Should I Take A Mock Test Before My English Exam?

Mock exams can help with your revision at home and the more mock tests you do, the better your real exam result will be. Whatever questions you get wrong in the mock test should be kept for revision purposes. 

Oh, the joys of exam season. Revision, anxiety, lack of sleep and overwhelming stress are just a few emotions people feel in the days leading up to an exam. As much as you don’t like exams, taking a mock exam before the real thing is usually a good idea. 

Mock exams give you an indication of how well you are going to do in the real exam. You can see how your time management is and identify any weak points that need a little bit of tweaking. Here is how you will benefit from taking a mock exam;

Time Management

Almost all exams are timed, some exams give you as long as 4 hours to complete them. You can imagine that in an exam that has a duration of 4 hours that there is a fair amount of work to get done. 

Now, I’m not saying your English exam will be 4 hours long, but you do need to know how to manage your time correctly during the exam. Taking a mock test is a great way of understanding how long should be spent on each type of question. 

Top Tip: In the real exam, make sure you answer every question on the paper. If there are questions you are unsure of, leave them to the end so that you don’t waste precious exam time on them when the rest of the paper isn’t finished yet. 

Knowing What to Revise

Instead of revising absolutely everything all the time, revise just what you are weaker in as you approach the real exam. What you think your weak points aren’t always necessarily your weaknesses at all. Taking a mock exam might lead you to discover that you are brilliant at grammar, therefore your revision time should be spent studying other areas of the language. 

Reduces Anxiety

Sometimes we get more anxious if we don’t quite know what to expect. Mock tests are made up of real past exam questions and will make you feel more familiar with the real exam when the time comes to take it. 

Practice Makes Perfect

The more you practice, the better you will be. That is true for everything in life! You can’t become an Olympic gymnast without years of training, and the same goes for the English language and exams. Language is extremely complicated regardless of the language you are learning. 

Revision Tool

For anyone practicing for their PTE English test, check out this free mock test, it’s detailed and made up of authentic questions so it’s a really reliable test to take. Good luck and enjoy the learning process!

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