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3 Considerations to Take Into Account Before Buying a Double Stroller

Double Stroller

As a parent with two kids I have often had to take along two kids when going out of the house.

After you get over the rush is getting that second positive pregnancy test or getting the twin’s diagnosis, it will be time to think about how you will be transporting your little ones.

If you have two kids a double stroller comes in handy though caring for two pairs of anything let alone children can be quite a challenge.

That being said double strollers offer a different challenge as compared to your regular single stroller. Also, if you are using a car seat for your little ones, you must know the car seat safety laws especially if you have two kids inside the car.

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As such you need to be more careful when buying that double stroller. Here are the six important considerations when buying your double stroller.

If you do not have the time to rummage through the options check out the Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double, Carbon our favorite double stroller.

Convenience and Maneuverability

Side by Side Stroller

Most double strollers will require that you make a trade off with your space.

Side by side models will typically require more space on the wide side which make them hard to maneuver on elevators, hallways, narrow doorways and in general the urban landscape.

Tandem models similar to your single stroller are more maneuverable given that they have the children sit or stand one inf front of the other.

Given that they are just as wide as your best travel stroller such as these, they can practically go almost anywhere you can take your single stroller.

However given their weight and length, maneuvering them over thresholds and curbs may pose some difficulty.

Age of the Child

Toddler and Infant in Stroller

Double strollers typically work best if you have twins.

This is because if you get a toddler and an infant in a side by side, one side will tend to be weighed down by the uneven weight which can cause the stroller to tip over and over the long term reduce the durability of the stroller.

If you have twins or have to get the side by side, your best bet would be the sturdier models such as the Bugaboo Donkey Duo.

However if you have say a toddler and an infant, it would be best to go for a tandem stroller.

A tandem stroller is great for children of different ages as the children can sit in their respective seats made for their difference in weight.

Some of the best tandem strollers for the child will usually be ones that allow for adjustment as the children grow to ensure both children are comfortable at all times.

A great stroller for such would be the Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Tandem Stroller that allows changing of seating arrangement including allowing the toddler to stand while the infant reclines

How Convenient Your Current Stroller Is

If you love your current stroller you may not want to go for a new stroller that may take some getting used to.

Moreover, if you have been used to the single stroller, driving a double may feel like taking a SUV when you are used to the mini.

In addition if you love your maneuverability you had better stick to a single stroller and get a new stroller for the other child.

In addition, some double models may pose a safety risk of tipping over and hence if you feel that the children will not be very safe, you should go for two single strollers for each child.

However you can still get your double strollers just as long as you ensure that they come with the Juvenile Products Manufacturers label of safety certification for their harnesses, braking, pinch points and other safety features.

 If you can get the father or someone else to carry the child then a stroller for each child would be the best option while the double stroller will come in handy whenever you or the father have to move around with the children while alone.

If you happen to live in the country or in the suburbs you can go for the side by side stroller while you would be better off with the tandem stroller if you live in the more urban areas where elevators and narrow store isles may be problematic.

If you got a child younger than 6 months, find a stroller that is compatible with an infant car seat.

If you cannot make the all important decisions, consider the strollers by age  and how long the child will be using a stroller.

Another option is to go for an infant carrier for the infant until the toddler outgrows the stroller.

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