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15 Signs Baby Is Unhappy That Parents Often Miss

Motherhood comes with great responsibility from bearing a child for nine months to bringing that child up.

A mother should be a good observer. The babies can’t express what they feel by words, but they can tell you by their behaviors.

A little change in their behavior says a lot about what is happening to them, whether it’s about their health or the mood or if they don’t like the person or the environment.

Even, crying behavior is not only about being hungry. Now it is on parents to figure out that specific need.

Babies are the reason for joy in every family, but they can be difficult at times to handle.

Every parent wants their babies to be joyous, but at times the baby might be telling the parents that he is unhappy by the specific gestures.

Mothers especially have to be observant as they spend more time with the baby, but sometimes the mother unintentionally ignores the signs of an unhappy baby.

Here are 15 signs that will make it easy for the mothers to understand that the baby is unhappy:

When the baby gets tired

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Babies having a small mass obviously consumes less amount of food and being more physically active than the food he eats, drains the energy easily in no time.

Babies have to crawl or play makes them tired. Crying is an obvious reaction to this but a baby sleeping for a long time can also show lethargy, difficulty in waking up for feed is also a sign.

It is less prominent as it develops late in babies.  And tiredness makes everyone unhappy, and babies get more fragile.

I don’t want Eye contact

We usually think that babies do not feel emotions or the people around them. They do, and they do it strongly.

Newborns especially feel that whether the person holding me is someone close to me or not.

When they can’t find their people around them, they get annoying and starts crying for no reason, and they don’t make eye contact with the people they don’t like.

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Ops! I’m Sick

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When the baby cries for hours, the baby is most probably colic (it is a condition of severe pain in the abdominal area due to gas) as it is the most common cause of pain in newborns, but it is not the only one.

Earache is also a condition in which pain in otitis media can happen to babies.

No! I don’t want to Smile

The unhappiness can be detected by the seriousness of the mood of the newborn. They usually smile when they get fed well when they see their parents around them.

But if you don’t see them smiling, you should know that there is something fishy.

The babies catch the vibes easily so they might don’t like the vibes around them.

You know, how uncomfortable is this?

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The babies have their small kingdom in which they rule, so for that; they need comfort levels like a king or queen.

Parents usually use the flat head pillow, and those pillows feel so uncomfortable, so if the baby cries while lying on that pillow, it’s definitely because of that difficult thing.

I don’t feel like talking

Yes! I know I said that babies couldn’t express what they feel in words, but they can talk to their mama and papa in the language of their giggles and their response to whatever you say.

But on the other hand, if they don’t feel like being happy or they are unhappy, they won’t respond to any of your talks or will end the conversation just by crying.

Happy Sleep

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Eat–sleep-repeat is what babies usually do. Feeding them well is not the only factor to make them happy.

Making them sleep at the proper time for the proper time and in a comfy place is what makes a baby happy.

They behave very irritatingly if they don’t get to sleep properly or if they have been woken up before their specific time.

So give him the proper place and proper environment to sleep, because newborn sleep is a dangerous thing to ruin.

It’s not Yummy

Even adult stops eating when they feel upset or not happy, so all babies have food to express their mood.

If the baby rejects drinking the milk, it means that the baby might have some medical or unhappiness issue or the baby might not like the taste of that specific food.

But babies always trust their mothers so if your baby starts acting weird make sure he does not get used to it.

Can’t sleep properly

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It’s a saying that the baby sees angels if he is smiling during his sleep and he sees a demon if he cries. So if a baby cries during his sleep, it is possible that he is having a nightmare.

Monitoring baby movement during sleep can also tell parents whether the baby is sleeping peacefully or is he restless.

Which eventually affects the mood of the baby throughout the day.

Changes around them

Babies are constantly in growing condition mentally or physically so a little change around them can affect their mood accordingly.

You should look for that bad thing happening around them if you feel any absurd change in their mood.

I don’t feel like Playing

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Babies love to play whether with someone or not. So if the baby is unhappy or feels sick, the first thing he quits is playing.

You will feel the change in the behavior or the pattern of playing.


Anxiety can happen to everyone around us whether it’s a baby if he can’t find his mother around him.

Anxiety can be caused by some minor thing even if the baby goes to someplace where he finds strangers everywhere; you should know that the anxiety is triggered.

No weight gain

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Weight gain is an integral parameter to judge the baby’s health.

If the baby is not gaining weight, it is a possibility that a certain environment is having a bad effect on the baby or he might have some medical condition.

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Some Inherit Behaviors

The babies learn a lot from their elders if someone around them is having a bad day, or bad mood the babies will get influenced by it.

So mothers should stay happy, and everyone around them should stay all smiley to keep the baby happy.

Diapers are wet!

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Last but not least point is baby has a wet diaper. Makes it difficult for a baby to play to giggle or to laugh.

So mothers should keep that check on the diaper thing too.


By keeping an eye out for these signs in your baby can help you tremendously especially if you are a first-time mother.

Becoming a mother can be intimidating with long sleepless nights, however, if you play it smartly and understand your baby enough.

You both would be able to enjoy a good night’s sleep and have a loving mother-child bond.

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