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What Should Baby Wear Home From Hospital in Summer

You’ve finally done it, or the big day is quickly approaching. Your tiny newborn baby is or will be here soon. After all of the time spent prepping and planning, it’s time to take your baby home.

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But now you have questions about bringing your child home, in the heat of the summer. 

How do you dress a newborn coming home from the hospital in the summer? What should your baby wear in the hospital in summer?

With the heat of summer, it’s better to ask questions and plan for your child’s first ride home and their hospital stay. 

Since babies need to be kept warm, it’s recommended to keep in mind the weather when you leave the hospital. Your summer baby will most likely need a short-sleeved onesie and socks for starters. 

A general rule of thumb when asking what should your baby wear home from the hospital during summer is still to keep hats, a baby blanket or two, and other options available in case your baby gets cold from air-conditioned areas.

Layering is the best way to keep your baby warm in an airconditioned area while being able to keep them cool in the heat outside.

What are the Best Materials for a Newborn Leaving the Hospital in the Summer?

Deciding on the materials of what your baby wears out of the hospital onesie when coming home is another option for helping to keep your baby cool. During the summer, the temperature is hot and humid, and it can make any parent worry about what your baby’s feeling in their clothes. 

As recommended by other parents and doctors, the best materials for a summer baby are breathable fabrics, such as Jersey knits and the ever-loved cotton. These materials are easiest on the baby’s sensitive skin and allow for the option of adding extra layers.

Why Layer a Newborn When Going Home from the Horpital in the Summer

Hot summer days can be tricky with a newborn because you will likely be going from indoors to outside over and over. The hospital is likely air-conditioned and more on the chilly side but as soon as the hospital doors open you will be hit in the face with heat and humidity.

This is ok for kids and adults but newborns don’t have very good body heat regulation.

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For this reason, it’s important to layer your baby and adjust their clothing according to the environment.

When you notice that your baby’s hands, nose, or feet are cold, it might be time for a blanket or swaddle. Because of the fluctuating temperatures and AC usage during these hot months, it’s best to always pack an extra blanket for the baby.

Depending on how cold AC units are or the weather is supposed to be, extra blankets may also be a choice when you’re planning to take the baby home or out. 

What Outfits to Bring Baby Home From Hospital in Summer      

When you’re packing up your baby bag for the hospital, take into consideration the supposed weather for the next couple of days, what would happen if there’s traffic on the way home, and the air conditioning both in the car and in the hospital If you want to learn more about Measuring your baby’s weight at home, click here.. 

Often, you will find that it’s a lot colder for a baby than you expect. A good rule of thumb is that your baby will need an extra later for every layer you have on.

Here’s a list of items to bring to the hospital with you for the summer monther:

  1. A car seat: You should fit a baby’s car seat for newborns and be able to hold the baby during the ride home.
  2. Diapers, wipes, and creams: The hospital will provide a lot of necessities for your infant, but having extra items is never a negative thing.
  3. Bottles (and Formulas): Whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, having extra bottles and the formula you plan to use is essential to take with you during your hospital stay. 
  4. Clothes for you and baby: Remember to keep yourself in mind when you pack up clothes for your hospital stay! Along with this, pack for your baby as well.

When you’re deciding on clothes for your infant, here’s a list of some items that could be helpful to bring along:

  1. Onesies in various sizes
  2. Hats that are not too tight or scratchy
  3. Extra socks of different sizes and styles (short, long, thin, and thick) 
  4. Baby blankets, which should be cotton 

What Should a Newborn Baby Wear In Summer to Prevent Temperature Changes

With the heat, it’s essential to know the signs of an infant that is too hot. Because they are so young, babies don’t have the ability to regulate their body temperature until much later in their developmental growth. 

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Make sure you keep these warning signs in mind to know when your baby is getting too hot:

  • Your baby’s skin becomes red, and they are warm to the touch.
  • The infant shows signs of illness, such as vomiting, lethargic behavior, and rapid heartbeat. 
  • The newborn exhibits signs of having a fever but doesn’t sweat.
  • Overall, your baby seems confused or disoriented, acting differently than usual.

If you spot any of these symptoms in your baby, make sure to move them away from any heat source and remove all excess layers. 

If you are unsure of a baby’s state, take them to the ER or doctor as soon as possible. Situations, where your baby can become too warm, can cause damage, so you should deal with them immediately.  

Just because it’s the summer months doesn’t mean that your baby won’t still get cold, either. When preparing to add an extra layer during this time, use these tips to see when a blanket or hat could be of use:

  • The baby’s hands and feet are cold to the touch. 
  • If the baby is cold on their belly under their clothes, it’s another sign of a too cold infant. 
  • If the baby is fussy without an exact reason, they could be chilly.
  • Get medical attention if your child is still, quiet, and unmoving while also being cold to the touch.

How Do You Size for Your Baby

While you’re packing up that hospital bag, you may be curious as to what size the onesies and other clothes you should bring with you should be. 

This question is tricky to answer for various reasons. Baby clothes are often different sizes per brand, your baby may be born bigger or smaller than you expect, and the size for each part of the clothes may also not fit your infant. 

Here’s a great sizing chart to help you choose: 

SizeWeight (Pounds)Height (Inches)
0-3 Months7-12 lbs.18-23”
3-6 Months12-17 lbs.23-27”
6-12 Months17-22 lbs.27-29”
12-18 Months22-27 lbs.29-31”
18-24 Months27-30 lbs.31-33”

It’s best to bring clothes for sizes Newborn to 3 months. This variety gives you a good selection when you dress your baby and allows trial and error without being stuck on a few pieces. 

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Make sure that all baby clothes you bring are for the summer as well, meaning that they are thin, breathable, and made of the materials listed above.

Extra Tips On Keeping Your Baby Happy and Well Dressed in the Summer

Here are some helpful tips for keeping your newborn from getting too hot in these harsh Summer months:

  • Keep your baby out of direct sunlight.
  • Keep your baby hydrated throughout the day, which should be easy if they are eating.
  • Close all the curtains and blinds while at home. 
  • Use a fan if you think it’s getting hot. Even if it is cold for the baby, using layers and fans will make sure you have the ability to change the temperature for your infant if they become too hot or too cold. 

During your baby’s first few months, it’s critical that care is given to the baby’s health. Since the infant can’t regulate many of their body functions until a few weeks, you are your baby’s first line of defense from being overheated or too cold. 

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