fit for the car seat.

Harness Straps

A five-point harness is a kind of form of seat belt which is fixed to a car’s frame via tethers or hinges. The belt consists of five straps – two over shoulders, two across the hips and one across the crotch area. All the five straps connect to a buckle release mechanism.

In any car seat, especially the kid’s safety seat a five point harness is mandatory. It secures ultimate protection by binding the body from all the positions. It holds the body tight and buckled up, so that accidents and crashes do not force the body out of the seat.

Mostly this harness is used in a kid’s safety seat – but before buying the seat – make sure that it is no less.

For protection against crashes every passenger in a moving vehicle must use some form of harness for protection. A seat belt is also a type of harness. Booster seats used for grown up kids does not necessarily require a five point harness and commonly uses an ordinary seat belt harness mechanism.

Is the tether attached?

Make sure a tether is anchored in your car – when your kids are very small, especially when kids are forward facing in the seat. If there is no tether or the seat needs to reconfigure because of the tether – do so, because it hold value when the kids are still small.

The main function of the tether is to further reduce any kind of seats movement. A small child is not able to control his or her head and neck movements – and statistics suggest that a tether can reduce forward movement of a child’s head and neck up to 6″ – which is very vital in a crash.

Get the seat inspected

After completing the overall installation of the seat – try to get it inspected by a car seat professional. A trained technician is a one who has completed a standardized AAA-certified course. You can find them at local Inspection stations frequently located at automobile stores, police stations or any other public place. These inspections are generally free.

You can find a trained car seat inspector by calling 1-866-SEAT-CHECK. “The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration” web site also has information – you check the details online there.

Head Protective Gear

A head protective gear or helmet is not necessary equipment along with a child’s safety seat, but it is recommended to carry it in vehicles.

A five point harness protects most of the body keeping it buckled up against injuries. The only downside to this seat belt mechanism is the insecurity of the seated person’s head.

A helmet comes to rescue on bumpy and uneven surfaces. When you are out for hiking and adventure outings – or where the chances of head crashing against the roof of the car increases, on these terrains at least a kid should not be left without head protection.

The age of your kid

There are two positions which you need to change according to your child’s age.

Initially – until the age of two your kids should be rear facing.

As he grows then – until the age of 4 he should be placed forward facing.

A five point harness is required in both the seating positions – Rear and Forward. And the way you place the straps will be different in both the positions.

After 10 your kid can use a booster seat.

Size and Weight of your kid

Before you place the kid – check the seats manual where the maximum height and weight the seat can accommodate is mentioned. Sometimes this information is also mentioned below the seat.

If your kid is over or under weight or has height differences than the strap can never be properly positioned. And you need to fix the issue by getting an appropriate seat.

Expiration of the car seat

It might sound weird but car seats do expire! Different manufacturers provide different expiry dates for their car seats mentioned in the manuals or below the seats. Generally car seats expire in a minimum of 4 years and a maximum of 12 years from the manufactured date.

You need to be aware of this! Check the expiry date before-hand especially if you have acquired a seat from Medicaid or you are using a second hand car-seat.

Do not use an expired car seat. Because after expiry the straps loose the elasticity and are helpless in keeping your child better positioned. Secondly the plastics break down over time – so leave the car crashes – even a break-down of the seat may become the cause of an accident. And an expired car seat may not protect your child adequately in a crash and even the insurance companies will deny claim to any damage.

Crash History

Crashes damage the vehicles and change the positions of the utilities inside. This holds value if the vehicle has met an accident with a car seat installed in it.

The position of the seat, the hinges, and the straps distance all are affected by a crash, even if the crash was minor. The details are sometimes mentioned in the manuals too. Check your car seat manual to determine the how crashes affect the car seat.

After the crash – it is highly advisable that you get the kids car seat inspected by a technician and if needed then get the seat replaced.

Read the Manual

A car seat’s manual holds key information about the seat. The quality of the seat, the expiration date, approved age, weight and height limit, are some of the vital know-how mentioned in it.

It even provides detailed information about strap positioning, seats distance, tethering and other important technical queries. These are few important guidelines demonstrated via diagrams and artworks about the installation and fixing up of the seat.

Reading the manual and acting accordingly is always a wise decision, however boring you feel doing it.

In case you misplace the manual, you can contact the car seat manufacturer for a replacement.

Learn more about car seats by various training programs

A “National Child Passenger Safety Certification Training Program” is conducted by the “National Child Passenger Safety board”. The program is designed to assist caregivers in the safe transportation of children across USA.  The program trains and certifies technicians and instructors working for child passenger safety.

Several other training programs are also conducted for children car safety awareness. If possible at least once you should enroll in this kind of program to know more about kid’s safety seats.

Things you need to look for AFTER you seat your child

Removed coats and all winter clothing (or any other extra clothing) before buckling?

Seat your child – Place him in the seat so he or she is sitting upright with his or her back against the back of the car seat and remove all the extra dressing materials he is wearing.Many parents think that coats and fur material will prevent the kids from a crash. But this is wrong!

All the extra clothing on your kid results in uneven strap placements. Puffed clothes are the reason for extra space between the child and the straps. In any crash the clothes will compress immediately. This means that the kid’s body will move more distance before coming to a stop resulting in more damage.

So place the kid on the seat – with thin clothes. If the winters are extreme and the climate requires warm coats then place them above the kid after buckling him up in the seat.

Height of the straps

The height of the straps is a very important aspect in proper strap placement techniques. Improper height positioning leads to inconvenience to the child. In minor shocks and jerks the child can pop from the seat if the height of the strap is not properly maintained!

When you kid is rear facing then the straps should always be positioned at or below your child’s shoulders.

If he is forward facing then the straps should necessarily by positioned at or above the child’s shoulders.

Position of the chest clip

The purpose of a chest clip is d to keep the straps in position over the torso

The correct position of the clip is child’s sternum, at his nipple or armpit level. You can choose whichever is comfortable to your kid.

Mostly kids prefer the clip to be positioned at their sternum. Even if you will place it above the sternum they will drag the clip down.

How tight or lose the harness straps are

This is where most of the parents go wrong. They don’t tighten the straps and keep them lose. A slight uneasiness from the kids end because of the tightness of the straps leads to loosening of the straps.

The harness straps are meant to keep your child buckled up – so the straps are going to be tight – and your kid will not like it initially! Remember the general rule – position the harness “as snug as a hug.”

During a crash it is the harness straps that hold you child in the car seat intact. If the straps are not tight enough your child will come out of the straps and in open.

A harness strap should not allow any slack. It should be as straight as possible without any sagging.

Do the pinch test which has three methods

First Method – Pull the harness straps to a snug tightness. Now try to pinch – if you are able to pinch the harness horizontally the material need to be tightened more.

Second method – Pinch the straps vertically at the collar bone. If you can grab excess slack between your fingers and pinch it, the straps are too loose.

Third Method – If you can fit more than 2 fingers in between the straps and your child, then tighten the straps.

Remember to not over-tighten it too! The straps should not press on the child’s bone or push the child’s body into an unnatural position.

These are the steps you need to follow for your child’s safe ride. Happy Journey!

Infant Car Beds: What you Need to Know

Infant car beds are unique child restraint systems. Instead of holding a child in a semi-reclined position as regular car seats do, an infant car bed will accommodate them lying flat.

It isn’t a system which should be used lightly. Generally, it isn’t any extra safer than the regular car seats, but it is designed for children with some special needs.

Infant car beds are used for transporting little, medically fragile, or premature babies.

Does your child need a car bed?

This isn’t a decision for you to make unless you are a medical professional. If you aren’t one, you should know that it’s a medical doctor who determines whether a child needs an infant car bed or not.

The decision is usually taken as a result of concerns with the child’s breathing or heart rate in the traditional position. The baby’s vitals will likely be monitored by the doctor before an initial ride.

Take note that these indicators are relied on by medical staff. They aren’t something the parents of the baby should act on. But you can inform the doctor if you suspect that your child needs an infant car bed.

AAP recommends that an infant car bed should be used for:

  • babies not up to 37 weeks gestation age
  • babies who are at risk of bradycardia or apnea oxygen desaturation
  • babies who cannot tolerate sitting in semi-reclined positions.

Some of the important safety measures regarding infant car beds are similar or the same with safety measures regarding the installation and use of regular car seats.

Just like car seats, car beds are to be placed away from airbags, on the rear seat. You should place the child’s head as far as possible from the door, mostly in the middle of the car.

The child is to be placed on their back almost every time, unless a doctor recommends something different. The baby can possibly be placed on their stomach. As soon as the doctor says stomach riding isn’t required anymore, the baby should be placed on their back.

Unlike car seats, car beds require that an adult watches the baby. So, it is necessary to have a passenger in the car.

Long rides aren’t advisable. In case of an unavoidable long trip, ensure to stop every 2 to 3 hours to attend to the baby properly and allow them to have some rest.

If the child requires medical monitoring, ensure that the equipment is properly secured to prevent movement if there is a sudden deceleration crash. It is advisable to keep any equipment under the seat or on the floor.

Additionally, ensure that the battery power is more sufficient than required.

Best 3 Infant Car Beds

1) Hope car bed

This infant car bed has more features than the other ones mentioned here. You should note that it is manufactured to not only meet parents’ expectations, but also meet several medical requirements and standards which happen to be more important and numerous than simple federal safety standards if a car crash occurs.

This infant car bed is very sophisticated and shouldn’t be considered lightly. We recommend consulting a doctor first before buying it. Of course you should see a doctor before purchasing any safety infant car bed, but it is very necessary in this case.

Hope Car Bed is designed for infants who are not only medically fragile, but also have medical complications. That is why the car bed is that sophisticated. However, it allows travelling on the right side and even on stomach. This may not sound much, but it’s important as well.

The car bed can accommodate infants from 4 to 30 lbs, including children with hip casts, and it comes with tube guides, neck pads, and some other complimentary equipment.

Check prices here

2) Angel Guard Angel Ride Infant Car Seat

This Angel Ride Car seat can be used for infants weighing between 4 and 25 lbs. It provides comfort and especially basic safety for the baby. The bed is properly ventilated and is very easy to set up.

The Angel Ride is designed specifically for transporting small babies, premature babies, and babies with special medical needs. It allows babies to be put either on their back or their stomach. It comes with a wrap-around harness as well as a completely padded shell. The shell is made of plastic and is as sturdy as most other car seats.

The car bed has a five-degree head incline for good breathing.

This car bed is not as good as the Hope product. It is a great car bed, but to avoid endangering your baby, transferring to car seats as soon as you can is advisable. Please take note that it isn’t designed for extremely fragile children. The Hope Car Bed may be the only option for them.

Unfortunately, this bed has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

1) Cosco Dreamride SE Latch Infant Car Seat/Bed

What makes the Dreamride stand out is the fact that it is a car bed, as well as a car seat. This makes it better than other typical car beds. It can also be used as one and as an infant restraint system for travels by air. It surely is not as good as many other car seats, but it is better than most car beds.

The Dreamride seat has a three-point harness, which may be not be up to what car seats offer. However, it has been tested thoroughly and meets the standards of FMVSS. Also, it is approved by FAA.

The seat can accommodate infants between 5 lbs and 20lbs. It has been approved for transporting medically fragile babies, children with special needs, low birth weight babies, and premature babies.

The price of the seat is almost moderate but low too. The Dream ride isn’t the most costly car bed. In fact, it isn’t as costly as some car seats on the market, although there are many car seats which are better than this when it comes to car seats proper. However, the major advantage of this product is that it can function as a car bed, aerial child restraint system, or car seat at the same time. This makes it perfect for long distance journeys.


Infant car beds are used for babies who are either prematures or have medical issues which makes the use of car seat dangerous or even impossible. Also, we have reviewed the best 3 infant car beds for you to choose from. Make your choice and enjoy that ride with your baby.

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Best Booster Car Seat for Travel – For the Adventurous Parent

One of the biggest challenges I have had when traveling with older kids is the decision on what car seats I should go for. From about age four it becomes quite a complicated maze to decide which convertible car seat or booster car seat is best for travel. 

Traveling while at home is quite easy and convenient as you have all manner of options to choose from to keep your child safe and comfortable.

However, traveling away from home is a different kettle of fish as you have other considerations including traveling in taxis, and how portable your booster seats are.

Check out our essential baby packing checklist for travel

best travel booster seat

I have always advised that you use a high back booster car seat rather than a backless one since it provides the most protection for the child with its 5 point harnesses that ensure a snug and secure fit, and proper head support , neck and back support for little bodies. 

However, I have found that when I am traveling, I need more portable car seats for travel and the high back booster seat the likes of the Britax Marathon are just too bulky. When I have to move across crowded airport floors, transfer from hotel to the airport and use a taxi, I need a travel booster best suited for these situations.

In this article I review and analyze the best portable car booster seat that will make traveling easy and convenient. These are portable car seats that you can use in taxis, roll around on the airport floor, and even take and install onto airplane seats. Take a look at the reviews below. 

But before we get to that here is a comparison chart of the best travel booster seats




Our Rating




mifold grab and go booster seat

mifold Grab-and-Go Car Booster 

1.7 Pounds


BubbleBum Backless Inflatable Booster Car Seat

BubbleBum Backless

1.2 Pounds


Baby Trend Yumi Folding Booster Car Seat

Baby Trend Yumi Booster

9.1 Pounds


Child Airplane Travel Harness - Cares Safety Restraint System

Child Airplane Travel Harness

1 Pound


Safety 1st Guide 65 Convertible Car Seat

Safety 1st Guide 65

15 Pounds

What to look for in a travel car booster seat

Car Safety & Legality

When you are traveling with your child, the most concern you obviously have is that they are safe. The other concern which you also need to take very seriously is the safety laws of the given country you are traveling in or into. 

There are different regulations on booster car seats convertible car seats, and infant car seats that you have to adhere to. Not adhering to these regulations and rules could cause legal problems that will make your travel especially with kids a nightmare if you run into trouble with authorities.

The following are some important resources if you are looking to travel with car seats.

Booster Seat Weight & Size

You have to take into consideration what you will be using your travel booster seats for. Check out the following chart on how to make that all important decision on what car seat to use while traveling. 


Types of Travel Booster Seats You Need

Portable Car Seat for Taxi

Traveling with a child particularly abroad means that at one time or another you may have to use a taxi or ride sharing service. For your children less than 9 years old and at least age two a good booster seat will make your life easier while on the move. 

Many taxi services nowadays come with a travel car seat but not all and hence you need to come prepared just in case they do not have one. Some of the best booster car seats for taxi that you can check out on Amazon include the likes of the child restraint travel harness, the mifold grab and go, the Rider Safer Delight Vest and the bubblebum backless

I love these car seats for taxi as they are lightweight and portable and are as safe as can be for travel. Read more comprehensive reviews below. 

child in car seat on uber

Travel Booster Seats on Trains

You will not be needing any car seats if you are planning to travel by plane since planes generally do not have seat belts. That being said if the train is simply a transition mode before you hop onto a car or a plane, you need to bring along your booster seats to install on the plane or car.

Travel Booster Seats on the Bus

If you are traveling on the bus and will not transition to taxis, planes or cars, you do not need to bring along your booster seats. Buses in general are safer than vehicles as they tend to go slower and their compartmentalization provides better protection to the child in the instance of a crash. Nonetheless if you will be taking long distance buses which tend to go faster and have seat belts, find some booster seats on Amazon such as the Yumi Baby Trend the safety 1st guide or the Ride Safer Delight Travel Vest which will provide good protection for the child in a crash. 

What Car Seat do you need
child in mifold car booster seat

The mifold Grab-and-Go booster seat is a portable, compact and advanced booster seat that you could ever get for travel. As compared to the regular high back or backless booster seat the mifold car seat is up to 10x smaller making it so easy to travel yet performing the same functions just as well.

When it comes to the regulations and safety standards of this car seat, the mifold has some of the highest scores as it has been tested against the rigorous standards of the NHTSA and the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and been found to be safe. 

I have found this to be a great car seat particularly if you are traveling with several children as its small nature makes it easy to not only lug around but to fit three seats in the backseat even if you have a small car. With such as small footprint the mifold is excellent for carpooling, for use with rental cars on vacations travel and even in taxis or ride sharing taxis such as Uber.

With this car seat which is so compact and portable the child can always be safe as you can keep the small car seat in your bag or the child's backpack at all times and use it when needed. I have also found that children who think they have outgrown car seats will put up much less of a resistance to the mifold, since it is not as conspicuous as the high back or backless booster seats. 

mifold booster seat

Features of the mifold Grab and Go Booster Seat

  • Very safe car seat that is up to 10X the size of regular backless and high back travel booster seats.
  • Portable compact and advanced car seat designed for children children between 40 and 57 inches tall and 40 to 100 pounds which is typically four years and above
  • Excellent for travel, carpooling, taxis and vacation travel when you do not want much clutter
  • Easy to lug around in a bag, glove compartment or backpack
  • Tested and met or exceeded the highest safety standards in the United States and internationally
child in bubblebum backless booster

The Bubblebum backless booster seat is a portable easy to fold, inflatable travel booster seat that is excellent for he traveling parent. Just like the mifold, the Bubblebum booster seat is easy to fold and deflate so that it can be stored into the glove box, the skids back pack or school bag. 

At only 1.2 pounds, it is very lightweight and you will not feel the weight even if you are carrying several car seats for your kids. This makes it excellent for not only play dates, car pools but very good for traveling.

​Traveling to and from the airport is always a huge problem but the bubblebum makes this easier as at only 33cm wide it will fit in your small car and even in most taxis and ride sharing services such as Lyft and Uber

My child love these car seats not only for their colorful designs but also because they are super comfortable. Made with memory foam they provide great comfort to most kids who would rather ride this seat than any other

Another big thing I love about the bubblebum backless inflatable is that it is very cheap and hence you do not have to spend a lot of money on renting booster seats while on vacation which can be up to three times the cost of purchasing these little bubblebum boosters.

BubbleBum Backless Inflatable Booster Car Seat

Features of the Bubblebum Backless Booster

  • Best for children aged 4 – 11, 40 – 100 pounds. It fits kids of height up to 4ft 9in
  • Safe car seat Rated a “Best Bet” Booster by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety 
  • “three across” fits because of the small, narrow and light design
  • Deflated, it easily fits in your backpack making family travel easier!
Baby Trend Yumi Folding Booster Car Seat

If you prefer the regular looking booster seats, you will love the Baby Trend Yumi Folding Booster Car Seat the folding booster seat to travel with.

The Yumi is a comfortable car seat with deluxe padding for the comfort of the child on those long rides to and from the airport. 

It comes with flip up arm rests, head rest an, 3 position shoulder head rest, 8 position height adjustment for the headrests and excellent side impact protection making it one of the safest booster seats reviewed here.

What makes the Yumi so great as a travel booster though is that it folds up to become a small package that you can stash into the overhead compartment of the airplane alongside your other luggage. 

Features of the Baby Trend Yumi Folding Booster Seat

  • Fip up arm rests and 2 cup holders
  • Convenient travel as the seat is small fold-able and compact
  • Excellent safety standards with side impact protection and energy absorbing head rests
  • 8-position height adjustment headrest
  • Easily removable covers so that you can easily clean the car seat
  • Suitable for children between 30-100 pounds
Child Safety Harness Airplane Travel Clip Strap

The CARES child restraint system is the only FAA Approved restraint system. The system is one of the best for any child from the ages of one up to a maximum of 44 pounds.

This car seat is best if you frequently travel with a child a year old or up to 5 years and need to have them secured onto the plane seat without the hassle of lugging along a huge and heavy booster car seat.

The CARES child restraint system is so small that it can fit in my purse, or my husbands pocket.Another thing about this travel car seat is that it so easy to install and will be a great fit for any type of air plane car seat out there. 

At only one pound in weight, the FAA certified car seat unlike some other booster car seats is safe for landing, turbulence, take off and taxiing. 

Features of the Child Airplane Travel Harness

  • Made for children at least a year old up to a maximum of 44 pounds
  • At only 1 pound it fits into some of the smallest of bags
  • Easily adjustable and will all sizes of airplane car seats
  • One of the easiest travel booster seats to install as it takes only about a minute
Safety 1st Guide 65 Convertible Car Seat

If you are a lover of the classic travel car seat then the Safety 1st Guide 65 car seat is the best in its class. What makes this car so great is that it is small enough to make for extra room in the car when you are traveling to and from the airport.

The side impact protection provided by the FAA Approved car seat is not only great for travelling to and from the airport, but also on the airplane during turbulence and in landing and taking off.

The car seat also comes with comfortable removable pillows, machine washable covers making it easy to clean when it inevitably gets dirty, and removable cup holders so that the child can have all their drinks on the bottle and sippy cup while traveling in the car. 

child in safety 1st Guide 65

Features of the Safety 1st Guide 65

  • accommodates children from 5 to 40 pounds in rear-facing mode and from 22 to 65 pounds in forward-facing mode.
  • Extra legroom and space for your large family as it can fit up to three car seats in the backseat
  • Met and exceeded the highest safety standards
  • Comes with machine washable covers and pillows

Hot Car Death Prevention: CYBEX Sirona M with SensorSafe 2.0

No More Hot Car Deaths With the CYBEX Sirona M with SensorSafe 2.0


Did you know that in the almost two decades between 1998 and 2017 nearly 750 children died from heatstroke after they were accidentally left in a car that turned out to be an oven. Hot car deaths is a problem that does not seem to be going away any time soon, or is it?

The problem of heatstroke is a critical one, particularly if you frequently travel with your child in the summer months. The child that has a bigger surface area to volume ratio will have their body temperatures rise up from 3-5 times faster than that of an adult.

Why Has No One Ever Found A solution

While this has been a problem for caretakers and parents traveling with their children for decades, no one child seat company has found a workable solution.

The solution for the problem can only be something high tech like software, which so far has proved elusive particularly taking into consideration the costs of development. 

Moreover, incorporating some kind of software solution to the safety seat inevitably means that the price of the car seat has to go up which make the seat less competitive with other seats in terms of price. 

Software Solution
software solution

What is Possible

If a software solution such as one that can be connected to your smartphone, computer or car were introduced, it would significantly reduce the number of hot car deaths.

Imagine if you could just get a notification from the car similar to the beep you get when you leave your doors unlocked when getting out, but this time it is warning you about leaving your child in your auto. 

"With, between 30 and 50 children in the U.S. dying from overheating in a vehicle. Most of those deaths are the result of a parent or caregiver forgetting a child — usually a sleeping toddler or toddler — in the car on a warm or hot day. A better solution is something that provides multiple options"


The CYBEX Sirona M with SensorSafe 2.0 Convertible Car Seat

hot car deaths
Cybex Sirona Sensorsafe 2.0

Enter the Cybex Sirona M with Sensorsfe 2.0 child safety seat the only seat you will ever need to ensure your child is never exposed to the very real danger of hot car death.

The Cybex Sirona will give you the peace of mind to leave the child in their safety car seat as it provides easy to use and advanced technologies to offer timely warnings in the instance of unsafe situations

Cybex which is a company known for its use of iconic designs, easy functional products, and innovative technology for safety came up with the Sensorsafe 2.0 technology for its latest range of car seats. 

The best thing about the Cybex Sirona technology is that it is integrated into the chest clip of the child car seat, and then sends alerts to your cellphone and the vehicle receiver whenever dangerous situations arise. 

cybex sirona

The following are just some of the things the Sirona M with Sensorsafe 2.0 can do for you:

  • Provides the all important alert through your cell phone and the vehicle receiver informing you that you have accidentally left your child in their seat when leaving the car. Leaving the child in the seat is one very real proposition as a quick errand sometimes turns into a long one while you have forgotten you left the child in the car
  • Alerts you when the vehicle is in motion that your child has unbuckled themselves from their child seat. This can be very critical if you are traveling with active toddler who tend to play with their seats and buckles
  • The app will also send an alert if the child has been seated for too long or if the back seat becomes too cold or too warm. It is not only about preventing hot deaths, cold and improper seating can also kill the child.
  • Sends an alert to a designated emergency contact: If no action is taken after the alert is first sent, the app will also send an alert to the designated contact along with the last known coordinates of the vehicle which can be very useful in the instance of the baby being in the care of someone not too familiar with using the child car seat

The Cybex Sirona Car seat which is a good fit for infants from 5 pounds going all the way up to children weighing in at a maximum of 65 pounds is also a seat that comes with other important safety features.

The following are some more features of the safety seat that makes this seat a must buy;

  • Individually adjustable Linear Side Impact Protection System: Unlike your ordinary car seat which has uniform side impact protection, you can adjust the level of side impact protection by making it higher on the side nearest the door, which is more likely to have debris in the instance of a collision
  • 12-position height-adjustable headrest: You want a child seat that grows with your child and the Sirona provides this as you can adjust the headrest and harness heights for up to twelve positions according to the child's needs over time.
  • Provides support for premature and smaller babies: the car seat comes with a comfortable infant insert inlay that will ensure that the child rides in the most ideal and ergonomic position with no head tipping which can cause difficulty in breathing.