Best Cars For Car Seats: Cars That Fit 3 Car Seats in the Back

best car for car seats

Three Car Seats Across

Growing families are a blessing but often mean that you have to transition from one car seat to another.

In the beginning it is quite easy to transition from the bucket seat to the convertible to the booster and fit two seats in the back seat.

However things start becoming complicated when you have three children none of which is qualified to ride in the front.

Of course you would probably never have thought about how you were going to fit in that third child when you were buying that sports coupe only to find yourself with a third child and now needing a family car.

Having a huge family can be nice and all until you have nowhere to fit them and need to take the whole family with you.

Many car manufacturers and even salesmen will lie that their cars that fit three car seats.

However, what they usually mean is three adults which is nowhere near the space you need for three car seats in the back.

That is why I have compiled this great list of best car for 3 car seats from minivan, sedan, coupe, SUV, truck and van that can take three car seats in the back no problem.

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2018 Honda Odyssey: Minivan

2018 Honda Odyssey

2018 Honda Odyssey

The 2018 redesigned Honda Odyssey comes with a new multimedia system and fancy styling including a range of new convenience features for the entire family.

The Honda still comes with its reputation for moving large families with five sets of LATCH anchors, and acres of leg room for everyone.

The eight seat version comfortably takes three convertible or booster seats across on the second row and two in the third row without any reduction in space for the driver or front passenger.

2015 Dodge Charger: Sedan

2015 Dodge Charger

2015 Dodge Charger

the redesigned 2015 Dodge Charger revolutionizes the family haulier class of sedan automobiles.

The car can comfortably fit in three seats in the back and with its V-8, 6.2-liter, and 707 horsepower engine whats not to like.

The Charger’s backseat comes three lower LATCH anchors, deep bottom cushions, and a lot of room for either rear or forward facing car seats that will not need you to move the front seat to accommodate the child car seats.

2016 Dodge Challenger: Coupe

2016 Dodge Challenger

2016 Dodge Challenger

While it is not the best car for your big family the 2016 Dodge Challenger is a beast with a roomy backseat that can take most brands of convertible and booster car seats in both the front and rear facing configuration with no leg room issues whatsoever.

The muscle car also comes with a v-6 engine, a 3.6-liter engine and a 305 horsepower engine.

Nonetheless this is not the best for an infant carrier in the rear facing mode as it takes a lot of space and the front passenger seat has to slide forward for the seat to fit.

Nonetheless save for the infant car seat you can use it for any other car seat with no issues whatsoever.

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2017 Honda Pilot: SUV

2017 Honda Pilot

2017 Honda Pilot

The 2017 Honda Pilot is one of the best cars for car seats and the ultimate family SUV. It comes with second row captains chairs and is chock full of family friendly features including a bench seat that makes the car easily accommodate eight passengers.

The second row easily fits in three car seats on its flat and wide surface while the third row can take two car seats.

2017 Honda Ridgeline: Truck

2017 Honda Ridgeline

2017 Honda Ridgeline

The pickup truck is one of the most favorite of family hauliers and the 2017 Honda Ridgeline is no different.

The crew cab design take the three car seats in the cabin very comfortably.

It also comes with the easy to find lower LATCH anchors and top tethers for utmost safety for all your children in the backseat.

Installation in the rear facing mode is easy with the Ridgeline and you will not have to move the front passenger seat though it can be time consuming to install a car seat in the forward facing position.

2015 Ram ProMaster City Wagon: Van

2015 Ram ProMaster City Wagon

2015 Ram ProMaster City Wagon

The 2015 Ram does not look like it could take three car seats in the back but do not let looks deceive you.

Once you have the sliding doors open you will find that it can comfortably seat five and has tons of cargo space in the back for all your family luggage.

The second row easily fits in the convertible car seat, bucket seat and booster seat in both the rear and forward facing modes easily and will not need you to move the passenger seat in front meaning you can have all the leg room you want.

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Graco Size4Me 65 Convertible Car Seat Review

The Graco Size4Me is a lightweight child car seat weighing in at only 19.5 pounds making it the best convertible car seats for small cars.

It is the safest convertible seats for a growing child due to its innovative attributes. Given that the current recommendation from the American Academy of Pediatrics is that the child rides in the rear facing mode for up to two years, the manufacturers of the Graco Size4Me Convertible made this seat comfortable and safe  in the rear facing mode for up to 65 pounds. Very few baby seats will be suitable for your child for as long as the Graco.

five point harness gracofive point harness

Additionally it comes with a 5 point harness that secures the child in a forward facing mode until they are 65 pounds. Furthermore, it is manufactured using EPS technology. It is made of energy absorbent foam and has also undergone side impact testing by Graco engineers. This test is the only one of its kind among all car seat manufacturers.

The safety seat is available to buy on

Graco Size4me 65 Reviews

  • The graco car seat all in child seat weight limit allows the child to ride in the rear facing mode until they are 40 pounds.
  • 5 point harness keeps the child in the forward facing mode up to 65 pounds.
  • Meets US crash Safety standards.
  • the My Ride has been side impact tested to determine how long its 5 point harness holds up in a crash.
  • energy absorbent technology (EPS) enhances child safety.
  • Comes with removable headrest and infant insert that will ensure the rise is smooth and most comfortable for your child.
  • The Graco convertible offers the easy LATCH installation system with easy to read instructions.
  • Easy to move the baby in and out of the car seat since it comes with a 5 point front adjust harness.
  • Comes with dual cup holders meaning that feeding the child will be easier and more convenient.

The Pros

Coming with the industry recommended LATCH and 5-point harness system this car is the safest and easiest to install safety seats in the market. For such a small and lightweight baby seat, it is a plus that the Graco Size4Me Convertible Car seat allows for maximum weight limits in both the rear and forward facing modes for as long as possible. Additionally it comes with a user manual and a 1 year warranty. It can also be used as both a toddler seat and as an infant car seat.

More Pros

  • The Graco convertible is  the best cheap car seat at only [amazon_link asins=’B005WHQKI2′ template=’PriceLink’ store=’becocasehq-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’ca7c13f0-c904-11e6-8b3e-6f9a8357b89e’] yet it offers greater durability as compared to similar seats given that it is made of the environment friendly and sturdy metal and plastic parts.
  • Installation of the car seat in both the rear and forward facing mode is easy given that it is a lightweight baby seat. It also comes with an installation guide in the owners manual.
  • With this child seat you do not need to purchase an infant car seat since it is adjustable and is a fit for children up to 65 pounds.
  • An easy to read level indicator ensures that you have installed the safety seat in the best angle that will offer your child best comfort and safety during the ride.
  • In comparison with other car seats the price of the convertible child seat is just right given that it offers many of the benefits of top car seats such as the Britax Marathon and the Chicco NextFit.
  • It comes with an easy to wash machine washable cover. Given its metal and plastic parts, it can be easily washed with a damp cloth and mild soap and water.
  • The removable infant insert makes the child safety seat suitable for parents with newly born infants to children up to two years.
  • This light weight baby seat is easy to install for all persons and is suitable for parents who believe the Britax is too heavy and bulky.

The Cons

The biggest complaints that parents have had regarding this convertible car seat is with regard to the straps. Some parents have said that the settings of the straps are too far apart that moving them from one setting to the next when the baby is grown may result in loose straps. Other parents have also said that they found the seat too bulky and hard to adjust particularly in the rear facing mode.

The Verdict

Many of the shortcomings that reviewers have complained about are easily dealt with. Even as many reviewers complained that the straps are not as tight a they would like them to be, these reviewers were a minority. Most parents find the Graco Size4Me 65 to be an easy to install and use car seat that offers utmost safety, reliability and convenience. Proper reading of the installation guide in the owners manual will ensure that the child safety seat is installed in the appropriate manner. Nevertheless, the product comes with one year warranty and hence clients who believe that they have a faulty car seat can always return them within this period. Issues with the bulk of the seat has to do with parents who have small vehicles that are not fit for the Graco Size4Me child seat.

The majority of the parents that have used the Graco Size4Me 65 convertible car seat assert that it is the best quality car seats in the market due to its ease of installation, safety ratings, and fair price of [amazon_link asins=’B00H8MSEWY’ template=’PriceLink’ store=’becocasehq-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’988f3969-44b2-11e7-a976-b125d03e1cef’]. For parents seeking a less bulky child seat check out the Diono Radian RXT. These take up less space as they are not as long or as wide as the Graco carseat and also have better ratings. Most of the complaints regarding installation are addressed by proper reading of the user manual and watching of instructional how to videos on the car seat. All in all this is the best Graco child safety seat that I would highly recommend among the Graco models.

Graco Size4me Car Seat

Graco Size4Me 65 Convertible Car Seat Video Installation

[responsive_video type=’youtube’ hide_related=’0′ hide_logo=’0′ hide_controls=’0′ hide_title=’0′ hide_fullscreen=’0′ autoplay=’0′][/responsive_video]

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Best Infant Car Seat for Small Cars

Child Car Seat Safety Recommendations: The (DOs AND DONT’s)

Convertible car seat safety is a critical aspect for every parent to master. There are many mistakes that we make as parents when we install or use infant seats.

This article gives Car seat guidelines for 2018 that will ensure the safety of your child.

It is important to ensure the safety of your child during travel, but it becomes difficult to use and adjust the seat as the child is growing.

The following are some of the mistakes you may be guilty of and what you can do to ensure you are using the seat safely.

Car Seat Recommendations and Mistakes

Acquiring a Used Car Seat without Due Diligence

As a parent seeking a used car seat for your kid, it is important to ensure it:

  • Has clear instructions and a manufacturers label indicating the model number and date of manufacture.
  • Isn’t among recalled car seat lists.
  • Is no older than 6 years and is not expired
  • Has no missing parts or does not show any visible damage
  • Has never been in a severe or moderate crash
  • If the convertible car seat’s history is unavailable, do not use it.

Wrong Positioning of the Convertible Car Seat

The safest position for the convertible car seat is the backseat. It should be positioned in the middle of the car to ensure the least proximity to active airbags.

Placing the infant seat on the front seat places the child in danger in the instance of the activation of the air bag. There is a high probability that the airbag will hit the rear facing convertible car seat and throw the child forward potentially causing a severe injury or worse.

While a forward facing seat offers less danger, the child could still be injured by the deployment of larger airbags.

In instances in which the car you travel in has only a single row of seats, it is advisable to either put in place a power switch to deactivate airbag deployment in the instance of a crash or to totally deactivate the front air bags.

Placing the car seat in the center of row of seats also minimizes the risk of injury in the instance of a crash.

Making the Car Seat a Replacement Crib

A convertible car seat or an infant car seat is exclusively an item for travel. In no circumstances should you convert the car seat into a replacement crib at home.  

A study conducted by Journal Pediatrics established that a child who is left in an upright sitting position may have lesser oxygen levels due to chest compression.

Such obstruction while the child is in the car seat may severely impair the development of the child or even cause sudden death.

The child that is left in the car seat may have a higher probability of developing a flat spot on the back of the head and possibly worsened GERD disease.

Additionally, an improperly used car seat increase the chance that the child may fall and get injured if the seat is on an elevated place such as a counter top.

While it is critical to strap your child into the convertible car seat during travel, ensure that they are removed and placed in a crib as soon as you reach your destination.

Faulty Installation or Strapping Up of the Child

Prior to installing a car seat, read the vehicle owner’s manual on car seats and the manufacturer instruction on your particular convertible car seat.

Ensure that after installation the car seat does not move more that 1 inch from back to front or from side to side.

For parents having a convertible car seat or an infant only seat in the rear facing position it is critical to keep the following in mind:

  • Make use of the harness slots as set out in the manufacturer manually. These will usually be below or at the child’s shoulder.
  • Align the chest clip or harness with the kid’s armpits rather than the neck or belly. Ensure the harness and straps over the child’s hips and chest are flat and are not slack.
  • Align the carrying handle of the seat according to the owners manual provided with the car seat.

Incorrect Recline Angle of the Convertible Car Seat

When installing the convertible car seat in the rear facing position follow the manufacturer’ manual to ensure that the child’s head is not flopping forward.

Many seats such as the Britax come with adjuster and angle indicators. A tightly rolled towel under the front edge of the seat will also come in handy in achieving the desired angle.

You want a baby seat that has angle and adjuster indicators making it easier to correctly install the car seat for utmost baby comfort

To ensure the child does not slouch, use tightly rolled blankets beside the child. If there is still some slouching that you can’t get rid of a rolled washcloth between the crotch strap and the baby will do the trick.

Nevertheless, it is critical not to use any other additional products unless they are recommended by the manufacturer or they come with the convertible car seat.

Moving to a Forward Facing seat Before the Child is Ready

The urge to move the child to a forward facing car seat is usually s strong in parents. We want to see the child face giving us their smile in our rear view.

Nevertheless, it is advisable that the child rides in the rear facing mode until they are two years of age regardless of height or weight.

As such I would advise that you purchase a convertible car seat which can be used in both the forward and rear facing modes.

It also has has the advantage of having higher height and weight limits as compared to an infant car seat. Conversely you could switch to a convertible from the infant seat after the child is two years old.

The safest convertible car seat will usually have the 5 point harness and have the LATCH system.

When making the switch to a convertible car seat ensure to adhere to the following:

  • Install the convertible car seat according to the instructions in the owner manual using the LATCH system or the seat belt.
  • Use the tether strap – this is a strap hooked on top of the seat and anchored on the vehicle that  gives enhanced stability.
  • Position the harness straps so that they are above the shoulders of the child. Make sure the harness is tight.

car_seat guidelines

Bulky Outerwear

 Many parents dress the child in too bulky outerwear making the harness straps almost useless.
Dress the child in a hat and lightweight jacket if you are traveling in the cold season.
Tightly buckle the harness and tuck a blanket around the child  during travel.

Moving Too Soon to a Booster Seat

For older children a booster seat is critical since the adult safety belt fits better with it. The appropriate age for switching to a booster seat is when the child is about 18-36 kilograms or about 40-40 pounds.

However, keeping the child in a car seat with a harness for a s long as possible is recommended.

car seat guidelines


Incorrect Usage of a Booster Seat

Booster seats should be used with both the shoulder and lap belt as opposed to only a lapbelt.

Ensure that the lapbelt is tight and low on the child’s upper thighs while the shoulder belt should cross the child’s shoulder and chest at the midpoint.

Backless booster seats just like normal seats have to be used with both the shoulder and lap belt.

For parents with vehicles lacking headrests or that have low seat backs consider high back booster seats appropriate for the child’s weight and height.

This will protect the child’s neck and head in the instance of a crash.

Switching to the Vehicle Safety Belt Too Early

Between the ages of 8 and 12 it will be safe for most kids to switch to a vehicle safety belt. Your child is ready if:
  • They are 4 foot 9 or taller
  • The child is comfortable sitting with bent knees on the edge of the seat with their back on the back of the seat for a whole trip.
  • The shoulder belt  is on the middle of the child’s chest and shoulder and the lap belt is tight and flat on the child’s upper thighs as opposed to being on the face or neck.

Ensure the shoulder belt is not tucked behind on the child’s back or behind their arm. If the child is under 13 years, they are safest riding in the back seat.

For any questions or help regarding the installation of a car seat or convertible car seat safety laws, or car seat guidelines 2018 attend local inspection events or clinics.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration can be useful for finding out the nearest convertible car seat inspection station.

Check out our top rated convertible car seat reviews and the ultimate car seat comparison guide.

Keeping Loose Items in the Car

Any object or even seemingly harmless items can become dangerous projectiles in case you are involved in a collision.

You need to ensure that the car particularly the backseat area is completely free of anything that may become a projectile including objects such as laptop bags or windshield scrapers.

Secure everything that you can and if possible get a backseat organizer to make the car a safe place for your baby.

Not Reading the Car Seat Manual

Are the type of parent that believes that simply because you have used car seats before you know everything about them. Or do you take the knowledge from a previous car seat and apply it on a different brand.

It is always important to read the owner manual of your specific brand of car seat if you are to keep your child safe.

Different car seats will have different weight and height limits, installation procedures, warranties, and features.

As such keeping and reading the manual is very important regardless of whether you are a first time parent or a veteran in the use of car seats.

Best Infant Car Seats Rated and Reviewed:The Ultimate Guide

best infant car seat

You will agree with me when I say that carrying your child in your arms or on your lap anytime you are driving can be tiring if not outright dangerous. 

Thank God that if you can get your hands the best light weight infant car seats, you do not have to carry the child when you do not have to.

If you a baby weighs less than 30 pounds and has a height of 32 inches, you need to buy an infant car seat.

"An infant car seat differs from a convertible car seat in that the infant seat is suitable for babies in the 95th percentile (typically age 1 and below)"

best infant car seat

There are many brands of baby car seats from a variety of manufacturers ​that you can buy online.

However, for an inexperienced eye it is not that easy to tell how one seat differs from the next.

As such in this section I will analyze the different aspects and features of baby car seats and discuss them in terms of ease of use, installation, price and safety.

Many baby seats will claim to offer utmost safety, but it is always better to be informed before proceeding to buy one. ​


Infant car seats vs convertible car seats

How to get a free car seat through Medicaid

Best Infant Car Seat 2018: Graco Snugride Click Connect

Graco SnugRide Click Connect 35 Infant Car Seat

Graco SnugRide Click Connect 35 Infant Car Seat

Out of the Infant carriers on the list the Graco Snugride Click Connect is the best bucket seat being ultra lightweight, easy to install with click connect, ease of cleaning, high safety ratings, and compatibility with all Graco Click connect strollers makes it the best choice.

Best Infant Car Seats Comparison Chart 2018




Our Rating




Graco SnugRide Click Connect 35 Infant Car Seat

Graco Snugride Click Connect

7 Pounds


Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat and Base


Keyfit 30

17 Pounds



Mico AP

18.8 Pounds


Evenflo LiteMax 35 Infant Car Seat


LiteMax 35

16 Pounds


Baby Trend

Flex Loc

20.2 Pounds

Why Buy a Lightweight Infant Car Seat

If you are buying a booster or convertible seat then buying the lightest car seat 2018 is not a factor given that these seats will for the most part be left installed on the vehicle.

However, the baby carrier is made to be carried around and one of their biggest advantages is that:

  • You can click them in and out of their bases very easily.
  • You can also click them onto most of the best infant stroller travel systems and have the convenience of your kid without a heavy weight on your arms.
  • Given that they are also very small they are the best fit for small cars as they will not take up too much space or increase the load on your compact vehicle. 
  • Most of them are in compliance with FAA regulations on car seats to be used on airplanes

N.B If you have an older child check out some of the best car seats for small cars 

baby in infant car seat

Mother Carrying Baby in Baby Car Seat

Features of Infant Carriers

Infant car seats are different from convertible car seats both in function, weight, and look.

Given that they are made for younger babies they come with features and functionalities that make it easier for you to move them around in a stroller or in the vehicle.

Check out the Best Travel Stroller for Airplane

  • Detachable Seats/Separate Bases - Baby car seats come with detachable bases that you can install permanently  on your vehicle.You can then click the seat onto the base when ever you want to use it and remove it to carry the baby out of the car into a stroller.This feature makes the seat very convenient as you can take the baby out of the car without disturbing them as you would in the ordinary child seat.
  • Rear Facing Only - Unlike convertible seats that are front and rear facing, car seats for infants are only front facing.However, this is an advantage particularly if you are involved in a head on collision as it is the recommended position for a baby riding in a child seat
  • Canopy - The canopy is one of the features that makes this the best car seat for newborns. Unlike other safety seats, baby safety seats come with canopies to protect your baby from the sun.This canopy can be very useful whether you are using a stroller or are in the vehicle.
  • Smaller Height and Weight Limits - Since they are made for children usually below the age of 1, most of these seats have smaller height and weigh limits. However, this is an advantage if you travel a lot. Given that they are lightweight, they are very easy to lug around which makes them the best car seats for infants. Baby safety seats will usually be suitable for children weighing from between 4lbs up to an average of about 30lbs. 
infant car seat base
infant car seat canopy

How to Install an Infant Seat

The following videos and tips will guide you on how to install an baby car seat.

You can also read the infant baby seat manual on the specifics of installation for your child seat and also your vehicle owners manual:

Two important points to keep in mind are:

  • You should always install the infant seat in the rear facing mode, and never in the forward facing mode
  • Always install baby seat in the back seat and even better in the center of the seat
  • Just like with seat belts you need to read your vehicle owners manual and the infant carrier manual carefully before installation. Be careful to read all instructions on how to locate the lower anchors and how to install the car seat on them
  • Install the baby seat on the vehicle's back seat since this is usually the safest place for a baby seat. Given that the seat is installed rear facing, it protects the child's spine, neck and head from serious injury.
  • Find your lower anchors on the back seat
  • Connect the seat base's lower anchors to the lower anchor attachments on the car seat and ensure that you do not twist the straps.
  • Firmly press down on the infant carrier's base and tighten the straps to ensure that the the car seat does not move back to front or side to side for more than an inch.
  • Ensure the appropriate recline angle of the seat for child's age and comfort according to manufacturer recommendations.
  • Attach the infant seat to the base

Best Infant Car Seats 2018 Reviews

Graco Snugride infant car seat
Provides excellent Comfort

The Graco Snugride is the highest ranking and best car seat from the Graco line of baby car seats. It is made by Graco which affirms that its car seats are designed and tested to exceed US FMVSS safety standards thus providing the best safety for your newborn

It is similar to the Chicco Keyfit 30 though it has more weight and height limits meaning you can use it for longer. Like all infant car seats, the Graco is made to be used in the safe rear facing mode from as low as 4 pounds to as high as 35 pounds

It has also scored well in several industry standard safety tests and is a top choice for many industry publications in addition to scoring highly in many mom reviews. 

  • With a newborn you definitely want a stylish option for your baby girl or boy  and this is what the Graco provides with its gender neutral modern looking colors and design. If you prefer girly colors you can go for the magenta, pink or green colors which are all great choices
  • Your child gets to enjoy the highest of safety standards as the car seat has undergone vigorous crash safety tests and comes with energy absorbing foam and EPS, and five point harnesses to give you peace of mind 
  • The child rides in comfort as the infant seat is chock full of features that include a rotating canopy to protect them from the sun, a removable head support for when the child grows up and lastly a leg/foot cover for ultimate comfort for the kid
  • The Graco provides easy installation of the car seat which comes with the latest of LATCH technology, easy to read level indicators so that you can be sure the recline is just right, and the Click Connect technology that provides a secure snug attachment with all Graco Click Connect strollers.
  • And the cream on top of the cake, you have yourself a lightweight infant car seat that is easy to move from vehicle to vehicle or from stroller to vehicle and vice versa
  • Use for longer with high height and weight limits
  • Has the best safety standards
  • Stylish infant car seat for the newborn
  • check
    Easy installation with LATCH
  • check
    Lightweight and easy to move between cars
  • The infant insert is made of plastic
  • Canopy is not expandable
Graco Snugride Infant Car seat
Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Seat
Comes with infant insert

The Chicco Keyfit and the Keyfit 30 which are manufactured by Chicco a company that dedicates itself to making car seats that provide safety and comfort and ease of use and installation making them the top baby seats that you could buy. 

Coming with LATCH Technology, the Chicco has performed well in tests conducted by Consumer Reports and Baby Gear Lab given its plethora of safety features and conveniences for the parent and child

It is the safest infant car seats out there and is the number one rated car seat in the United States coming with innovative features that make it the easiest car seat to securely, accurately, and install into your car or stroller

  • Your newborn child gets all the support they need as the Chicco baby car seat comes with removable head and body support for the newborn child who may be too small for the child seat
  • At only 9 pounds, it is the best lightweight infant car seat which is an excellent choice for you if you are a regular commuter who travels with their child often as the seat is very easy to move from car to stroller or to remove from car and carry along
  • Enjoy ease of installation as the Chicco is designed with all kinds of features to ensure a quick and secure installation. These include a force multiplying LATCH tightener, easy to read bubble level indicators, and spring loaded leveling to ensure the correct recline angle.
  •  Make your very own travel system quickly as the Chicco infant car seat is compatible with your Chicco stroller
  • Easy to use two position handle that provides a comfortable grip especially as the child becomes heavier
  • Best lightweight infant car seat
  • Compatible with all Chicco strollers
  • Easy to install and use
  • check
    Comes with modern conveniences and features
  • Canopy is not that great
Maxi-Cosi Mico AP Infant Car Seat
Maxi-Cosi Mico AP Infant Car Seat

The Maxi Cosi infant car seat is manufactured by Maxi-Cosi, the premier European baby car seat manufacturer that prides itself on making the most comfortable and safest car seats that have taken more than 50 million babies from the hospital back home

The Bohemian range of infant car seats is great if you are an adventure head who wants to go along with your little one. It comes with colorful unique and authentic patterns on tactile fabrics that your little one will just love.

  • You do not have to suffer lugging around a heavy infant seat as the Maxi Cosi is a lightweight and smallest safety seat at only 16.5 x 18 x 31 in and 18.8 pounds that also comes with an ergonomic handle making carrying your little one a joy
  • If you are looking to go for a travel system right from the time you get your newborn then there is nothing better than the Mico AP which you can easily convert into a travel system by simply installing it into a Quinny or Maxi Cosi Stroller.
  • Your kid is well protected in the Maxi Cosi which comes with a range of safety features such as an innovative air protect cushion system that will protect the head of the child in the instance of a crash, padded five point harnesses for the baby's comfort, head insert and premium fabrics.
  • Comfort does not end with premium fabrics as one of the most important thing s that your child needs is protection from the elements. The Mico provides an expandable canopy that has flip out visor to protect the child's eyes from bright lights and the sun.
  •  Each mico AP comes complete with a multi-position sun canopy with a flip out visor to help protect baby's sensitive eyes from bright lights. When compared to similarly priced infant car seats as of January 2014.
  • Colorful patterns for the adventurous parent
  • Small, easy to carry baby car seat
  • Can be easily converted into a travel system
  • check
    Innovative proprietary safety features
  • Canopy is hard to remove
  • Baby may outgrow it fast
Evenflo LiteMax 35 Infant Car Seat

Evenflo LiteMax 35 Infant Seat

Up-front Harness Adjust

Up-front Harness Adjust

The Evenflo Litemax infant car seat is a cheap char seat made by Evenflo, a company that has committed itself to excellence through taking into consideration the well being and safety of children who are the users of its products

The Evenflo Litemax is one of is the best lightweight infant seats making it great for the urban parent It provides ultimate comfort for the parent and the child with plush materials, and ergonomic handle, and is the easiest car seats to install in the car or on the stroller

The seat is also the safest out there having undergone some of the highest federal testing standards including rollover test. It is also a versatile infant car seat that is best for your baby from 4-35 pounds

  • Even as it is the cheapest infant car seat you could ever buy, the Evenflo has some of the highest safety standards having undergone rigorous testing and exceeded Federal safety standards
  • You get to enjoy an easy to carry and lightweight car seat that you can carry comfortably given that it has an ergonomic handle so that you will not hurt even if you have a big baby
  • Installation of the Evenflo Litemax is easy and secure as it comes with a reclining base level indicator to ensure the seat is properly reclined and accurate and easy installation with a lock off belt system
  • For you, the child car seat is very convenient as it comes with machine washable pads so that you can remove and wash the baby seat covers when they inevitably get dirty
  • For the child's comfort the seat offers removable head pillows and makes it easy to get the child in and out of the baby seat with upfront harness adjust and buckle pockets to store away the belt buckle tongues when they are not needed
  • Lightweight car seat best for urban parent
  • Made of premium materials
  • Excellent safety standards
  • check
    Versatile and convenient to use
  • Dirt and stains easily show
Baby Trend Flex Loc Infant Car Seat
Baby Trend Flex Loc Infant Car Seat

The Baby Trend Flex Loc Infant Car Seat in Elixer is a great infant car seat made by Baby Trend,a company that has made a name for itself manufacturing innovative, award winning and exclusive products

The Baby Trend is designed to carry babies starting from as low as 5 pounds or 2.2 kilograms up to a high of 30 pounds or 36 kilograms. It comes with all manner of conveniences and safety features that will ensure that both you and your infant have a great time using this car seat.

  • You get to enjoy not only a safe installation but also an easy one given that the Baby Trend Infant car seat comes with a 5 point safety harness and a push button release for harness which makes getting the child out of the seat a breeze
  • You can never get your installation wrong with the Baby Trend as the base comes with a level indicator and a similar push button style installation similar to that of harnesses so that you always know when the seat is installed into the base securely
  • If you are like me you know how much of a hassle re-threading can be when getting the child into their seat. Well with this seat you never have to re-thread the adjustable height back of the seat
  • For the child, the Baby Trend provides superior side impact protection for the baby through energy absorbing EPS foam that absorbs shocks in the instance of a crash.
  • There are so many infant seats that are just plain rough on the hands. Well not this one as it comes with an ergonomic smooth handle designed to be easy on the hands even if you are carrying a heavy child
  • No rethread harness on the seat back
  • Superior safety ratings and features
  • Easy installation
  • check
    Ergonomic handle and backseat
  • Releasing the handle is a bit tough

Best Infant Car Seat: Graco Snugride Click Connect

Graco SnugRide Click Connect 35 Infant Car Seat

Graco SnugRide Click Connect 35

Out of the Infant car seats on the list the Graco Snugride Click Connect is the best in being ultra lightweight, easy to install with click connect, ease of cleaning, high safety ratings, and compatibility with all Graco Click connect strollers makes it the best choice.

Frequently Asked Questions About Infant Car Seats

​Can my baby wear a jacket while in the newborn seat?

​It is never advisable to dress your child in any type of bulky clothing such as a snowsuit or jacket as these make it hard to tighten the harness to the snugness required to keep them safe. If you feel that the child may feel cold, you are better off covering them with a blanket over the straps.

​Can my baby sleep in their infant car seat?

If your seat s properly secured, and you are going on a very short trip, it is perfectly safe for the child to sleep in their infant seat. However, according to the Journal of Pediatrics, you should never leave the child sleeping in their infant seat if unsupervised. To ensure your child is not a victim of sudden death syndrome you need to supervise them while traveling in the car and have them sleep on their back in the cot while at home. 

Can I place the newborn car seat in the shopping cart?

Most modern baby carriers seats are made to lock onto shopping carts. While this can be very convenient while shopping, it can be very dangerous too. The weight of the infant and the car seat will make the shopping cart top heavy which increases its likelihood of tipping over. Instead use a stroller, baby carrier, or a sling. Else take extra care when you have the child in the shopping cart.

When should i move from the newborn car seat to a convertible car seat?

According to a new study by Consumer reports, it is advisable to move your child to a convertible car seat when they are about a year old. The best convertible car seats offer a greater height and weight limit and hence will provide more protection for your child aged a year or more.

Can I use an infant car seat on a flight?​

While you do not have to use a child safety seat for a child under the age of two in an airplane, the FAA recommends that you use a car seat for better safety. You can use your newborn car seat on the plane as long as it is certified for use on airplanes by the FAA. Check out a list of FAA approved car seats you can use on an airplane

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How To Clean A Baby Car Seat: Step by Step Guide

Mom Cleaning a child car seat

Mom Cleaning A Child Car Seat

Lets face it with kids spending a lot of time in the car seat, they are bound to get really messy if not smelly.

Kids by themselves can be messy what with the vomit, spit up, drool, blown out diapers, dropped snacks, and spilled food and milk can make for quite the nasty combination. 

In fact a University of Birmingham study found that the child car seat that you so love to put your child into can have more germs and bacteria than the average toilet seat.

This would of course make it not a child safety seat but a possible transmitter of deadly pathogens to your child. 

But not to worry we have written a step by step guide to clean the car seat to ensure that it is not only safe but also sparkling clean and smelling fresh just like it was new.

Preparing for Cleaning the Baby Car Seat

clean child car seat
  • Choose a Good Time: Cleaning the car seat takes quite some time and hence you want to set aside time that you will only looking to clean the child seat particularly when the child will not be needing it. 
  • Clean Up Major Messes: It is always important to clean up the big messes as soon as possible. Any loose, chunky, sticky or sloppy debris can be removed using paper towels, damp rags, or baby wipes
  • Remove Seat from the Car: Unite harnesses and straps and take out the seat. Ensure you take pictures so that you can pout back everything just as it was. 
  • Vacuum, brush, or shake the debris and food crumbs from the hard to reach parts of the car seat using a handheld vacuum or a toothbrush
  • Remove the Straps and Cover: Consulting your manual remove the fabric if the seat allows and ensure you know how everything fits together so that you can put it all back when you are done cleaning

Washing the Base and Cover

Washing cover and base
  • Identify and Clean Spot Stains: Use a mild detergent to clean any obvious stains and spots by rubbing with mild detergent or soap, water and sponge if the cover is not removable
  • Launder Using Manual Instructions: Check manual for any specific fabric laundering instructions for the cover. In general any mild detergent ought to be fine
  • Clean the Base: Wash the metal and plastic parts of the seat using water, mild detergent and sponge to rub away any dirt and grime
  • Clean Straps and Buckles: Check the manual for manufacturer instructions on how to clean the buckles and straps to ensure you do not degrade the strength of the straps and harnesses.

Washing Buckles and Straps

buckles and harnesses
  • Consult your Manual: Check for instructions on how to clean your harnesses and straps. In  general gentle soap, a soft cloth and warm water rather than harsh detergents should be used to protect the harnesses that will be weakened by harsh soaps making them less effective in a crash
  • Wipe Down the Harnesses: Wipe away surface stains with mild soap and if that is not enough, order new harnesses from the manufacturer.
  • Dip the Buckle in Warm Water: The buckle which is plastic or metal can take more vigorous cleaning and should be cleaned with soap and water to take out all the grime in the mechanism.
  • Dry Out the Buckles and Straps: Use sunshine fresh air and time to dry out your buckles and get rid of any bad odors from the straps before re-installation

Drying and Reassembly

clean baby car seat
  • Dry out the Parts: Run the cover through the dryer if the manual permits it and air dry your buckles and harness straps while the plastic surface will dry out in the sun.
  • Use Sunshine and Sun to Deal with Odors: If the cover is not removable leave the entire seat in the sun in airy place. You can also use odor eliminating sprays as long as you ensure they are safe for the child.
  • Replace Cover: Once the components are fully dry reattach the cover and seat base using the pictures you took in the first step
  • Reattach the Straps: Refer to the manual and ensure you install the straps correctly without twisting. If you are not sure if you have installed the seat correctly visit a CPS, fire, or police station to have an expert look and confirm that it is a safe installation

Dos and Donts of Cleaning Child Car Seats

  • Do not ever clean your harnesses in the washing machine as this weakens the tensile strength possibly making the harnesses weaker and less effective in the instance of an accident
  • Never use use abrasives or harsh soaps to clean the harnesses. Abrasives such as steel wool will destroy the fibers and the restraining capacity of the seat will be severely weakened.