Study Confirms Putting Kids to Bed Earlier Is Better for Mom’s Mental Health

Every parent is worried about their children’s delayed sleeping time. Infant or teen, most of them have a disoriented sleeping pattern which directly affects their physical and mental health.

A good night sleep is a blessing, for both child and parents. All parents are aware of the necessity of making their kids sleep early in the night, so they wake up early next day.

But unfortunately, many parents couldn’t make it.

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Kids Should Follow Proper Bedtime Rules

Some researchers show that kids who sleep early at night around 8:00 pm, have better health as compared to those who don’t follow correct bedtime rules.

It’s obvious and is shown in the researchers as well, that parents especially the mothers are far happier and healthier of those kids who sleep early in the night.

Kids are young and energetic; science has explained in multiple ways that good sleep plays a major role in child’s health and growth.

Kids who go to bed early at night wake up with a smile and a fresh mind which is important every single day for kid’s learning and physical activities.

Kids tend to learn and work more when they sleep well.  Such kids tend to be more active physically, have better IQ and nice behavior.

They don’t make fuss, trouble and aren’t lazy at all as compared to other kids who have no sleeping pattern.

Reduction of On-Screen Time

Yes, kids do waste a lot of time when they are asked to go to bed with millions of questions to ask and of course they need plenty of water to drink at that very moment. It’s quite true.

Kids need some real quality time at that moment, and it’s mainly a screen-free time.

It is highly recommended by physicians not to let kids use any sort of gadgets at least 2 hours before their bedtime. It withdraws their sleep-induced melatonin resulting in sleep deprivation.

The best part is, to reduce the use of TV, Tablets, mobiles, and IPad, it’s no good for your kid. He rarely needs it.  Make your child do a more physical activity than sitting long hours holding gadgets.

Mothers need to work a little hard, to make their kids switch from gadget-dependency to gadget-free life.  Yes, they need to make a plan and work on it.

This is a long-term benefit, and soon they will feel the goodness of it too. Mothers with their kids need to sleep early too.

Sleeping Early is Beneficial for Kids and Adults Alike

Just don’t make your kids go to bed early, try to sleep early too. Early to bed has been the best solution in all past years for kids’ health and brain development.

Kids need to follow the thumb rule of going early to bed, and it’s only possible when parent do so. Kids’ do what their parents do.

Just don’t make orders for your kids, have a good night time with them, tell them a story and hug them, this will make them sleep on time.

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Mothers do need a lot of rest, just like their kids. It’s important for mothers to sleep longer as well, to stay healthy and fit.

Only healthy moms can grow healthy kids, and it’s all mainly based on good diet and a healthy sleeping pattern. Mothers should make a whole day routine so that they can sleep early as well.

Avoiding screens late at nights is essential for both kids and adults for better sleep.

Some simple steps to get better sleep at night includes brushing teeth, bathing, reading a book and sharing stories with kids are worth spending time.

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