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Hot Car Death Prevention: CYBEX Sirona M with SensorSafe 2.0


Did you know that in the almost two decades between 1998 and 2017 nearly 750 children died from heatstroke after they were accidentally left in a car that turned out to be an oven. Hot car deaths is a problem that does not seem to be going away any time soon, or is it?

The problem of heatstroke is a critical one, particularly if you frequently travel with your child in the summer months. The child that has a bigger surface area to volume ratio will have their body temperatures rise up from 3-5 times faster than that of an adult.

Why Has No One Ever Found A solution

While this has been a problem for caretakers and parents traveling with their children for decades, no one child seat company has found a workable solution.

The solution for the problem can only be something high tech like software, which so far has proved elusive particularly taking into consideration the costs of development. 

Moreover, incorporating some kind of software solution to the safety seat inevitably means that the price of the car seat has to go up which make the seat less competitive with other seats in terms of price.  You can also check out our other post about bedside baby bed.

Software Solution
software solution

What is Possible

If a software solution such as one that can be connected to your smartphone, computer or car were introduced, it would significantly reduce the number of hot car deaths.

Imagine if you could just get a notification from the car similar to the beep you get when you leave your doors unlocked when getting out, but this time it is warning you about leaving your child in your auto.

“With, between 30 and 50 children in the U.S. dying from overheating in a vehicle. Most of those deaths are the result of a parent or caregiver forgetting a child — usually a sleeping toddler or toddler — in the car on a warm or hot day. A better solution is something that provides multiple options”

The CYBEX Sirona M with SensorSafe 2.0 Convertible Car Seat

hot car deaths
Cybex Sirona Sensorsafe 2.0

Enter the Cybex Sirona M with Sensorsfe 2.0 child safety seat the only seat you will ever need to ensure your child is never exposed to the very real danger of hot car death.

The Cybex Sirona will give you the peace of mind to leave the child in their safety car seat as it provides easy to use and advanced technologies to offer timely warnings in the instance of unsafe situations.

Cybex which is a company known for its use of iconic designs, easy functional products, and innovative technology for safety came up with the Sensorsafe 2.0 technology for its latest range of car seats.

The best thing about the Cybex Sirona technology is that it is integrated into the chest clip of the child car seat, and then sends alerts to your cellphone and the vehicle receiver whenever dangerous situations arise.

cybex sirona

The following are just some of the things the Sirona M with Sensorsafe 2.0 can do for you:

  • Provides the all important alert through your cell phone and the vehicle receiver informing you that you have accidentally left your child in their seat when leaving the car. Leaving the child in the seat is one very real proposition as a quick errand sometimes turns into a long one while you have forgotten you left the child in the car
  • Alerts you when the vehicle is in motion that your child has unbuckled themselves from their child seat. This can be very critical if you are traveling with active toddler who tend to play with their seats and buckles
  • The app will also send an alert if the child has been seated for too long or if the back seat becomes too cold or too warm. It is not only about preventing hot deaths, cold and improper seating can also kill the child.
  • Sends an alert to a designated emergency contact: If no action is taken after the alert is first sent, the app will also send an alert to the designated contact along with the last known coordinates of the vehicle which can be very useful in the instance of the baby being in the care of someone not too familiar with using the child car seat

The Cybex Sirona Car seat which is a good fit for infants from 5 pounds going all the way up to children weighing in at a maximum of 65 pounds is also a seat that comes with other important safety features.

The following are some more features of the safety seat that makes this seat a must buy;

  • Individually adjustable Linear Side Impact Protection System: Unlike your ordinary car seat which has uniform side impact protection, you can adjust the level of side impact protection by making it higher on the side nearest the door, which is more likely to have debris in the instance of a collision
  • 12-position height-adjustable headrest: You want a child seat that grows with your child and the Sirona provides this as you can adjust the headrest and harness heights for up to twelve positions according to the child’s needs over time.
  • Provides support for premature and smaller babies: the car seat comes with a comfortable infant insert inlay that will ensure that the child rides in the most ideal and ergonomic position with no head tipping which can cause difficulty in breathing.

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