Best Travel System Strollers Reviews and Ratings: The Ultimate Guide

best travel system stroller

I am certain you will agree with me that traveling with the child can be one cumbersome experience. 

Nonetheless it does not always have to be so given the wide range of options to travel with the kid.

"I have always found the travel system stroller otherwise known as car seat stroller combo to be the most comfortable utility both for me and my little ones when journeying."

A travel system is basically a car seat base, an infant car seat, and stroller in one.

Some such as the car seat stroller frames in the mold of child car seat carriers are the best cheap strollers  that you could ever buy.

best travel system stroller

Mother with Travel System

One thing that you need to be careful when selecting your travel system or combo is to make sure that the child safety seat is certified as safe.

Most popular manufacturers will usually be JPMA certified but it is always prudent to ensure that they are by checking for the certification sticker.

Another thing to take into consideration when buying your travel system is your lifestyle.

If you are a parent that loves to move around with your infant a lightweight, easy to store and fold-able stroller system is best.

If you love the morning or evening run with your toddler an all-terrain stroller or jogger would be best.

If you tend to use the stroller in tight spaces, or hallways you had better go for the three wheeler or check out the baby trend tandem stroller one of the best double strollers

Best Travel System Stroller: Evenflo Pivot Modular

Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System

Evenflo Pivot Modular

The Evenflo Pivot Modular is the best travel system strollers with superior protection and easy maneuverability, lightweight frame, three modes of toddler stroller, travel system and frame stroller making it comfortable easy to use and safe for your child and convenient for you.

It is important to note that you can only use the travel system stroller when your kid is at least six months old.

Comparison of the Best Car Seat Stroller Combos




Our Rating




Britax 2017 B Agile & B Safe 35

Graco Fastaction Fold

30 Pounds


Safety 1st Smooth Ride

32 Pounds


Evenflo Pivot Modular

Evenflo Pivot Modular

38.5 Pounds


Britax 2017 B Agile & B Safe 35

Britax 2017

B Agile

28 Pounds


Baby Trend Expedition Jogger

Baby Trend Expedition

41 Pounds

Travel System Stroller Demo and Use

Why A Car Seat Stroller Combo

  • You may have the best car seat for newborn but nothing beats the car seat stroller travel system given that they are often more affordable
  • You can also take the kid in and out of the car without needing to unbuckle them or disturb them when they are asleep.
  • By buying a travel system you are certain that the stroller is compatible with the car seat and base since not all preemie seat models fit in all stroller models

Considerations for Buying the Top Travel System Stroller

A great travel system is one that has has all its component parts working in perfect synchronicity.

Given the different types of stroller companies out there, it is always important that you ensure that purchase a car seat stroller comboi with components that are compatible.

In some instances you could find a car seat stroller combo that works even better than your all in one travel system though this is more often than not not the case

The following is a general checklist to keep in mind when going for that travel system or car seat stroller combo:

  • Bucket Seat Size: The bucket seat is one of the most important components of the travel system and hence you need to find one that provides utmost comfort for the child when you are up and about.
  • Fit With Your Car: A top travel system stroller will also be of reasonable size to fit in your car. Some seats will be too large particularly if you are driving a small car making them inconvenient for your commuting needs.
  • Safety Ratings: You cannot emphasize safety enough. The best car seat stroller combo needs to have all the necessary safety features that include sufficient padding, body support, and be side impact tested. It is always advisable to check the safety rating of the travels system and check that it is certified by the JPMA.
  • Portability: In addition to your infant seat size, for your convenience you need your stroller to be easy to store or transport. A great travel system for portability typically has the one hand fold or one second feature making them easy to transport and store.
  • Comfort: A great travel system stroller or combo needs to keep not only the child comfortable but also the mother. As such the best travel systems typically have a lot of add ons such as large storage areas, system trays and canopies. For utmost comfort for the child, go for a travel stroller system with air filled rubber tires as these offer a smooth ride on any terrain
  • Maneuverability: When you are considering a travel system stroller it will be important that you take into account the terrain you will be using the stroller on. A 4 wheeler will generally be great for even the roughest of terrain while your three wheel will serve you best on paved jogging trails
  • Style: Maneuverability, comfort, safety and convenience are important. But you do not want to be seen around the neighborhood with a downright ugly travel system. A good travel system has great colors and great design that will enhance your style and portray you as the fashionable parent you are

Here is the Latest List of Best Travel System Strollers Rated by Parents' Experiences and Reviews:

best travel system strollers 2018

Evenflo Pivot Modular

Extra Large Storage Basket

Extra Large Storage Basket

The Evenflo pivot modular travel system is the first of the kind of travel systems also known as convertible strollers made by Evenflo a company that prides itself on a tradition of crafting comfortable safe and innovative products

The The Evenflo Pivot modular is an elegant and  lightweight travel system stroller that combines the safemax infant car seat with a lightweight dual mode stroller and will take infant from as low as 5 pounds up to 45 pounds

Provides an easy and comfortable ride with cruiser tires, large storage box, 5 point harness and an ergonomic handle and as the name modular suggests, this stroller can be used in several different modes that you can use it for up to 6 modes

  • Have children of different ages that you go out with no problem, You can use the buggy as a toddler stroller, travel system, frame stroller, and reversible carriage. This is a very useful feature as the grow and go buggy can be converted into different uses as the child grows
  • It is the safest travel system you could buy having been rollover tested and coming with easy installation guides makes the safest installations you could have. It comes with an anti rebound bar and is made of premium materials designed to ensure the kid is safe.
  • Enjoy effortless and smooth handling from the Evenflo Pivot Modular stroller travel system which comes with cruiser tires that provide a smooth ride for the kid particularly for cobbled streets and pavements
  • If you intend to be out of the house for a while the seat has you covered with a large storage basket that can fit in all the baby essentials, and a removable child dray for the child's nourishment needs
  • It is excellent for travel given that it is very compact and comes with an easy slim profile fold so that you can throw it into the trunk of almost any small or medium sized vehicle. For the kid it comes with a three panel canopy that to protect the kid from the sun
  • Several modes of riding for the kid
  • Made of premium materials and safety tested
  • Smooth and effortless handling
  • check
    Compact and excellent for travel
  • You have to purchase adjustable shoulder pads
Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System
Graco Fastaction Fold Click Connect Travel System Stroller
Comfort and easy maneuverability

Comfort and easy maneuverability

The Graco Fastaction is an easy to operate travel system that makes it easy to go out with your little one having been made by Graco, a company that asserts that its mission is to enhance and assist the parenting experience by taking care of the small things to give you peace of mind

The Graco Fast Action Fold Click Connect travel system is an ultra lightweight stroller car seat combo coming in at only 22 pounds though it protects your baby from 4-30 pound while at the same time making it very easy to maneuver on your evening or morning jog or stroll

With its one hand fold and sturdy frame it offers comfort and convenience not only for the mother but also the child since you can always fold it away easily to put it in the trunk of your car when you intend to use it far away from your home

The travel system stroller provides ultimate safety and comfort with its 3 and 5 point harness and premium fabrics and well designed seats and wheels unlike those found in some strollers in its class. 

  • The Graco Fastaction fold click connect stroller system is made for you if you love the active lifestyle. At 30 lbs it is lightweight and portable yet combines the features and convenience of a standard stroller with the maneuverability and performance of the best all terrain strollers 
  • Since you will be out and about you want to know that the child is secure in their travel system. This is accomplished through the proprietary click connect whose audio sound will always inform you when the installation is snug and secure
  • For your child the stroller provides a smooth comfortable ride as it has large tires that act as shock absorbers on practically any terrain. In addition to this, the front wheel offers a choice between the swivel and lock, which come in handy if you need to either stroll or jog.
  • The huge canopy is excellent for protecting your child from the sun eve as you get to enjoy your stroll or jog while having access to all you need such as the diaper bag, snacks and other baby gear that you can toss into the extra large storage basket for when you need them. 
  • One hand easy fold for the mom on the go
  • Lightweight, portable and maneuverable
  • Easy and safe installation with click connect
  • check
    Convenient for you comfortable for the kid
  • Phone storage compartment is too tiny
  • Quite a pricey buggy
Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System, Papyrus
Parent Tray

Made by Chicco, a company that asserts that they love babies and work to make products to help them happy comfortable and safe, the Chicco Bravo Trio Travel system is the ultimate stroller not only for the child but also for the parent

KeyFit Carrier - As a carrier the Chicco is cool to use with your newborn baby up to when they outgrow it. It is very easy to use with the Keyfit infant car seat as it is easy to remove the stroller seat and attach the infant seat and its adapter in no time at all

Travel System - As a travel system it is just as easy to use for when the child can now sit up fuly in their seat. You can easily get the child in and out of the Bravo which easily clicks in and out of the stroller with the easy to use adapter

Toddler Stroller - When the child can no longer fit in the Keyfit infant car seat, the Bravo functions just as well as a toddler stroller that you can use for your strolling and jogging needs until the kid is up to 50 pounds

  • For your convenience and that of the child the Chicco Bravo Trio comes with  an extra large storage basket for your purse and can even fit the diaper bag and baby essentials if you intend to be out of the house for a while
  • The Chicco provides you with the most convenient and easy of folds of all strollers on this list. It comes with a one hand fold and even better a self standing fold so that you can have it ready to put into the trunk with no further complications
  • For the mom who loves to stroll or jog rough terrain, the travel system stroller provides easy maneuverability through height adjustable handles and auto swivel wheels for all those gravelly roads or grassy park you may want to go to
  • The baby will enjoy a safe and comfortable ride in this buggy which combines an extra large canopy to protect them from the elements and multiple position reclines so that you can adjust their sitting positions as the child grows
  • You can use it for up to three modes
  • Easy one hand fold
  • Extra large storage for baby essentials
  • check
    Auto swivel wheels and adjustable handles
  • The cup holders are too wide and shallow
Britax 2017 B Agile & B Safe 35 travel system

Britax 2017 B Agile & B Safe 35

One-hand quick fold

Britax. Be Confident. Be Free is the motto of Britax the makers of the Britax Agile and Britax B Safe range of travel system strollers. Driven by a passion for innovation and safety to ensure that parent and child are free to make the most of their adventures together, nothing embodies Britax.

The Britax 2017 B Agile and B Safe combines one of the child safety seats and best stroller makes for some of the safest of travel systems that comes with outstanding maneuverability and superior protection.

The travel system stroller comes with user guides, infant seat base, B-Safe 35 Elite Infant Seat, and B-Agile 3 Stroller. While it is the best lightweight stroller system, it comes with all the conveniences and safety features you would expect of any premier stroller in its class.

The perfect combination of the Britax B safe infant car seat and the Britax Agile Travel system makes for a light and portable system that you will enjoy with your on the go lifestyle

  • Your kid gets to enjoy the benefits of the robust and innovative safecell impact protection system that incorporate a deep shell, steel frame and base so that you can rest easy knowing the child is always safe in the stroller or in the car
  • Don't be that awkward mother who gets stuck on corners and doorways as the Britax comes with swivel front wheels that makes navigating right corners and tight spots a breeze
  • Never have to be frustrated trying to install the car seat into the stroller as this stroller is compatible with any Britax infant car seat through the Click and Go system whose safety is enhance with the center LATCH installation of the infant seat
  • One hand fold design and the lightweight nature of the stroller makes this the best stroller for travel
  • Innovative safety protection
  • Great car seat stroller for travel
  • Easy maneuverability and navigation
  • check
    Easy installation with LATCH
  • Unfolding with one hand is not as easy
Baby Trend EZ Ride 5 Travel System, Hounds Tooth
Adjustable canopy and seat back

For more than thirty years Baby Trend has distinguished itself as one of the most innovative companies that manufacture children's products designed to meet the needs of modern parents at an affordable price

The Baby Trend Expedition Jogger is a smart travel system stroller that combines great convenience features of the standard stroller and the maneuverability of a jogger or all terrain stroller for the ultimate comfort of you and your child.

The best baby travel system 2018 is a feature rich car seat stroller combo with a peekaboo window, deep cup holders, padded harness cover ad multiple position reclining seat for making it the best choice for parents on a budget but who want to have all the basics of a travel system.

  • Just like your ordinary stroller the Baby Trend comes with all the safety features that include plush padding, five point harnesses, energy absorbent foam, and multi position reclines in addition to a range of convenience features for you 
  • With huge 16 and 12 inch tires, your baby will be well protected from the shock of the bumps on bad terrain. In addition to this the Baby Trend is easily maneuverable given that it is a three wheel buggy which makes it very navigable
  • For the child the push chair comes with a peekaboo window in its large canopy, two deep cup holders for when they need their water or drinks. And for you adjustable handles just in case the default is too high or too low for you
  • Combination of jogging and standard buggy
  • Convenience for mother and child
  • Easily maneuverable in rough terrain
  • check
    Great safety and comfort standards
  • Takes a while to understand the instruction
  • A little bulky and heavy

Nuna Tavo Travel System

Nuna’s TAVO stroller walks with your child from delivery till 50 pounds. The Nuna Tavo seats can be hooked up to your car seat with an easy click. Therefore it’s simple to build your traveling system. The material used in developing this Nuna Tavo is of high quality; more so, the stroller comes with top-notch leatherette handgrip bar.

Furthermore, it is the all-season car seat: it possesses a fine mesh back along with a washable seat mat for the cold condition which you could get rid of whenever it becomes warm. With the help of well-built suspension this stroller can ride over the diverse landscape.

The Nanu Tavo has friendly functions like one-handed flip as well as unfolds, plus incredible canopies.

It also has a trolley feature, to help towing it just like rolling baggage. You can detach tires for safe-keeping. The large UPF50+ detachable canopy carries a lot of coverage alternatives.

You can zip-away visor to complete cover, even with a full recline. There’s a beautiful mesh window at the top with a magnetic closure to help you look at your child. There is an additional excellent mesh at the flipside which you could open for circulation of air.

The roomy seat possesses four recline placements, such as virtually flat. In the entirely reclined function, the changeable footrest folds up as well as a click at the base to generate a bassinet-like enclosure for little infants. The detachable baby insert offers additional assistance for smaller bikers. A swing-away bumper shaft (as well integrated) fits infants of every sizing, together with detaches with the child is old sufficient to ascend in alone.

TAVO’s storage carrier can be huge. Also, it has spring-loaded borders, and you might have to push these down a bit to have your items in, they’ll stick back. The carrier has a compact, zippered pocket for the car keys or even phone, fantastic for stashing away assets.

It is glossy as well as portable. The multimode baby stroller provides convenience for the infant as well as comfort to suit your needs with the soft riding, easy-fold as well as sufficient storage rack.

It’s a stylish stroller with the smooth model, swiveling front wheels as well as gradual suspensions to undertake bumps as well as controls. It has a height-adjustable power functions. It has a core key that enable quick flip with a single hand. It has one-touch foot braking pedal provides additional control whenever on an outing, whereas a large storeroom carrier with zipper pocket that you plus baby require when on the ride.

Whenever infant is taking a nap, recline the car seat, and more so, prolong the cover that will let you peek in via the fine mesh window with quiet magnetic flap closure. Besides, you will not need to wake your child whenever moving to as well as from the automobile.

  • Spacious seat
  • True one-hand fold and unfold
  • Huge canopy
  • check
    Leatherette push bar
  • Large storage basket
  • Connects with Nuna PIPA car seat
  • it is quite bulk even after folded
  • requires some skills to assemble

Chicco Viaro

The Chicco Viaro Quick-Fold Baby stroller is three-wheel model, light in weight metal body, as well as one-hand fast flip. More so it comes with a pull-strap, as well as key. It is easy to put under the seat, and more so, simple to fold for a portable with free-standing flip. The stroller is less difficult to unfold after shutting.

The Chicco Viaro Stroller is a traveling system with a simple click-in accessory for the KeyFit 30 Baby Vehicle Seat. The Viaro Baby stroller consists of a removable plate with a couple of mug holders, flexible top cover, as well as multi-position backrest.

A swiveling fore tires with a suspension, maintain ride from the surface to surface. It has foot back brakes which help in holding the stroller in position whenever parked. For parents, the Viaro Baby stroller functions a cushioned push-handle, guardian plate with a pair of mug holders, along with a large carrier which is readily available from the fore or even flipside.

The Viaro Travel System consists of the #1-rated Chicco KeyFit 30 Baby Auto Seat, which can hold babies from four to thirty pounds plus as much as 30″. The KeyFit 30 is the simplest baby auto seat you can set up safely whenever.

The Viaro consists of a flexible, detachable top cover, unbiased foot locking brakes. It has sizable carrier which is reachable from the front part. More so, flipside offers lots of storage for any stuff of your infant. Front tires suspensions offer the perfect trip, as well as each infant as well as a parent have a rack with cup stands.

Whenever you look at almost all the products you buy for your infant, it’s quite an exhaustive listing. However, with Chicco Viaro Stroller you will not only have a product that is unique; it is an item which could multi-task, save you time, funds as well as disappointment. For family members on a trip, a traveling system may save you from a few inconvenience of purchasing other products. It eradicates the possibility that your vehicle seat will not be appropriate for the baby stroller.

Whereas infants can’t go on a trip in the baby stroller only until they sit up, a traveling system provides you with all the flexibility advantages of a baby stroller, because the vehicle seat suits appropriate into it. With just a couple hits, you could untuck the baby stroller, pop out the auto seat, pop it onto the baby stroller, as well as of you decide to go for a pleasant day at the zoo or even shopping mall or even an enjoyable, lengthy holiday. Besides, you reduce the possibility of awakening the infant throughout each one transfer.

  • Glossy Italian model
  • Secure baby auto seat
  • 5-point harness
  • check
    Trouble-free set up
  • Light in weight
  • Agile as well as simple to maneuver
  • Small tires & absolutely no suspensions
  • No peek-a-boo screen

Britax B Free

The Britax B-Free is a three-wheeled full-size baby stroller with latex wheels. This baby stroller is simpler to push as well as makes the Britax B-Agile due to the one fore tires along with the shorter outline which makes it outstanding at negotiating modest spots.

This baby stroller is straightforward to flip, compact for simpler transportation, as well as sports a huge top cover with sufficient storeroom. This Britax is a lighter in weight and Agile. It is a good quality as well as self-stands. Should you never mind the minimal storage but you still feel you have to remain simple; Britax B-Free may be the best option. The B-Free could be everyone choice.

You may have the chance to pack up in the baby stroller all you could require since it has a huge carrier as well as seven storage slots!

Britax B-Free has an exceptional canopy to assist you to stay clear off sunburns! You can rest assured that on hot days, your kid is shielded from devastating sunlight from head to toe. More so, with an excellent mesh window in the top cover; your infant is saved from overheating.

This baby stroller bears fairly huge rubberized wheels that may manage broken footways, cobblestone, gravel as well as grass in the local park. With Britax B-Free your trip is silky, so you don’t need to worry about getting a flat wheel. Might you be shorter/taller be grateful to your partner? Don’t be troubled! This baby stroller is comfy to push for anyone due to the changeable handlebar.

The child stroller has adapters for the baby auto seat. Therefore you don’t need to pay additional for it. The seat bears multi-position recline that is ideal for infants who prefer to sleep on the road.

Due to textured, breathable seat with smooth cushioning, your infant may journey in maximum convenience. The excellent ability of 65 pounds will let you make use of the B-Free for an extended time of time as well as will make it a baby stroller for an older/bigger child.

Folding is one-hand as well as simple to go along with the whole baby stroller is reasonably light – simple to lift to place in the auto or even carry. It’s a perfect option for grandparents’ baby stroller. You might have the versatility to purchase merely the baby stroller with auto seat adapters (or add the baby auto seat afterward) or even buy the entire traveling system right away. B-Safe 35 Baby Auto Seat is among the ideal as well as most secure in the U.S.

  • Stroll Easily
  • With an adjustable handlebar & standing seat for the intrigued infant
  • Quick-zip expandable top cover allows infant sleep on-the-go.
  • No bumper bar. I desire there was a bumper bar; however, you could get a quick snack rack instead.
  • Brakes not flip-flop-friendly. I believe this may be a simple upgrade.

Evenflo sibby travel system

The Evenflo Sibby Travel System is the ideal baby stroller for an ample family. The Sibby provides a Ride-Along. It is liner that allows two kids to go on trip simultaneously. The Ride-Along is attached during installation as well as folds away whenever not being used. The new worth is a trouble-free alternative from having a dual baby stroller for a couple of kids. The lift-to-fold model folds compactly as well as fits conveniently in every size SUV from significant to modest. The new Cruiser Wheels have an attractive appearance along with the mismatched back tires offer an even trip.

The Sibby Travel System has LiteMax Baby Auto Seat, for infants between 4-35lbs. This seat is rollover as well as side effect certified to offer protection wherever your kid requires it most. The bottom part consists of an in-built strap lock-off device that provides comfort at the base is safe as well as correctly set up. The seat is light in weight as well as consists of start-up harness adjusting along with a plush baby head assist. The ergonomic handle is safer to carry along with the stress-free transfer from the stay-in-car bottom enables a fast as well as secure connection.

Other features consist of : Big storage with fore as well as back access, big coverage top cover to protect from the variables, multi-position recline for convenience, detachable hand bar for effortless in as well as out, Sport Model handle grabs are comfy as well as simple to maneuver , Flex-Hold guardian cup carries cups securely.

  • The seat that reclines entirely as well as transforms to bassinet function
  • The light baby auto seat that passed protection evaluation above specifications
  • Comfortable as well as fast switching between usual seat as well as baby auto seat

The Eveno Sibby Travel System is the ideal baby stroller for a progressing household and also riding alternatives for the kid! The Sibby consists of a Ride-Along board, that enables a couple of kids to trip simultaneously. The detachable board conveniently links during installation as well as folds away whenever not used. As your kid gets bigger, you could provide them with the solution to sit, trip or even stroll by adjusting it. You’ll pat yourself on the back for not having to purchase another baby stroller later on!

The lift-to-fold model is straightforward along with the small size in modest cars, despite the joined board! For a long time, prolonged sport-style handles are simple to guide as well as provide your rider a lot more space. Sleek cruiser wheels give an even ride a must-have with the pounds of a couple of riders, along with the prolonged, 3-panel top cover has a peek-a-boo window. The large storage carrier along with a beautiful mesh pocket on the seat rear offer extra room for basics of most sizes.

Rollover analyzed as well as side impact analyzed, this baby seat is a top-notch security pick. The in-built strap lock-off system, multi-position bottom as well as recline signal provide comfort that the base is safely as well as appropriately set up. Light in weight, with an ergonomically-designed lever, this chair could be correctly carried in the twist of the hand. Additional must-haves consist of a full-coverage top cover, up-front control adjust along with a plush baby head pillow.

  • Reversible seat
  • Large carrier under the seat
  • Wheels ideal for town use
  • Assembling is hassle-free
  • No bumper bar. I desire there was a bumper bar; however, you could get a quick snack rack instead.
  • Brakes not flip-flop-friendly. I believe this may be a simple upgrade.

Chicco Cortina CX travel system

The Cortina CX has a changeable backrest with eight recline placements for the comfy journeys from infant via the child. The flu posture, as well as pop-up footrest, develops a comfy bassinet for babies with the enclosure on almost all four edges. The cool Memory Recline feature keeps the backrest posture throughout folding/unfolding, cutting out the must readjust between tours. Front-wheel headgear and also non-obligatory toe-tap swivels allow it to be simple to sustain an even trip from the surface to surface. A modifiable top cover with peek-a-boo window provides shade from the sunshine.

The Cortina CX folds compactly with a single hand as well as stands by itself whenever folded. The kid rack has a couple of cup stands, a detachable, dishwasher-safe liner, as well as opens from both sides or even detaches entirely for simpler in/out. The guardian holder consists of a cup tray as well as a covered storeroom for minor products, along with the basket offers room for more prominent products. An ergonomic, cushioned push-handle bears three height modifications to perfectly suit Parent. Toe-tap brakes maintain the baby stroller in position whenever parked.

For usage as a traveling system, the Cortina CX Baby stroller includes almost all KeyFit baby auto seats with the simple click-in connection.

  • Swivel tires with fore tires headgear
  • Independent toe-tap brakes
  • Eight various reclining postures, like completely reclined
  • Memory Recline feature
  • Compatible with KeyFit baby auto seats
  • Travel system created for infants 4 pounds . to 50 pounds. ( Please read stroller and car seat weight specifications individually)
  • Good top-notch, sturdy, durable together with long-lasting
  • 5-point utilize the system in the baby stroller as well as auto seat
  • Includes auto seat as well as base

When you intend to purchase a traveling system, the Chicco Cortina travel system is most likely the ideal offered today. The Cortina baby stroller is lighter in weight compared to nearly all others in such a classification as well as Chicco has been able to deal with the most irritating problems with other traveling system strollers, like carrier access whenever you recline the chair, capacity whenever folded, toughness as well as maneuverability. Whereas the Cortina baby stroller will not cope with like a $500 baby stroller, it’ll undoubtedly combat tours to the shopping mall or even local park with pertinent relieve, as well as with a more low-cost tag.

Should you need a baby stroller which could handle harsh landscape regularly, the Cortina possibly is not best for you. Town dwellers who have to have their baby stroller down and up many stairways or even must get around restricted areas might want to check out super-lightweight strollers in a more significant budget to benefit from much better maneuverability. For people who such as the Chicco baby stroller design but additionally need to be able to utilize their vehicle seat with a light in weight baby stroller frame, check out the multi-mode Chicco Bravo Trio traveling system.

  • Easy to wash
  • Stands whenever folded
  • Sufficient space in storage carrier
  • Canopy offers adequate shade
  • Stroller uses up plenty of space whenever folded
  • The stroller is cumbersome
  • Whenever reclined, it challenging to access the carrier

Best Travel System Stroller: Evenflo Pivot Modular

Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System

Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System

The Evenflo Pivot Modular is the best travel system stroller with superior protection and easy maneuverability, lightweight frame, three modes of toddler stroller, car seat stroller combo and frame stroller making it comfortable easy to use and safe for your child and convenient for you.

How to Clean a Stroller – The Ultimate Guide

Clean A Stroller

How to Clean A Stroller

You have bought the best travel stroller or best travel system or best infant carrier but that does not mean that they will never get dirty. 

However given that kids spend a lot of time in their strollers whenever you are out of the house, the stroller will inevitably get dirty from leaky diapers, mashed fruit, cookie crumbs, spilled milk that can result in gross stains that need to be got rid of.

However, cleaning the stroller or travel system is not as straightforward as any other baby equipment you have.

As such we have written this step by step procedure for cleaning up the stroller system to ensure it retains its awesome looks and keeps your child safe from all the germs and dirt the stroller accumulates over time. 

The Tools for Cleaning the Stroller

Check out these essentials from Amazon before you start

How to Go About It

One of the worst things you can do is to let the stroller get gross before deciding to clean it. To ensure that you have a better chance of getting the stroller clean it is important that you clean the mess almost immediately after it is made.

For wet dirt from apple sauce, baby food and drinks, use a spoon or knife to get the bulk of the dirt out immediately. You should always have these utensils handy when you are out with the stroller rather than use paper towels that will just work the stains into the stroller fabric.

When you get home you should get down to do a thorough cleaning  that will involve the use of two or more of the items from the cleaning kit.

baby in stroller

Joan Muratore

"It is important to use each cleaning tool all over the entire surface of the stroller rather than trying to clean one section at a time"

How to Clean the Stroller

  • Get Rid of the Crumbs with a Hand Vacuum: Suck up all the crumbs with a hand vacuum which will remove most crumb types from the stroller
  • Remove the detachable parts: Remove the fabric, cup holders, and storage trays and baskets from the stroller. Check if the manufacturer instructions for any parts that are not suitable for a dishwasher or washing machine. Ensure you have pictures of where every part comes from so that reattaching will not be a problem. 
  • Clean Crevices with a toothbrush: One there is no solid dirt on the stroller, get a toothbrush and dip it into warm soapy water to scrub off the remnants of stains on the fabric. For any particles in the harness buckle and hard to reach places and cracks use the wooden grilling skewers 
  • Wipe Down the Stroller with the Terry Cloth Towel: Dip your terry cloth towels in warm mild soapy water and scrub down the fabric of the stroller and scrub away any dirt uncovered in the previous process. Most manufacturers will typically recommend the type of soap that would be suitable for your stroller. If there is no recommendation on the tag use laundry detergent or mild soap. Given that most removable fabrics are a tight fit, it is advisable to let it dry while it is on the stroller.
  • Lubricate and Clean the Tires: Once you are one with the fabric, clean the wheels. Given the wheels will typically be dirtier than the other components, clean them last so that the dirt does not come into direct contact with the fabric that the child sits on. Use lubricants recommended by the manufacturer for your wheel bearings and let the wheels dry out fully. 

Factors to Consider

When when looking for a car seat to buy, it is always advisable to get one that will provide the least inconvenience when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. 

  • The best strollers and travel systems that are easiest to clean will typically have plastic frames making them easy to wipe down.
  • Avoid strollers with ruffles, and piping on the seat, basket, handles, and snack trays. The fewer the crevices are the easier it will be to clean the stroller.
  • Finally it would be best to go for a stroller that has busy or darker shades which for the most part may disguise or hide stains from the stroller for longer.

How to Clean the Stroller Video

Cleaning A Stroller with Vinegar

Vinegar is an excellent non toxic product that will get rid of most of your stubborn stains including mold.

To get started

  • Mix three parts of vinegar with two parts water and spray over the stained or mold area. 
  • Spray enough of the mixture onto the fabric of the stroller until it is completely moist
  • Leave for five minutes and then scrub with a toothbrush and hose down the stroller fabric until it is clean
  • Leave in the sun to dry and you are good to go

Cleaning Mold Off Of Stroller Fabric

  • Take your stroller out of the house if you intend to clean it of mold as spores can be toxic and you do not want to inhale any.
  • Once you are out of the house, the first thing to do is to scrub away any of the solid mold using a toothbrush and the wooden grilling skewers
  • Next thoroughly scrub down the stroller fabric with soapy water giving more attention to the moldy areas.
  • Rinse with water and let the fabric dry out in the sun for a few hours.
  • Sometimes the first wash will not be enough to get rid of all the moldy stain.
  • In such an instance, spray the affected area with lemon juice, sprinkle some salt on it, and then let it dry in the sun
  • This second technique has worked for me almost every time
  • To get rid of stubborn or larger mold stains we have to go back to our trusty vinegar solution
  • Mix three parts vinegar and two parts water and spray on the affected area until it is moist
  • Hose down the fabrics and then dry it out in the sun
  • If that does not work, or you have a stroller with white or light fabrics a dose of chlorine beach will return the stroller back to its mint condition
  • Mix two tablespoons of chlorine into the spray bottle, add water and spray the stained area and then dry in the sun and you should be golden

3 Considerations to Take Into Account Before Buying a Double Stroller

Double Stroller

Double Stroller

As a parent with two kids I have often had to take along two kids when going out of the house.

After you get over the rush is getting that second positive pregnancy test or getting the twins diagnosis, it will be time to think about how you will be transporting your little ones. 

If you have two kids a double stroller comes in handy though caring for two pairs of anything let alone children can be quite a challenge.

That being said double strollers offer a different challenge as compared to your regular single stroller.

Read reviews of the best travel strollers 2018

As such you need to be more careful when buying that double stroller. Here are the six important considerations when buying your double stroller.

If you do not have the time to rummage through the options check out the Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double, Carbon our favorite double stroller.

Convenience and Maneuverability

side by side stroller

Side by Side Stroler

Most double strollers will require that you make a trade off with your space.

Side by side models will typically require more space on the wide side which make them hard to maneuver on elevators, hallways, narrow doorways and in general the urban landscape. 

Tandem models similar to your single stroller are more maneuverable given that they have the children sit or stand one inf front of the other.

Given that they are just as wide as your best travel stroller such as these, they can practically go almost anywhere you can take your single stroller.

However given their weight and length, maneuvering them over thresholds and curbs may pose some difficulty. 

Age of the Child

Toddler and Infant in Stroller

Toddler and Infant in Stroller

Double strollers typically work best if you have twins.

This is because if you get a toddler and an infant in a side by side, one side will tend to be weighed down by the uneven weight which can cause the stroller to tip over and over the long term reduce the durability of the stroller.

If you have twins or have to get the side by side, your best bet would be the sturdier models such as the Bugaboo Donkey Duo

However if you have say a toddler and an infant, it would be best to go for a tandem stroller.

A tandem stroller is great for children of different ages as the children can sit in their respective seats made for their difference in weight.

Some of the best tandem strollers for the child will usually be ones that allow for adjustment as the children grow to ensure both children are comfortable at all times.

A great stroller for such would be the Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Tandem Stroller that allows changing of seating arrangement including allowing the toddler to stand while the infant reclines

How Convenient Your Current Stroller Is

woman and stroller

If you love your current stroller you may not want to go for a new stroller that may take some getting used to.

Moreover, if you have been used to the single stroller, driving a double may feel like taking a SUV when you are used to the mini.

In addition if you love your maneuverability you had better stick to a single stroller and get a new stroller for the other child. 

In addition, some double models may pose a safety risk of tipping over and hence if you feel that the children will not be very safe, you should go for two single strollers for each child.

However you can still get your double strollers just as long as you ensure that they come with the Juvenile Products Manufacturers label of safety certification for their harnesses, braking, pinch points and other safety features.

 If you can get the father or someone else to carry the child then a stroller for each child would be the best option while the double stroller will come in handy whenever you or the father have to move around with the children while alone.

If you happen to live in the country or in the suburbs you can go for the side by side stroller while you would be better off with the tandem stroller if you live in the more urban areas where elevators and narrow store isles may be problematic. 

If you got a child younger than 6 months, find a stroller that is compatible with an infant car seat.

If you cannot make the all important decisions, consider the strollers by age  and how long the child will be using a stroller.

Another option is to go for an infant carrier for the infant until the toddler outgrows the stroller. 

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Best Travel Strollers for Infants and Toddlers Rated and Reviewed: The Ultimate Guide

best travel stroller

Whohoo you got a new baby, time for a new set of wheels - just what to buy. Just like buying a car the search for the best stroller for your infant can be quite the daunting task.

What with the hundreds of models out there with different features, accessories and prices it can be quite a nightmare deciding just what you need.

Should you go for a basic, single combination, lightweight and umbrella stroller, convertible stroller/car seat, car seat carrier, double, jogging or a travel system stroller?

Having gone through the same experiences myself as a parent I know the pain of getting a baby buggy only to find it just will not do.

Best travel strollers

Babies in stroller

I also know the feeling of getting one that does everything just the way you want it to. 

However similar to the search for a car or an apartment different people have different needs.

As such I have reviewed the strollers according to what they are best used for as nearly every buggy will be unique and best depending on what you want to do with it or age of the child.

Best Travel Stroller: Graco Fastaction Click Connect

Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect Stroller

Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect

Out of the all the best travel strollers reviewed the Graco Fastaction is the best as it combines the best in convenience, comfort and maneuverability of many strollers into one light and compact baby buggy

The following are some important things to check out for when buying your best travel stroller in 2018:

  • Budget: Cost i definitely one of the things you have to consider though in many instances the cost is determined by quality of the baby carriage, the accessories, design, and utility. 
  • Accessories: Does the car seat have accessories such as a storage basket, cup holder, adapter and canopy.
  • Ease of use and convenience: Will you have to use a bassinet and infant car seat or does the pushchair fit the child out of the box. How easy is it to use the brakes
  • Maneuverability: Depending on the terrain you are going to be using (city, cobblestones) or the type of use (jogging, walking) you need to be careful to select a stroller that is suitable for the use
  • Safety: Does the carriage come with five point harness and easy to adjust and buckle straps.

Best Travel Stroller for Infant 2018




Our Rating




Graco Fastaction Click Connect

Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger

35 Pounds


Britax 2017 B-Agile Stroller

Britax 2017 B-Agile Stroller

18 Pounds


BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Jogging Stroller

BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX

28.5 Pounds


Chicco KeyFit Caddy Frame Stroller

23 Pounds


GB Pockit Lightweight Stroller

31 Pounds

Best Travel Stroller 2018 For Toddlers and Infants Reviews and Ratings

best strollers 2018 for toddlers
Comfortable ride easy maneuvarability

Comfortable Ride

The Graco Fastaction Fold is an excellent product that hardly misses in any comparison of strollers. Made by Graco a company given to enhancing the parenting experience, it has the charm, convenience, and features to make it the best travel stroller

The Graco Fast Action Click Connect is the best travel stroller for an active lifestyle. Comes with the best infant car seat 2018 easily connects into the stroller while the lightweight and sturdy design makes for great convenience.

The fast action is the ultimate cross over baby buggy as it has the maneuverability of a Best All Terrain Jogging Stroller and the convenience and ease of use of standard Graco strollers that you can easily use when travelling 

  • The Fastaction is great for navigating around the airport given that it is easily maneuverable being lightweight and coming with easy swivel wheel design that makes turning corners or tight spots in a crowded airport a breeze
  • Given how chaotic the urban environment can be the travel stroller is designed to protect the child even as you travel given that it comes with an extra large canopy, deluxe padded stroller seat, multi position recline and air filled rubber tires so that the child is safe and comfortable
  • Throw in your personal stuff such as phones and the baby essentials such as diaper bag into the extra huge stroller bag and roll this beauty across the airport with no fuss
  • You do not have to worry about troublesome installations as the Graco is designed for a quick and easy one hand fold that transforms it into a compact travel stroller that you can quickly check into the plane
  • Of course it is not only about traveling as the buggy is also excellent for your regular jogging or off-road excursions as it combines all the features of a jogging and all terrain stroller such as locking and swivel wheels so that you can go anywhere you want
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Esily maneuverable around an airport
  • Great convenience features on the go
  • check
    Compact and easy to fold up
  • check
    Excellent for every day jogging and strolling
  • Phone compartment is too small
Graco Fasaction fold stroller
Britax 2017 B-Agile Stroller, Red
one hand fold design

Britax is a company that has always been pushing the boundaries of design, innovation, elegance and practicality in its wide range of baby products. This is evident in the stylish and elegant Britax 2017 B Agile travel stroller  that is the best stroller you should buy for airplane travel

The Britax 2017 B-Agile is the best strollers to travel with being light and easily maneuverable making it highly convenient for an active lifestyle and city living. These features also make it an excellent choice if you are a parent that frequently commutes with the child

It comes ready for any Britax infant car seat, huge under seat storage and large canopy for the convenience of the child and mother 

  • Do you have a small car? then you will love the Britax which comes with a one hand fold design and a lightweight aluminium frame that is only 18 pounds
  • Easily glide through crowds and navigate narrow aisles in the airport or when you are just out shopping as the pushchair provides easy maneuverability through a three wheel swivel design
  • Installation and getting the child in and out of the stroller is a breeze as the carriage comes with the revolutionary Click and Go system that not only ensures a snug secure connection between infant seat and stroller but also notifies you of a secure installation with a click
  • Unlike many travel strollers the Britax is compatible with most major infant car seat brands as you only need to purchase an adapter. On the other hand it is fully compatible with all Bob and Britax infant car seats straight out of the box
  • Compact and great for small cars
  • Three wheel design makes it maneuverable
  • Easy and secure installation
  • check
    Compatible with most car seat brands
  • check
    Huge storage basket
  • Plastic wheels terrible for all terrain strolling
BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Jogging Stroller, Lagoon
Travel System-Ready

Travel System-Ready

If you are traveling with a toddler you know that they are the most demanding and troublesome of children who are very capable of breaking your ordinary stroller with their antics. This is where the BOB stroller really shines, as it is a robust stroller that can take quite the beating thus ensuring you can continue on your journey

The Bob 2016 Revolution is a rugged travel stroller that is not only good for traveling with a toddler but also great if you are an outdoorsy person that takes all manner of adventures that may have you going into rough terrain

It comes with great suspension system, front swivel wheel for better stability and great maneuverability. Moreover, it is easy to pack it up into a little folded up pack and stow it into the trunk when not in use

  • A toddler in tow while traveling is quite an experience but it can be even worse if you are not comfortable. The BOB offers padded and adjustable handlebars so that regardless of your height you can adjust and push along the stroller without any problems whatsoever
  • Toddlers will typically be more troublesome if they are uncomfortable and this is one thing that the BOB was designed to tackle. It comes with state of the art suspension system that combined with the three wheel front swivel makes for a comfortable ride for the kid
  • The BOB travel stroller comes with an infant adapter so that you do not have to buy only BOB or Britax car seats. Whatever infant car seat you have, you can be sure that it will probably be a good fit with the BOB stroller
  • Easy two step fold on the go
  • Rugged stroller that can take quite the beating
  • Adjustable handlebars and footbrake
  • check
    Compatible with most infant car seat brands
  • Robust but bulky stroller
Chicco KeyFit Caddy Frame Stroller
compact one hand fold

Made by Chicco a company that prides itself on a 60 year tradition of making products to enhance parent's lives, the Chicco Keyfit Caddy Frame Stroller is purposely made to be used as an infant car seat carrier making it the best travel stroller for your infant

The Caddy Frame stroller is made exclusive for the top rated Chicco Keyfit Infant car seat and given that it is a lightweight aluminium frame stroller , it is just what you need to buy if you are looking for a supplement for the full feature travel system while traveling

It does come with all the main features that you would expect to find in your ordinary stroller that include a range of safety and convenience features such as storage baskets, foot brake, suspension, and compact fold

  • Are you petite or struggle with getting the stroller from car to car then you will love the Chicco Keyfit Caddy whose compact one hand fold design makes it easy transition from stroller to car in moments
  • Installation of your baby car seat is just as fun as secure as we have all come to expect from the Chiccco range of products. The attachment of the infant seat is done through an easy click into the frame to provide a snug and secure fit
  • Apart from the easy fold design the buggy is made of aluminium frame which makes it very light and easy to carry around the airport with your infant car seat with the infant in it on the other hand
  • For you the pushchair comes with adjustable push handles so that you can adjust for height and comfort, parent tray for all your drinks and that of the baby, expandable storage basket for all your baby stuff,and toe tap locking brakes. For the child the caddy offers comfortable all wheel suspension. 
  • Lightweight aluminium frame for travel
  • Compact one hand fold design
  • Easy snug installation
  • check
    A range of conveniences for parent and child
  • Not great for rough terrain 
  • Cup holders are too shallow
GB Pockit Lightweight Stroller
Pockit Lightweight Stroller

There is nothing like the GB Pockit lightweight stroller that is the world's smallest folding stroller. It is an innovative stroller design that is excellent for you if you are a frequent traveler that is just tired of having to lug bulky strollers or frames down the floor of the airport

The Pockit buggy which is the 2014 winner of the  Guiness Book of World Records for smallest stroller in 2014 weighs in at less than 20 pounds and easily fits into a bag making it easy for you to transition from pushing to carrying in seconds

  • If you love going on extended trips or even just day trips, you will love the Pockit as you can easily stow away the pockit when it is not in use as it will fit in any overhead compartment or the trunk of a small car with no problem
  • Even as it is the smallest baby buggy ever the Pockit is a very strong stroller that will keep your baby safe and comfortable . It can hold the child who is six months old up to 55 pounds and the huge storage basket can take up to eleven pounds of your baby gear
  • Just like your ordinary pushchair, this buggy takes the safety of the child very seriously. Growing with the child the safety features include different harness heights that you can adjust for a snug and secure fit and protective comfortable pads
  • You can fit this lightweight and small stroller into a very small bag and carry it on your back or even in a large handbag, that is how small and portable it is.
  • With such a small and lightweight buggy we would expect that it would have a lot of problems with maneuverability. But no,the pockit comes with lockable swivel wheels for brisk walking and locking for navigating rough terrain
  • Small but strong and dependable
  • Grow and Go stroller
  • Portable enough to fit in a hand bag
  • check
    Easily maneuverable on rough terrain
  • Folding it has quite the learning curve

Best Travel Stroller: Graco Fastaction Click Connect

Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect Stroller

Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect Stroller

Out of the all the travel strolers reviewed the Graco Fastaction is the best to travel with or use on a daily basis as it combines the best in convenience, comfort and maneuverability of many strollers into one light and compact buggy

How To Buy A Stroller: An Age to Age Guide

Age to age guide for stroller

Lets face it a stroller while being a piece of important baby gear is quite an expensive one - well you can check out some reviews of the best  cheap umbrella stroller for your baby on our affordable strollers page. 

That being said you cannot just walk into the store or go online and pick up any stroller or travel system 

There are many features that you need to know about before buying that all important stroller, including aspects such as weight, ease of use and the most important of which is the age of the child.

Check out the best carry on strollers

With so many models all with different features we have compiled the age to age guide for strollers for the child right from infancy to when they are a toddler.

From umbrella to lightweight to all terrain strollers we got you covered.

Infancy:0-6 Months

infant in stroller

Infant in stroller

Critical Requirements

At this age the most important thing is to ensure that the child is kept comfortable and safe from all the jostling and bumping that come from jogging and walking on different terrain.

What you need is a structured and sturdy stroller that comes with excellent suspension systems  to absorb the impact.

You will also need a seat that can fully recline so that the infant can lie flat during those early months.

Other Requirements

You should get a stroller or travel system that takes an infant car seat so that you do not disturb the sleeping child when you take them in and out of the car.

Some options you could consider include a cheap stroller frame that you can just snap the child seat into before you get a more feature filled or expensive stroller down the road. 

Size of family may also come into consideration as a growing family may need a stroller for two infants and toddler or vice versa

What to consider

If you are an urbanite that does not spend much time in the car get a stroller with bassinet attachment rather than the travel system that is best suited for an infant car seat.

With such a stroller, you can lay the child without needing any attachments and not have to worry about them getting pinched by adaptors.

Moreover, you can also use the bassinet as a mini crib.

6-12 Months

Year old in stroller

Year old in stroller

Critical Requirements

From six months old the child is older and hence the focus shifts from head support to the stroller seat as the child will probably prefer riding while seated.

Go for a stroller with multiple and adjustable recline positions with plenty of cushioning and support for the kid.

You also need to ensure the child's safety by buying a stroller that comes with a five point harness.

Other Requirements

At this stage if you are a new mother you are getting more confident about the idea of taking the kid to the mall or for a walk or jog outside.

At this age you need to have the child in a stroller that can have him rear face for more bonding time. 

What to consider

At this age you can start thinking about specialty strollers or travel systems that come with more features than the basic frame.

One of the most important considerations is your lifestyle as you want a stroller that gives you utmost convenience.

For instance if you are the jogging type find a lightweight jogging stroller that should be all terrain and easily maneuverable.

If you love to travel or are always on the go, an umbrella stroller which you can quickly fold and stuff in your trunk is best for you. 

Toddler: 18-24 Months

Sit n stand toddler stroller

Sit n stand toddler stroller

Critical Requirements

At this age the child is becoming ever more active, independent and curious about their world.

The child loves to hop on and off the stroller and hence you will need a lightweight one that is easy to fold up quick and carry when the child is not interested.

Nonetheless even if the child is older, the five point harness when they are riding in the stroller is still a must.

In addition ensure that you get a stroller that does not have potential pinch points for the toddler to hurt himself on.

Check out that the stroller you intend to buy is JPMA certified - it will normally have a sticker underneath. 

Other Requirements

Given that you have to hold the hand of the child while they are walking alongside you, you will have to find a stroller that easily maneuverable and lightweight.

What to consider

While not absolutely necessary a ride on board can come in handy when the child does not wish to ride seated or walk alongside.

At this age you will have a bored child who gets bored of sitting or walking and hence standing is a very enjoyable alternative for them.

Features To Look Out For

  • Sun Protection: Regardless of age always find a car that comes with a good expandable canopy to protect the child from wind, rain and sun 
  • Handle Height: A good stroller is one that has adjustable handlebars for different heights. It is possible that you have someone other than you using the stroller and you always want it to be comfortable and convenient for them too 
  • Brakes: You want a stroller that has almost instant brakes as these will ensure the safety of the child regardless of the terrain or any emergency stops you need.Hand operated brakes are often the best type as they are easy to reach. 
  • Adjustable Seat:Toddlers infants and even older babies need seats that fully recline for that time that they need to take a nap while you are going about your routine. 
  • Safety: Toddlers infants and even older babies need seats that fully recline for that time that they need to take a nap while you are going about your routine.   
  • check